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All articles from Ocean Optics

  LED Light Sources Deliver High-Power Illumination for Fluorescence Excitation and More

Ocean Optics has developed a range of high-powered LED light sources for fluorescence excitation and other spectroscopy measurements. The innovative optical design of the LSM LED family provides highly efficient coupling of LED light into an optical fiber, ensuring high signal output for applications across UV, Visible and Shortwave NIR wavelengths. A single-channel driver and controller unit enables simple LED programming and allows users...


  Ensure Spectrometer Certainty with Ocean Optics Wavelength Calibration Sources

ocean opticsWavelength calibration sources from Ocean Optics offer convenience and reliability. Ocean Optics, the applied spectral knowledge company, has released a new line of spectrometer wavelength calibration sources for convenient, reliable spectrometer calibration. The (-2) model series of calibration sources spans UV to NIR wavelengths, allowing users to maximize spectrometer performance and maintain the integrity of their results...


  Ocean Optics Puts Decades of Applied Spectral Knowledge at Your Service

Ocean Lab ServicesNew Ocean Lab Services offering provides feasibility testing, expertise in experimental design, and consultation capabilities. Ocean Optics, the applied spectral knowledge company, has introduced a lab testing and application consultation service. Ocean Lab Services combines the company’s world-class facilities, machine learning capabilities and decades of experience in optical sensing applications to provide a range of services for various customer application...


  Square One Cuvette Holder from Ocean Optics Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Measurements

Ocean Optics, the applied spectral knowledge company, has introduced a convenient, manageable cuvette holder for highly accurate, repeatable absorbance and fluorescence measurements. The Square One cuvette holder has three collimating lenses with fiber optic connectors, is designed with an integrated cover to reduce ambient light, and provides a snug, reliable fit for cuvettes and filters to ensure best results....


  New Ocean MZ5 ATR-MIR Spectrometer Delivers Rapid, Accurate Analysis

OceanMZ5Now available from Ocean Optics is the Ocean MZ5, a compact, fully integrated ATR-MIR spectrometer that measures liquid samples from 1818–909 cm-1 (5.5-11 μm). Ocean MZ5 comprises a sample interface, light source, detector and software, and provides a fast, convenient alternative to traditional FTIR spectroscopy for lab research....


  Ocean HDX Spectrometer Delivers High Throughput and Low Stray Light

Ocean-HDX-Above-WebNew spectrometer is anchored by high definition optics and robust electronics. The latest spectrometer from Ocean Optics uses a novel optical bench design and high-performance components to provide high throughput, low stray light and excellent thermal stability for integrated, industrial and research applications. The Ocean HDX has a back-thinned CCD array and new “High Definition Optics” design to deliver an...


  Ocean Optics Develops Mid-IR Sensing Capabilities in Partnership with Pyreos

Ocean-Optics-Pyreos-MIROcean Optics has expanded its spectroscopy capabilities by partnering with Pyreos Limited (Edinburgh, Scotland) to develop new mid-IR solutions. Unlike traditional FT-IR spectrometers, the unique combination of Pyreos’ detectors and Ocean Optics applied spectroscopy knowledge will enable businesses and researchers to create rapid, accurate and field-portable devices. MIR technology makes possible a wealth of potential applications in chemical...


  New STEM Education Packs from Ocean Optics

Cost-effective spectral sensing kits bring the excitement of spectroscopy to the classroom

EDKitsSTSSparkTo inspire today’s tech savvy students, Ocean Optics has released two new Education Packs, built around its STS microspectrometer and Spark spectral sensor. With the kit hardware and commonly available samples, teachers can integrate absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements into their curricula...


  Ocean FX Spectrometer Provides High Acquisition Speed

Newest spectrometer from Ocean Optics offers Ethernet operation, speed, sensitivity and spectral buffering

OceanFXThe latest miniature spectrometer from Ocean Optics offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance, acquisition speed up to 3,000 scans per second, and onboard spectral buffering to ensure data integrity during reaction monitoring. The Ocean FX spectrometer is ideal for high-speed sorting and grading in production environments, measurement of transient events....


  The Buzz About Nanosponge SERS and Trace Level Detection

How sensitive spectroscopy tools can help identify substances linked to honeybee population decline

SERSBeesReleaseOcean Optics enables highly sensitive, trace-level Raman spectroscopy measurements with its RAM-SERS-SP Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates. The company recently demonstrated the power of the substrates’ proprietary gold-silver nanosponge alloy with a real world example related to the honeybee die-off problem...


