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All articles from Telstar

  Telstar BiOptima IT MSC designed to integrate pharmacy compounding software programs

Aimed at Hospital Pharmacies, a new Telstar solution for applications that use customized operating & monitoring systems BiOptima IT is the new version of microbiological safety cabinets particularly designed for the integration of software solutions for oncologic therapy planning, therapy monitoring and the preparation of cytotoxics.  The new booth range responds to the need for most hospital pharmacies which rely on software solutions to aid them in dose preparation and improve the safety of the medications and the pharmacy workflow...


  Telstar increases BSC safety level with Zerocoat, a new antimicrobial bacteriological barrier

A new technology promoted by Telstar provides the interior of the cabinet with a high antimicrobial power and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. A new photocatalytic treatment based on titanium dioxide has been implemented by Telstar inside their biological safety cabinets, designed to operate with risk 1, 2 and 3 biological agents (viruses and bacteria or infectious material). Zerocoat is the new treatment that provides a self-cleaning surface which breaks down organic matter when the light system is triggered....


  Telstar consolidates a new high-standard process R+D laboratory service in China

Through an innovative sterilization & freeze-drying processes R&D laboratory, Telstar offers pharmaceutical companies located in China a qualified and complete consultancy service for the development, qualification and validation of process cycles, simplifying the assessment of a product's behaviour before the freeze drying or sterilization process, as well as adapting and optimizing the process before its industrial implementation....


  Telstar doubles the production of Boreas -86º ultra-low temperature freezers

Telstar has reinforced the production of Boreas, a -86º ultra-low-temperature freezers, to meet the growing demand in the short term generated by the industrial production of new vaccines to treat Covid-19. The company will double the manufacturing of the latest generation of ultra-low-temperature freezers that complies with all the stringent requirements of storage needed to protect the integrity of vaccines...


  Telstar to expand BiOptima cabinet with new friendly, human-centred versions 

telstar-expandbioptima-cabinet-new-friendlyTelstar takes a major step in R+D to develop innovative solutions in the field of research laboratories offering an extended range of efficient, environmental and human-centered ergonomic equipment. The company will complete the BiOptima biosafety innovative cabinets range with two new versions that, designed to be completely adapted to the operator’s physical attributes and requirements...


  Telstar develops a new laboratory freeze dryer operating with natural gases

Specially designed for R+D laboratories, LyoQuest Arctic is a bench-top environmentally friendly lab freeze-dryer. Unlike conventional freeze dryers using HFC cooling gases, the Lyoquest Arctic reduces the GWP impact more than 1,000-fold. LyoQuest Arctic is an innovative bench-top laboratory freeze dryer that integrates pre-freezing, primary drying and secondary drying processes avoiding the use of conventional HFC or HFO cooling gases....


  Telstar promotes the latest generation of laboratory freeze dryers at MedLab 2019

At MedLab (Dubai 2019, 4-7 February - Booth Z1.C40), Telstar will be displaying the extremely compact LyoQuest range of laboratory freeze dryers that completely integrates pre-freezing, primary drying and secondary drying processes. Telstar LyoQuest combines multiple functions into a single unit so that users can perform complete cycles on a range of sample containers (vials, trays, ampoules, and flasks) using the same piece of equipment...


  New Vacuum Nucleation Induction Method in the Freeze-Drying Process Suitable for any type of Freeze-Dryer

Telstar LyonucThe method reduces the duration of the primary drying cycle and ensures the homogenization of the batches of vials. Particularly effective in long duration freeze-drying cycles, Telstar Lyonuc will be promoted at CPhI (Madrid 2018, 9-11 October). A new vacuum nucleation induction method in the freeze-drying process suitable for  any type of freeze-dryer without modifying its main elements or adding gases or external substances has been developed....


  Telstar has Delivered a Total of Six High Containment Multi-Chamber, Multi-Functional Isolators to the Finnish Pharmaceutical Orion

Telstar Orion Finland 2Telstar has delivered a total of six highcontainment multi-chamber, multi-functionalisolators to the Finnish pharmaceutical Orion. Pharmaceutical company Orion entrusted Telstar as a specialized partner in containment technology to supply various isolators to sites in Finland during the last five years. All of the containment isolators were designed and manufactured by Telstar in the United Kingdom.....


