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A virtual slide system for multiple applications – the new Olympus VS110

VS110.jpgOlympus has introduced a new improved version of its highly successful dotSlide virtual slide system. The new VS110 combines microscopy seamlessly with imaging to create a virtual slide that is an exact copy of the real specimen. Generating a high resolution image of the whole specimen, this can be viewed and analysed from the overview image at low magnification up to maximum magnification by simply zooming in. All samples can be evaluated around the world instantly and simultaneously as they are stored electronically on a central server. As a result, the VS110 is ideal for use in a number of areas including pathology, research and education.

Virtual microscopy enabled by VS110 allows the information from a single glass slide to be shared in real time with multiple personnel across the globe. All users are able to review the same sample, yet control the position and magnification individually, as if it were a real slide. This ability to acquire complete slides at high magnification and resolution virtually, delivers significant benefits to pathologists and researchers, as well as students in professional education when diagnosing, analysing and archiving samples for discussion, both remotely or via online conferences.

 The flexibility of the VS110 technology within all clinical applications and teaching environments enables users to exceed the limits of conventional digital microscopy and telepathology in both the size and resolution of image files that can be discussed, as well as in time and location of discussion with colleagues. For example, it is possible to remotely access virtual slides with the functionality of a microscope, but without the instrument itself; ideal for a tutor working with a number of students. In addition, users can see and analyse macro overviews of slides that are simply not possible with traditional microscopes.

Within life science research the VS110 offers excellent throughput for extensive image analysis and superb documentation of tissue sections, cell cultures and even tissue microarrays.

All VS110 system components are designed to interact seamlessly, producing a fully automated, high-speed scanning system with excellent flexibility and simple operation. These ensure that users gain the best results for all types of specimens with minimum effort. The Net Image Server SQL for the Olympus VS110 system is a real client-server-based data management system and storage facility specifically developed for microscopy. This, together with the VS110 platform, helps the user by keeping everything clearly structured for easy management and efficient sharing of images and data.

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