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SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA - (May 25 2010) - Wyatt Technology, the world leader in instruments for absolute macromolecular characterization, is delighted to announce that it will host its 21st Annual International Light Scattering Colloquium (ILSC) October 18-19, 2010 at the exclusive Four Seasons Biltmore Resort in Santa Barbara, California. The event will welcome an array of high-profile Wyatt Technology light scattering customers including Nobel Prize winner, Professor Roger Yonchien Tsien. To complement the 21st annual ILSC, Wyatt Technology will also be hosting an Eclipse Field Flow Fractionation (FFF)-MALS Focus Meeting on October 20 2010.

Over the past 21 years, the ILSC has secured its status as the pre-eminent meeting for light scattering (LS) for both static and dynamic LS users. Introduced by Wyatt Technology to provide its new and existing customers from around the world with the opportunity to gather to discuss their light scattering experiences, the colloquium has grown to become a world-leading event for all industry professionals. This year's colloquium will showcase Wyatt's new MöbiuζTM mobility instrument, following its successful launch at Pittcon 2010 where the instrument was given an honorable mention in the Pittcon Editor's Choice Award.

The Möbiuζ is the only laser-based instrument that achieves reproducible measurements of traditionally very challenging protein samples, including antibody formulations, bovine serum albumin and lysozyme. Wyatt's Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) solutions from the DynaPro product line will also be featured, in addition to its own classical light scattering (DAWN and miniDAWN), viscometer (ViscoStar), and Eclipse AFFF products.

To celebrate the unprecedented success of the ILSC to date, delegates at the colloquium will have the opportunity to listen to a panel of expert speakers presenting a range of applications all utilizing Wyatt Technology's instruments. There are also several Poster Discussion sessions planned to stimulate different application conversations throughout the two days, with attendees presenting their own data and discussing method development. Speaking at this year's ILSC will be Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski from Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Michael McCarthy from MedImmune Incorporated, Dr. Richard Vandlen from Genentech Inc and Dr. Robert Rambo of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. Professor Roger Tsien of the University of California, who will also be speaking at the event, was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his contribution to the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein (GFP). He will deliver a lecture on "How Light Scattering Helps Us Characterize Molecular Spies" at the ILSC.

The MALS Focus Meeting on the third day of the colloquium will be dedicated to the exchange of experience among users of the Eclipse FFF system. The application focus of the meeting will be proteins, biopolymers and liposome/virus particles and it will take the format of a round-table discussion, structured along different topics. For each session there will be a talk given by an expert in the corresponding topic as an introduction to the general discussion. As well as listening to industry experts, participants will also be provided with a unique opportunity to deliver short presentations of their own results and present problems or questions to the experts for general discussion.

As each year's event has been a huge success, this year should be no different. To sign up now contact Lindsey McGowan at 805-681-9009 ext. 210 or to reserve your place. Alternatively, you can register online via

To find out more about Wyatt Technology products and services please visit 

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