PCRmax: The Quad is back

publication date: May 25, 2015
author/source: Bibby Scientific Limited


Speed. Confidence. Sensitivity. Value. Performance.The Alpha Cycler 4 (AC-4) is the only truly independently controllable multi-block thermal cycler available today.

PCRmax have developed and designed the new AC-4 with input from our experiences with previous multi-block system and end user demands and wishes. The system is not only built with the high-throughput market in mind but also for standard throughput and multiple user environments who are space conscious and have requirements for multiple users and block formats. The system can be specified in any combination of 96 and 384 well formats across its four bays. Alpha Cycler software has features such as recently used programs; allowing users to quickly access their previously used protocols without the need to navigate through folders to find it, individual user logins; with protected protocols as-well-as allowing users’ access to temperature logs after each run to monitor the state of the system and advanced reporting features which will report back the health of the system to PCRmax so we can monitor the systems performance to specification and possibly detect any issue before it impacts your work.

The Alpha Cycler systems also contain a novel program wizard which allows users to define a protocol based specifically off the primer sequence and template source. Primer sequences are inputted, amplicon length and source defined and the on-board algorithm generates an optimised bespoke protocol for your assay.


The Alpha Cycler range also includes a single block system, the AC-1, with all of the same features and block options as the larger AC-4. Protocols which are written on any of the Alpha cycler range are transferable between any other configurations of system.

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