  Ocean Optics Diffuse Reflectance Probe Provides Measurement Consistency

DR-Probe removes localized variance

DRProbeThe Ocean Optics Diffuse Reflectance Probe (DR-Probe) measures 45° diffuse reflectance, enhancing UV-Vis and NIR spectroscopy results. This sampling tool removes localized variance in reflectance measurements. It is ideal for applications such as color analysis, material identification and quality monitoring of foods....


  Ocean Optics Offers Flame-CHEM: Spectrophotometer and Accessories System for Research and Education

UV-Vis or Vis-NIR spectrometer combines light source and cuvette holder in a single package

Flame Ocean OpticsOcean Optics’ new Flame-CHEM spectrophotometer systems combine a high performance, compact Flame UV-Vis (200-850 nm) or Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) spectrometer, with an all-in-one direct-attach light source and cuvette holder, into a single affordable package. Conveniently pre-configured, Flame-CHEM systems are ideal for regular absorbance and transmission measurements in teaching labs and research facilities...


  New Nanosponge Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates from Ocean Optics

Gold-silver alloy on SERS substrates detects trace level explosives and pesticides

RAM-SERSOcean Optics has introduced a new substrate for Raman spectroscopy applications. The new RAM-SERS-SP Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy substrates use a proprietary gold-silver nanosponge alloy to produce highly sensitive, trace-level Raman spectroscopy measurements.....


  Ocean Optics Adds Miniature NIR Spectrometer for Research and Education

Flame-NIR brings the power of NIR analysis to research and teaching labs

FlameNIROcean Optics has expanded its Flame spectrometer family. Flame-NIR delivers powerful near infrared spectroscopy in a compact, affordable instrument. With a cost about one-fourth that of a traditional NIR system, Flame-NIR pairs a high performance uncooled InGaAs array detector with a small optical bench for spectral response from 950-1650 nm. A replaceable slit design provides great flexibility for a wide range of...


  Ocean Optics Enhances Capabilities of NIRQuest Series Spectrometers

New replaceable slit design and internal shutter option

 NIRQuestOcean Optics has enhanced the NIRQuest series of small-footprint near-infrared spectrometers. All NIRQuest spectrometer models now come with a replaceable slit design as standard, increasing measurement flexibility with easy user changes in the field. Additionally, the option of adding an internal shutter is now available to more effectively manage light throughput and dark measurements in experiment setups...


  Science and Creativity Come Together with Spectroscopy and Pyrotechnics

Ocean Optics’ spectrometer assures special effects color purity and safety for Le Maitre

Ocean OpticsSpectrometers from Ocean Optics are being used by Le Maitre Ltd (Surrey, England) to ensure the quality and safety of its close proximity pyrotechnics. Ocean Optics spectrometers measure plasma emission and emissive color of effects used in theater productions, concerts, and sporting events. The measurements help Le Maitre ensure these explosive displays are consistently amazing, and most important, safe. Le Maitre Pyrotechnics Developer Hamish...


  Dynamic Sampling Accessories Provide Measurement Consistency

Ocean Optics spectroscopy tools ideally suited to inhomogeneous samples

TCAccessoriesReleaseOcean Optics has introduced a line of spectroscopy accessories that makes dynamic sampling measurements simple and reliable for both solid and liquid samples. Dynamic sampling is a technique where rotational or linear motion is used to measure an “average” signal across the sample, removing localized variance from results and improving measurements of inhomogeneous and irregular samples such as grains, feed and soil. Ocean Optics offers...


  Next Generation Miniature Spectrometer for Research and Education

Flame brings flexible sensing power to research and teaching labs

FlameOcean Optics has launched a spectrometer line that combines decades of miniature spectrometer design expertise with industry-leading manufacturing techniques. The Flame spectrometer delivers high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of modular, miniature spectrometers. Features such as interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simpler device...


  Ocean Optics Names World Cup of Applications Contest Winners

After collecting entries from around the globe, Ocean Optics has named two winners of its World Cup of Applications contest.

ocean optics winnerAndreas Burkart won for The Faint Red Glow of Photosynthesis, and a group effort submitted by Bruce Robertson won for Polarized Light Pollution: A New Kind of Ecological Photopollution. Contest winners will be enjoying a trip for four to Ocean Optics’ Florida headquarters this fall for the opening of its new application lab. In the spirit of global teamwork exemplified by the summer FIFA World Cup™, Ocean Optics invited customers to...


