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NEW ACE C18-PFP - a unique C18 bonded HPLC Column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase

ACE C18 bonded HPLC Column ACE®C18-PFP is a unique C18 bonded HPLC column from Advanced Chromatography Technologies, which has been developed to provide alternate selectivity to all existing C18 bonded phases.  The phase combines the hydrophobic characteristics of a C18 phase with the alternate selectivity offered by a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase - enabling the benefits of multiple interactions to be fully exploited. 

ACE C 18 PFP BrochureACE® C18-PFP also exhibits ultra low bleed to ensure LC/MS compatibility and demonstrates excellent temperature and pH stability.  Compared to C18 phases, PFP phases have traditionally been compromised by reduced hydrophobicity, reduced stability and significant column bleed. However, ACE C18-PFP utilises a specially developed ligand combining a C18 chain with integral PFP functionality, resulting in a phase that maintains the hydrophobic, stability and low bleed characteristics of a leading C18 phase, whilst providing the multiple retention mechanisms of a PFP phase.  

Due to their similar hydrophobic characteristics, ACE C18-PFP columns may be used for applications in which "standard" C18 columns would normally be considered. However, due to its integral pentafluorophenyl functionality, ACE C18-PFP is additionally recommended for separations that involve halogenated aromatic compounds, regioisomers and those analytes with differing shape constraints. 

At launch, columns are available in 3µm, 5µm and 10µm particle sizes and a full range of dimensions from high throughput through to preparative scale. 

For further information and a Technical Brochure on the ACE® C18-PFP visit our website  or email

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