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NEW ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC columns – 2µm, 3µm and 5µm particle sizes and unique selectivities for rapid method development

ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC columnsAdvanced Chromatography Technologies have launched a new range of UHPLC columns.

ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC columns offer you all the benefits that chromatographers have come to expect from ACE columns (exceptional reproducibility and robustness, combined with excellent quality and efficiency) but have been especially engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of UHPLC. Additionally, ACE® Excel UHPLC columns are available in a wide range of selectivities, including the unique ACE C18-AR and ACE C18-PFP phases, enabling chromatographers to take advantage of the extremely powerful benefit of selectivity combined with efficiency.  ACE® Excel™ Ultra Robust UHPLC columns are packed with the same "Ultra Inert" ACE particles that have set industry standards for purity and efficiency, resulting in a range of UHPLC columns that are at last truly scalable with larger particle HPLC columns.  

ACE® ExcelTM UHPLC columns offer:-
  • Ultra robust - up to 1,000bar (15,000psi)
  • Unique phases for rapid method development (including C18-AR and C18-PFP)
  • Available with high efficiency 2µm, 3µm and 5µm particle sizes 
  • Compatible with all UHPLC and HPLC Systems
Furthermore, ACE® ExcelTM UHPLC columns are available in a wide range of dimensions, are fully scaleable with existing ACE particles and offer low back pressure compared to many other UHPLC phases.

ACE® ExcelTM UHPLC columns

Available phases

C18, C18-AR, C18-PFP, C8, C4, CN, Phenyl, SIL, AQ

Available particle sizes

2µm, 3µm and 5µm

Available lengths

2µm in lengths from 20mm to 150mm


3µm and 5µm in lengths from 20mm to 250mm

Available i.d.s

from 2.1mm to 4.6mm

The benefits of ACE® ExcelTM Ultra Robust UHPLC columns are clear.

For further information contact or your local distributor. or click here to visit the website

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