  Ocean Optics Launches New Website

Ocean Optics offers unique interactive tools and educational resources

ocean opticsOcean Optics has launched a redesigned website at The all new site design helps users more easily navigate through spectroscopy product and educational information with an interactive product selector, spectrometer range and resolution calculator, applications section, measurement techniques section, and a new search function that groups results by type. The biggest change to the site is the addition of two...


  Ocean Optics Launches Maya LSL Spectrometer

New spectrometer delivers exceptional stray light performance with high sensitivity.

ocean opticsNow available from Ocean Optics is the Maya LSL spectrometer, a combination of a back-thinned CCD array detector and low stray light optical design resulting in high-sensitivity, high-throughput performance for applications ranging from chemical catalysis to Raman analysis. With rapid response and excellent accuracy, the Maya LSL is ideal for demanding applications in the life sciences and process monitoring industries, especially for production applications where speed and precision can save time, improve efficiency and reduce costs....


  New light source from Ocean Optics combines deuterium and tungsten halogen

Ocean Optics Launches DH-mini Light Source

DH Mini UV-VIS-NIR LightsourceNew light source delivers high intensity broadband light in a compact package. Now available from Ocean Optics is the DH-mini light source. This compact, high-intensity source for spectroscopy combines deuterium and tungsten halogen sources in a single optical path, producing stable output across the UV-VIS-NIR from 200-2500 nm. The versatility of the DH-mini is ideal for demanding applications in the quality control and life science industries, especially fiber probe-based measurements where light throughput is a challenge, and absorbance measurements of high optical density solutions...


  Ocean Optics' ROS Technology Recognized

Raster Orbital Scanning Technology from Ocean Optics Recognised at TASIA Awards

Raster Orbital Scanning Technology from Ocean Optics Recognised at TASIA Awards

The Raster Orbital Scanning (ROS) feature of the IDRaman family of products from Ocean Optics has been recognized as one of 2013’s 15 best innovation technologies by The Analytical Scientist magazine, an industry publication. ROS is a novel Raman spectroscopy sampling technique that helps to derive more accurate and comprehensive measurement results. The IDRaman mini handheld Raman spectrometer and the IDRaman reader integrated Raman spectrometer both feature ROS...


  New high-sensitivity QE Pro spectrometer from Ocean Optics

Spectrometer delivers market-best sensitivity and performance

Ocean Optics Launches QE Pro Spectrometer

The QE Pro from Ocean Optics is a high-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer with outstanding quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and extremely low noise operation for applications with low light levels and where wide concentration ranges are measured. The QE Pro's optical design maximizes performance for a range of application needs. With its 18-bit A/D, QE Pro has dynamic range performance that makes it the highest sensitivity miniature spectrometer available today....


  Ocean Optics Handheld Spectrometer Finalist for Prism Award

Compact IDRaman mini delivers fast, accurate Raman analyses in the field and laboratory

Ocean Optics Handheld Spectrometer Finalist for Prism Award

Ocean Optics’ IDRaman mini handheld Raman spectrometer has been selected as a finalist for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation. The Prism Awards honor the best new photonics products on the market and draw entries from around the world. The prestigious awards, which are co-sponsored by the trade organization SPIE and the technology media company Photonics Media, will be awarded at the 2014 Photonics West trade show in February...


  New UV microspectrometer from Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics Launches STS-UV Microspectrometer
STS-UV Miniature Spectrometer form Ocean Optics

Instrument provides full spectral UV analysis in a tiny footprint. Designed for integration into spectroscopy instrumentation, medical devices, process monitoring and other applications where a small footprint is desired, the STS-UV Microspectrometer from Ocean Optics is a compact yet high-performance spectrometer....


  New Raman microscope from Ocean Optics

IDRaman micro optimizes Raman microscopy data collection

IDRaman micro from Raman Microscopy date collection

Now available from Ocean Optics is the IDRaman micro, a compact microscope designed for Raman measurements in research, quality control and quality assurance environments. The IDRaman micro is a versatile, high-performance analytical tool for applications where sampling requires careful focus and high spatial resolution to optimize the Raman signal. The new instrument debuted September 29, 2013 at SciX 2013, an industry event that covers analytical chemistry, with an emphasis on emerging technologies. SciX, which was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, attracts a mix of scientific and engineering experts from around the world...


  Ocean Optics spectrometer takes flight

Ocean Optics STS spectrometers measure vegetation from the ground and the air

STS UAV Spectrometer

A pair of super-lightweight miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics is helping researchers investigate plant parameters in a verdant patch of New Zealand grassland. The compact STS model spectrometers, one deployed as a ground unit and the other aboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), are making synchronized hyperspectral measurements of barley and sugar beet crops to assess plant characteristics for more effective crop management...


