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TIRF Perfection – even, equal & simultaneous

Olympus cell^TIRF Longstanding TIRF microscopy specialist Olympus has today introduced the new advanced cell^TIRF system as part of its newly launched xcellence live cell fluorescence imaging station. Olympus cell^TIRF enables ultra sensitive simultaneous multi-colour total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy offering 4 laser channels with independent beam paths. Individual motorised angle control for each laser, also enables synchronisation of evanescent penetration to provide simultaneous multi-colour high contrast images with minimal background noise for cell membrane, surface and single molecule studies.

Highest specification objectives

This superior multi-laser independent beam path technology, combined with new TIRFM objectives covering the broadest selection available, ensures that cell^TIRF delivers a new level of sensitivity and precision in multi-colour TIRFM. Olympus offers 6 dedicated TIRFM objectives of exceptional optical quality, including the highest resolution available with a numerical aperture of 1.69 NA, as well as the highest magnification at 150x (1.45 NA). This means that TIRFM investigations can be carried out with penetration depths down to 40 nm.

Newly available objectives offering increased numerical apertures of 1.49 at 100x and 60x magnification ensure excellent angle flexibility, enabling small penetration depths. This is highly advantageous for cell membrane studies, and also provides better signal to noise ratios. Exceptional software integration and mechanics along with these objectives mean that users can precisely and automatically adjust laser penetration with 1 nm accuracy at the click of a button. This is possible as cell^TIRF is fully integrated into the xcellence real time imaging system with automatic device configuration via ODB (Olympus Data Bus), enabling fast switching and precise control of hardware, including the TIRF condenser and laser lines.

Intelligent & intuitive TIRF control

Such is the intelligence and intuitiveness of cell^TIRF enabled by the xcellence software, just one button is required to switch between critical angle, defined penetration depth and laser widefield illumination. Highly inclined and laminated optical (HILO) sheet imaging is also enabled due to the XY-adjustable field stops for every laser beam. Furthermore, fine adjustment is possible very simply via the mouse wheel or keyboard, meaning screwdriver adjustments are a thing of the past! Complete integration within the Experiment Manager, a graphical experiment construction tool also enables specialised TIRFM commands for sophisticated applications, such as experiments with varying penetration depths combined with widefield and confocal microscopy.

Flexibility & value

The optics knowledge of Olympus also allows cell^TIRF to be used in combination with other techniques to provide exceptional value for money. The xcellence system provides real time live cell fluorescence imaging and can also accommodate the cell^FRAP photo control and cell^SPIN laser based spinning disk confocal modules. Finally, the system is fully compatible with most microscope tables, image-splitters, Piezo drives and AFM stages. 

Please contact OLYMPUS EUROPA HOLDING GMBH, Tel: +49 40 2 37 73 - 5426, Fax: +49 40 2 37 73 - 4647, E-mail:,

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