Imaging and Analysis in one

Phenom proX desktop SEMUntil now it was possible to view samples fast and easy. Now it is also possible to see what the sample is made of. Imaging samples gives details on sample structure and shape.  If this reveals that the sample is damaged, polluted or holds an inclusion then it is important to investigate the root cause. This requires material analysis on top of imaging. With the Phenom proX desktop SEM - the ultimate all-in-one imaging and elemental analysis system, sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

System configuration

Elemental analysis is fully embedded into the Phenom proX system. X-ray detector and control software are fully integrated in one package which means no switching between PC's or systems. The imaging operation of the Phenom proX system is fast and user-friendly. The imaging performance for any sample is further improved by a new state-of-the-art column design and further optimized user interface software. With the Phenom proX, customers are able to establish:

Glass fiber reinforcement in compound material fiber X-ray analysis of glass
Glass fiber reinforcement in compound material fiber  X-ray analysis of glass

The solution for any micro analytical challenge

The electron beam in the Phenom creates back scatter electrons for fast and reliable SEM imaging and generates X-rays, especially at higher acceleration voltages. Adding an X-ray detector to an SEM is an obvious upgrade to implement elemental identification of microstructures on a sample.

With its market-leading PhenomTM desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Phenom-World helps its customers to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller. All Phenom desktop SEM systems give direct access to the high-resolution and high-quality imaging and analysis required in a large variety of applications. They are affordable, flexible and fast tools enabling engineers, technicians, researchers and educational professionals to investigate micron and submicron structures.

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