  New xenon spectroscopy source from Ocean Optics

HPX-2000-HP-DUV High Power Xenon Source for Spectroscopy

HPX-2000 with fiberOcean Optics’ continuous wave xenon source has response from 185-2000 nm. The HPX-2000-HP-DUV Xenon Light Source is a powerful, 75-watt short-arc lamp ideal for UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy and other applications where a high-intensity lamp is necessary. The lamp provides continuous spectral output from 185-2000 nm and has up to 2,000 hours of bulb life...


  Ocean Optics Launches Powerful New Spectroscopy Software

OceanView’s customizable interface puts the user in control

OceanOcean Optics has released OceanView spectroscopy software, combining powerful data processing capabilities with a clear graphical user interface for use with the company’s miniature spectrometers. OceanView is highly customizable and includes a schematic view that provides a visual roadmap of data flow from spectral inputs to processed results.OceanView displays and utilizes spectral data from Ocean Optics spectrometers with the added flexibility of integrating temperature, voltage and other input data, allowing users to capture and visualize data from multiple sources....


  New High-Throughput Spectrometers from Ocean Optics

Ventana’s optical design and components maximize throughput for superior sensitivity

VentanaOcean Optics has expanded its Elite Series of high-performance modular spectrometers with the introduction of the Ventana line of high throughput spectrometers. Ventana spectrometers combine an optical bench configuration with very high collection efficiency and a high-efficiency volume phase holographic (VPH) grating to provide unprecedented throughput and sensitivity for low light level applications. Three preconfigured Ventana spectrometers are available: 532 nm and 785 nm excitation wavelength Raman models, and a visible to near-IR model for general purpose fluorescence applications....


  Ocean Optics QE65 Pro Scientific Grade Spectrometer

High sensitivity ideal for fluorescence, Raman, DNA and low light levels

Ocean Optics QE65 Pro Scientific Grade SpectrometerOcean Optics' latest scientific-grade modular spectrometer, the QE65 Pro, brings enhanced sensitivity and low stray light capabilities to deliver optimal performance in fluorescence, Raman and DNA sequencing spectroscopy. The QE65 Pro's new optical bench components more efficiently manipulate light for greater throughput and higher sensitivity. A thermally robust design promotes spectrometer wavelength stability over a wide temperature range. Its ultralow jitter triggering synchronizes timing accurately with other devices...


  Optical Oxygen and pH Sensors for Monitoring of Food and Fermentation Processes Optical Oxygen and pH SensorsAdvances in high-performance sensor materials and optoelectronics have enabled novel optical sensors for use in applications in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage processing and more. Compared with traditional electrochemical sensing techniques such as galvanic sensors, Ocean Optics optical sensors can be made in small and customizable form factors, allow non-intrusive measurements and do not consume the sample...


  Ocean Optics Probe Improves pH Response Ocean Optics' new R1000-4 reflection probeOcean Optics' new R1000-4 reflection probe maximizes efficiency of pH measurement. Paired with Ocean Optics' non-intrusive reflective pH sensing patches, the R1000-4 overcomes the shortcomings of alternative pH measurements methods to deliver accurate pH response in turbid or colored environments...


  Ocean Optics Adds New Triggering and Interface Options for Maya2000 Pro Spectrometer Maya2000 Pro SpectrometerOcean Optics has added triggering functions to its Maya2000 Pro back-thinned CCD miniature spectrometer to provide accurate timing and synchronization between the spectrometer and other devices. Three low-jitter trigger and normal operating modes are now possible. Applications include pulsing a light source to occur when acquiring a spectra and synchronizing spectral acquisition to coordinate with samples moving through a process stream or sensors reaching a certain temperature level...


  Ocean Optics Adds New Triggering Options to USB2000+ Spectrometer Ocean Optics USB2000+ Spectrometer Ocean Optics has added triggering functions to its popular USB2000+ miniature spectrometer to provide accurate timing and synchronization between the spectrometer and other devices. Four low-jitter trigger modes and normal (free-running spectral acquisition) operating modes are now possible. Applications include pulsing a light source to occur when acquiring a spectra and synchronizing spectral acquisition to coordinate with samples moving through a process stream or sensors reaching a certain temperature level...