  New Range of Low-Consumption Compact Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Telstar-Bio-II-Advance EC 3Telstar will be displaying the latest version of Bio II Advance, a compact range of microbiological safety cabinets (MSC) that will optimize the usable work area in laboratories with limited space, especially in installations with low ceilings and where several piece of equipment need to be used in the same area. Equipped to achieve maximum efficiency, this new range of MSC integrates energy saving EC fans and LED illumination that ensures optimum...


  Telstar to Promote their Range of Compact Laminar Flow Ecocabinets, Aeolus and Mini-V at Arablab

At Arablab (Dubai 2018, 18-21 March), Telstar will be promoting a range of compact laminar flow ecocabinets,Aeolus particularly suitable for handling non-pathogenic samples and Mini-V, specially designed for PCR applications. Particularly suitable for handling non-pathogenic samples, the Aeolus range of cabinets offer up to 35% less power consumption than the...


  Innovative Water-Cooled -86º Telstar Igloo Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Telstar has taken a major step forward in the performance and efficiency of cold storage technology/equipment.

telstarThe company has recently integrated water-cooled condensers in the range of -86°C Igloo compact ultra-low temperature freezers reducing up to 75% of heat emission into the work place and the dissipated energy in the Laboratory environment, making a sustainably cooler work environment....


  A New App to Monitor Laboratory Freeze-Drying Process in Real-Time

A new mobile App designed for real-time temperature and pressure parameters monitoring during the freeze-drying process for laboratory lyophilizers has been developed by Telstar.

Telstar Lyobeta Mini gen17This new software has been customized for the Lyobeta and LyoBeta Mini lab freeze-dryers which are the standard and compact versions of a twin-vessel pilot-scale freeze-dryer designed for the field of experimentation and research and formulation, developing recipes for pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes...


  At Analytica Telstar will be Promoting the New Range of Laminar Flow Aeolus Ecocabinets Suitable for Handling Non-Pathogenic Samples

Telstar Aeolus proven to consume up to 35% less power than the current market average

Telstar Aeolus Analytica A new range of laminar flow cabinets offering up to 35% less power consumption than the typical marketplace equivalent will be exhibited at Analytica (Munich 2016, May 10th-13th). Designed by Telstar to provide protection for the product in an ISO 4 sterile environment, the Telstar Aeolus range of cabinets integrates energy saving EC fans and an automatic airflow velocity control system which ensures optimized protection level...


  Telstar Introduces the New Version of Compact Benchtop Lab-Scale Freeze-Dryers to the Asia & Africa Markets

This new model of pilot-scale freeze dryer bridges the gap in the market that was hitherto addressed through the use of larger scale laboratory equipment

Telstar Lyobeta MiniThe latest compact version of twin-vessel pilot-scale freeze dryer specifically designed for applications in experimentation, research, and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes –LyoBeta Mini- will be presented by Telstar at Arablab 2016 (Dubai, March 20-23). The compact lab freeze dryer (W94cm x H76cm x D63cm) has been designed by Telstar in twin-vessel configuration, with an external...


  New Version of Compact Benchtop Lab-Scale Freeze-Dryers

A new twin-vessel freeze dryer system for research and formulation

TelstarTelstar has developed LyoBeta Mini, (W94cm x H76cm x D63cm), a compact version of the LyoBeta twin-vessel pilot-scale freeze dryer specifically designed for small scale formulation, research and development work. Taking up minimal bench space, the new LyoBeta Mini has been designed for applications in experimentation, research and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes. The new version of the...


  Telstar Enhances Performance and Simplifies Maintenance of Lab Freeze-Dryers Through the Integration of More Robust Vacuum Pumps

The latest generation of compact laboratory freeze-dryers –LyoQuest- will be presented by Telstar at Arablab 2015

TelstarThe new generation of the most compact laboratory freeze-dryer incorporates significant improvements in efficiency, performance and maintenance. More robust vacuum pumps have been incorporated into the equipment, which helps ensure better performance and longevity, in addition to providing easier maintenance and operational advantages, such as reduced noise level.  The new vacuum pumps integrated into the...


