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HORIBA Medical and CellaVision collaborate on new automated Digital Cell Morphology solution to enhance lab workflows

publication date: May 18, 2020
author/source: HORIBA Medical


CellaVision integration with HORIBA’s HELO automated haematology platform enables unique two-way data flow & rapid results validation

HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical has introduced a new automated digital cell morphology solution in collaboration with CellaVision to help haematology laboratories simplify and expedite the performance of blood and body fluid differentials. CellaVision’s digital cell morphology systems can now be integrated with HORIBA’s HELO automated haematology platform, enabling unique two-way data flow and rapid validation of cell morphology results. These combined systems automate a number of steps that would otherwise be undertaken manually, thus significantly enhancing laboratory workflows and increasing productivity.

The connectivity and bi-directional information sharing between CellaVision and HORIBA’s haematology systems uniquely support numerous aspects of digital blood cell morphology workflow. These save technician and cytologist time, support ease-of-use, improve flexibility and deliver more accurate results.

CellaVision systems leverage high-speed robotics and digital imaging to automatically locate and capture high-quality images of cells from slides produced by HORIBA’s Yumizen SPS slide maker following automatic slide reflex rules. By automating pre-classification and pre-characterisation of blood cell morphology, this slide digitalisation solution saves time and supports standardisation of slide reading when compared to the use of a traditional microscope for validation of blood smears. In turn, all results and alarms from HORIBA’s haematology analysers can be directly sent to CellaVision.

Data received from HORIBA haematology analysers are used by CellaVision systems in a number of ways to enhance workflows. As all slides are printed with 1D or 2D barcodes by the SPS, automatic distinction of whole blood and body fluids slides are possible without need for specific colour-coded racks when loading. Furthermore, based on the HORIBA analyser’s WBC value, the CellaVision system will automatically adjust the quantity of pictures it captures to ensure sufficient and representative cell counting. This offers convenience in cases of leucopoenia or aplasia.

Further supporting ease-of-use and saving personnel time, automatic access to the HORIBA analyser’s values, alarms and comments on the CellaVision interface facilitates slide review on a single interface during validation. Also offering convenience in the decision-making process, all comments made on CellaVision are automatically integrated into HORIBA’s Yumizen P8000 middleware and expert validation station. Furthermore, the analyser result can be confirmed on the CellaVision which the P800 will then automatically validate and send to the LIS, so improving turnaround time.

Mandy Campbell, Sales and Marketing Manager - Medical, HORIBA UK Ltd, commented, “Slide reading is a mandatory step in laboratories to confirm severe pathology diagnosis. By automating and digitising cell morphology workflow our new joint solution with CellaVision offers significant time saving and results standardisation to enable laboratories to work smarter and perform better.”

A range of CellaVision systems is available to integrate with HORIBA’s HELO haematology platform which can be selected based on a laboratory’s size and throughput. The CellaVision® DM9600 meets the needs of large laboratories with high-volume testing requirements, offering a loading capacity of 96 slides and throughput of 30 slides/hour. For large or small laboratories with lower volume testing needs, the CellaVision® DM1200 and CellaVision® DC-1 offer alternative options.


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About HORIBA UK Ltd - Medical

Resulting from over 30 years of understanding and meeting its customers’ individual needs, the HORIBA UK Ltd Medical team holds a wealth of expertise and is a well-respected and renowned specialist in the design, manufacture and support of automated in vitro diagnostic systems.

HORIBA Medical facilitates the entire analytical process, both in the laboratory and at the point of care, from process and analyser optimisation, analysing samples and managing data to remote monitoring and e-Learning. Furthermore, in addition to NHS and private healthcare settings, HORIBA Medical products are proving their worth in many other areas, including: sports science, food and beverage, pharma and nutraceuticals, and clinical research.

HORIBA Medical’s product and service combinations all deliver quality results, flexibility, security and process efficiency. These merits in turn ensure effective clinical decision making, enhanced patient care pathways and improved patient outcomes.


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