  Ocean Optics Releases Handheld Oxygen Sensor System Ocean Optics' NeoFox SportThe Sensors Division of Ocean Optics is introducing a new member to its NeoFox family of optical oxygen sensors, NeoFox Sport. This portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor is designed specifically for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a multitude of media...


  Application Period Open for Ocean Optics Blue Ocean Grants and Challenges Program Ocean Optics Blue Ocean Grants and Challenges Program Designed to provide funding for new technologies in optical sensing, Ocean Optics' Blue Grants and Challenges program seeks innovative and novel optical sensing technologies that solve problems and improve quality of life. Applicants from all disciplines are encouraged to apply before the deadline June, 30, 2011...


  Ocean Optics Sensors USP Class VI Certified Ocean Optics' RedEye patches and Sol-gel coating have received USP Class VI approvalExpanding the potential applications for its oxygen and pH sensing patches, Ocean Optics has obtained United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI certification for these products. The company's HIOXY coating for RedEye Oxygen patches and Sol-gel coating for pH applications have successfully met the stringent testing criteria required for this certification...


  Torus Spectrometer Delivers High Throughput and Low Stray Light Torus SpectrometerOcean Optics has launched a family of aberration-corrected holographic concave diffraction grating spectrometers that delivers low stray light, high throughput and excellent thermal stability for applications ranging from absorbance measurements of optically dense solutions to fluorescence measurements in solutions and powders. Torus is a compact Visible spectrometer (360-825 nm) with greater throughput and less stray light (~0.015% at 400 nm) than planar-grating and other miniature spectrometers...


  Scripting Language Increases Power of Jaz Modular Spectrometer Jaz Modular SpectrometerNow available for Ocean Optics' Jaz modular sensing system, Jaz Scripting Language (Jaz-SPL),enables users to customize spectrometer data acquisition, processing and export functions.


  High Resolution Near-Infrared Spectrometer with Spectral Response from 900-2500 nm Ocean Optics’ NIRQuest512-2.5 extends wavelength range without sacrificing optical resolution Ocean Optics has expanded the capabilities of its small-footprint near-infrared spectrometers with the introduction of NIRQuest512-2.5. A high-resolution device with response from 900-2500 nm, NIRQuest512-2.5 is well suited to laser characterization and applications requiring longer integration times.


  SteadiQ Neutralizes Temperature Conditions for Accurate Spectrometer Measurement A new accessory from Ocean Optics ( is broadening the range of applications for its field-portable spectrometers. The SteadiQ provides a temperature controlled atmosphere, helping to stabilize temperature effects and eliminate temperature drift in inclement conditions or extreme temperatures from -20C to 50°C.


  Ocean Optics Technology from Ocean Optics ( is being used in China's Beijing Antique City to separate authentic ceramic antiques from fakes. Nationally recognized antiques appraiser Guan Haisen employs an Ocean Optics LIBS system, with QE65000 spectrometer, to help him identify artificially aged ceramics and artifacts.


  Ocean Optics Spectroscopy Software Add-on Calculates PAR A new add-on module for Ocean Optics' SpectraSuite Spectrometer Operating Software allows users of the company's miniature spectrometers and Jaz optical sensing systems to calculate Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), an important parameter for evaluating the effect of light on plant growth.


  Halma announces record earnings and strategy for continued expansion Halma p.l.c. (, the leading global safety, health and sensor technology group, has announced record results with profits up 9% to £86m and revenue rising by 1% to £459m. The UK-based group - which includes photonics companies Ocean Optics, Ocean Thin Films, Labsphere and Fiberguide - has posted strong financials to raise shareholder dividends by 7%, the thirty-first consecutive year of increases greater than 5%


  Ocean Optics Enhances Raman Product Line Miniature spectroscopy pioneer Ocean Optics ( has enhanced its line of Raman offerings with the addition of new options for handheld, laboratory and educational applications, with retail pricing on some Raman analyzer models reduced by up to 40%



  New Smart Cuvettes Ideal for Non-intrusive pH Monitoring Optical pH sensing cuvettes turn spectrophotometers into drift-free pH meters


  New NeoFox Sport Handheld Optical O2 Sensor from Ocean Optics The NeoFox Sport is a portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a variety of media.


  Ocean Optics XR-Series Spectrometers Cover ~200-1050 nm Wavelengths

Extended spectral range with high optical resolution fits project needs and budget


  Fiberguide's Polyimide Optical Fibers for High Temperature Performance

Providing optimal performance of fiber optics in extreme conditions, Fiberguide Industries offers a full line of standard optical fibers with polyimide coating.



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