  Telstar Constructs a High Containment, Maximum Safety, Modular R+D Laboratory for Medichem in Malta

Telstar has successfully completed the construction and installation of a modular R+D laboratory and Kilo lab at the Medichem production centre in Hal Far (Malta) for manufacturing HPAPIs (Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Medichem EPC facilityThe facility consists of a production room and a laboratory, both under negative pressure relative to adjacent rooms and the exterior to ensure user protection. Telstar carried out the project management of this facility under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) arrangement. The architecture, HVAC system, distribution of utilities and services, the provision of heating and cooling water, and the inside furnishings were included in...


  80% increase in the Production of Class III Biologic Safety Cabinets, Mainly for R&D Centers in Africa

Telstar has increased its production of Class III Biological Safety Cabinets by 80% throughout the year 2014 in response to the growing international demand, especially from laboratories and R&D centres located in several African countries.

Telstar-MSC-III-These type of cabinets have been designed for working with highly infectious microbiological agents (classified as Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4)) and for conducting hazardous operations and provides maximum protection for the environment and the user. The pathogenic agents which correspond to the group of Biosafety Level 4 are those microorganisms that can cause serious illness in humans and as such constitute a grave danger to personnel, with a high possibility of transfer to other...


  Telstar Introduces a New Range of Laminar Flow Cabinet with Lower Energy Consumption

Telstar’s comprehensive new range of laminar flow cabinets, designed to provide protection for the product in an ISO 4 sterile environment, will be presented at Expoquimia (Barcelona 2014,September 30th-October 3rd).

telstarThis range of cabinets is particularly suitable for handling non-pathogenic samples in applications related to hospital protocols and clinical pharmacy, in vitro fertilisation, food quality control and microbiology, in vitro cultivation of plant and animal cells, microbiology and clean rooms for pharmaceutical, veterinary and food industries, as well as hospitals, universities and research centres....


  Telstar's Biological Safety Cabinets have been Recognized in China as High Quality Standard Medical Devices

Telstar has obtained the CFDA authorization license for the commercialization of its biologic safety cabinets for use as medical devices in medical centers and hospitals in China.

TelstarThe license recognizes that equipment designed and manufactured by Telstar is consistently produced and controlled in accordance with CFDA quality standards. In the laboratory field, Telstar manufactures various ranges of biological safety cabinets which are specially designed for research in Life Science markets including universities, hospitals and R&D laboratories, along with pharma and...


  Telstar Launches A New Version Of Its Lyobeta Freeze Dryer

Designed for formulation, research and development applications, the new version of pilot-scale freeze dryer incorporates improvements in control system architecture, management software, process control and interface features 


Telstar has launched a new version of the Pilot-scale Freeze Dryer, Lyobeta, specifically designed for small scale formulation, research and development work. The Telstar Lyobeta range of laboratory freeze-dryers is specially designed for the field of experimentation, research and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes. The new version of the Lyobeta, which offers the flexibility, performance and small foot print required in a laboratory unit, incorporates developments related to process control, including a PLC-based control system and improvements to control and programming capabilities, management software and interface features, to make it the most complete, efficient and convenient pilot unit on the market. Lyobeta bridges the gap in the market that in the past was filled with large-size laboratory equipment...


  Telstar Develops High Containment Barrier Systems Designed For Api's Manufacturing And Research Of New Products By Genetic Technology

Telstar has successfully developed two high containment barrier systems for the Korean Komipharm Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd, one of the largest producers of products from anti-cancer drugs in human oral dosage form to veterinary medicines in Asia

  • TELSTAR DEVELOPS HIGH CONTAINMENT BARRIER SYSTEMS DESIGNED FOR API's MANUFACTURING AND RESEARCH OF NEW PRODUCTS BY GENETIC TECHNOLOGYSpecially orientated to the manufacture of oncological pharmaceutical products and research in the Biotechnology field 

  • Developed with in-house containment technology, the systems have been designed and manufactured by the Technology Centre for Barrier Isolation Systems of Telstar, located in UK....



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