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Bruker CAM aids Energia Technologies analyze alternative biofuel – another step towards sustainable fuel

Biofuels success story

Imagine being able to grow sustainable transportation fuels? Thanks to analytical technology from Bruker CAM, Energia Technologies, Inc., is one step closer towards addressing the emerging need for alternative liquid transportation biofuels.

Its innovative SelectJETTM technology converts plant oils into biojet and biodiesel, which can serve as drop-in replacement to petroleum-based fuels. Now, using Bruker gas chromatography (GC) systems along with CompassCDS and SimDist Software, the research team at Energia Technologies can analyze their product quickly and easily, using the information to feedback into optimizing production processes. A full write-up of this inspiring case study is available here

After experiencing what appeared to be a chromatography software issue that threatened to bring production to a halt, Energia Technologies called in the Bruker CAM expert, Graham Shelver, Ph.D., Account Manager for CompassCDS. Having diagnosed the problem as being computer hardware fault that might otherwise have taken several days to repair, and understanding the cost of further downtime to Energia Technologies, Bruker CAM delivered a courtesy computer pre-configured with CompassCDS to fill the gap and get the system up and running again the next day.

"Your people represent your company. That level of service was astounding by any stretch of the imagination," commented Dr. Duyen Nguyen, Co-founder, Energia Technologies. "Because of Bruker's efforts we were able to carry out runs the very next day and have the expanded capabilities to analyze the finished product with a flame ionization (FID) detector. So the introduction of the SimDist, CompassCDS software and the Bruker GC that analyzes the finished product, was the world's first opportunity to analyze our selective deoxygenation technology with the Bruker software. We were very excited and thrilled with the results we obtained."

"The software gives the entire profile of the carbon composition for the particular product that we're making," explained Dr. Nguyen. "As a result, it allows us to understand how well the unit is operating. And we can get that information very quickly so we can turn around and make the adjustments on the unit. This ability to quickly optimize your process is tremendous in a research facility like ours. It allows you to amass knowledge in leaps and bounds."

The SelectJETTM technology has been proven in a small scale pilot plant at Energia Technologies and is readily scalable for commercial biojet production. A key advantage of selective deoxygenation is significant reduction in hydrogen consumption, which enables existing refineries around the world to co-produce biofuels and petroleum fuels cost effectively.

For further information on Energia Technologies and SelectJETTM click here

The installation of customized Bruker GC's along with CompassCDS and SimDist Software enables Energia Technologies to be agile with its process development. This saves the company time by delivering a wealth of in-depth data and rapid and robust analysis that enables a far greater understanding of both product and process.

For further information on Bruker CAM GC-Systems and CompassCDS visit:

Bruker, Bruker Chemical Analysis, Bruker GC, CompassCDS and SimDist are registered trademarks of Bruker Corporation.

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