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All articles from Ziath

  New 2D-Barcoded NMR Tube Scanner

The Express Scanner from Ziath is an elegant and rapid solution for ensuring the traceability of samples in 2D-barcoded Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) tubes. This new product delivers an industry-leading fast scan and decode time for a full rack of 2D-barcoded NMR sample tubes in under 3 seconds. Traditionally 2D-barcoded NMR tubes are difficult to read with a conventional scanner...


  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sample Tracking Packages

To assist labs involved with the essential RT-PCR assay part of the “test, trace and isolate” strategy for dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic – Ziath has introduced two optimized packages for reliable tracking of patient samples submitted for Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. For large-scale, high-density Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing labs...


  Fast & Reliable Tracking of Coronavirus Patient Samples

Ziath Ltd. has received orders for its DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner from a growing number of laboratories that specialise in testing patient samples for Coronavirus Covid-19 infection. Stephen Knight, Director of Sales & Marketing at Ziath Ltd commented "The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has sadly already claimed the lives of over 20,000 people worldwide. The World Health Organisation has stated that widespread testing of people for Coronavirus Covid-19 will help health services identify infected patients...


  New Semi Automatic Tube Rack Sealing Device

Ziath has announced the launch of impressiOn - a versatile new semi-automatic device designed to take the strain out of applying friction sealing mats or septum sealing caps to SBS format tube racks. Tube racks are a valuable tool in life science research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories as they can be used to simplify the handling and storage of large numbers of samples. It is essential that tube racks can be securely sealed in order to avoid contamination and evaporation thereby maintaining the integrity of your samples....


  Ziath Support the KoalaComeback Campaign

Ziath announce, that as a result of a booth raffle at the recent SLAS 2020 exhibition, that they will be donating $1000 to the KoalaComeback Campaign (KCC). Steve Knight, Commercial Director at Ziath "We are delighted to be able to make our donation to this very worthwhile cause. We particularly liked how KCC will give fifty percent of the donation to Earth Alliance’s Australia Wildfire Fund and the remaining fifty percent will go to WildArk....


  Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Directly at the Point of Storage or Retrieval

Ziath has announced that it will launch a revolutionary web-based 2D-barcoded tube identification product - Datapaq 5 at SLAS 2020 in San Diego, USA. In modern laboratories - samples are typically stored in large -80°C freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks or fully automated stores that are often inconveniently situated in an outbuilding or a basement. Datapaq 5 is the first of a new generation of digital sample management tools being developed by Ziath to allow sample management...


  Tracking Samples to Improve Food Safety

Ziath has launched a competitively priced starter kit for organizations involved in food research, production and testing to keep track of samples to help improve food safety. Reflecting the threat of foodborne illnesses and product recalls, food safety is an issue of significant and growing importance to consumers, food manufacturers and research laboratories. Increasingly legislative bodies around the world are pushing for handlers along the entire food supply chain to put in place food 'track and trace' provisions to prevent....


  2D Barcoded Tubes for Sample Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

The Ziath range of CryzoTraq™ 2D-barcoded cryogenic tubes set a new standard for cryogenic storage of biological specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C. Worldwide biobanks and biorepositories support many types of life science research including Genomics and Personalized Medicine. To ensure the integrity and viability of specimens stored in these sample storage facilities over long periods of time, the specimens are placed in a sterile storage tubes and immersed in vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen...


  Package Improves Biobank Workflow & Simplifies Sample Tracking

A new package is available from Ziath, designed for smaller biobanks and biorepositories, that contains everything you need to start up and maintain enhanced sample integrity, tracking and audit trail. The ‘BB package’ combines top-quality 2D coded sample storage tubes, a high performance 2D barcoded tube scanner and a semi-automated tube selector that makes picking individual tubes very easy, all at an affordable price....


  Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Straight from the Freezer

The Ziath range of single tube scanners, compact rack readers and large multi-rack readers are all capable of reading 2D-barcoded tubes straight from the freezer. A common problem when using 2D-bar coded tube racks straight from the freezer is "fogging" of the scanner or reader glass as condensation forms on the surface which has been cooled by the application of cold racks or tubes....


  Ziath Shares Expertise on Video Sharing Platform

Ziath is launching a new YouTube channel that will house informative videos previewing the latest innovations in the field of drug discovery and bio-banking sample management for the first time as the company seeks to share its expertise and knowledge with laboratories worldwide. As Commercial Director and YouTube Channel manager at Ziath, Steve Knight said "We intend to use the new platform to share unfiltered original content through a selection of videos showcasing....


  Informative Guide to Effective Sample Management

Ziath has published a comprehensive guide entitled 'Tips, tricks and solutions for effective sample management' in an easy-to-use eBook format. Written by highly experienced sample management professionals - the new guide book addresses key topics including: What is sample management?; Why is effective sample management important?; Problems arising from sample mismanagement; Top tips for tube selection and labelling; Top tips for sample collection; Top tips for barcode scanning and Top tips for sample tracking...


  Popular 2D Rack Scanner Now Offers Brooks Acoustixâ„¢ Tube Reading

Ziath Ltd. has announced its compact DataPaq™ Mirage CMOS-camera based 2D tube rack scanner can now read Brooks Acoustix™ tubes in addition to all popular makes of coded tubes in ANSI/SLAS format racks. Economically priced to suit most budgets, the DataPaq™ Mirage has been designed as a faster, more productive camera-based replacement for a flatbed scanner. Its low profile and ability to scan all current, commonly used ANSI/SLAS format racks....


  Ziath Opens US Office

2D Datamatrix bar-coded tubesZiath has announced the opening of direct operations in the US with the appointment of a general manager. The company stated that the move is part of its drive for international expansion and will better enable it to serve the US laboratory automation community particularly in the areas of compound management, high throughput screening, forensics, cannabis testing and biobanking....


  Ziath Announce Spring/Summer Events Program

2D coded tube scanners imagers and semi-automated Mohawk tube selectorZiath Ltd. has announced that it will showcase its latest 2D coded tube scanners, imagers and semi-automated Mohawk tube selector at the forthcoming ISBER 2019, LabVolution, the Symposium for Cell Biology and Cryopreservation and ELRIG-France conferences and exhibitions. Designed to allow easy cherry-picking of desired tubes from SBS racks....


  Verifiable 2D Coded Tube Selection from Racks

Ziath has announced a unique combination of instruments that ensures the correct 2D coded tubes are automatically withdrawn from storage racks without the huge expense of a fully-robotic tube picking system. The Mohawk tube selector from Ziath is a cost-effective semi-automated unit for selecting 2D-bar coded tubes from their storage racks, an ideal solution for many medium-throughput applications such as compound management and biobanking....


  Ziath Launch Semi-Automated Tube Picker

Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube pickerZiath announces that it will showcase its new Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube picker on booth #452 at SLAS 2019 in Washington DC. This innovative new system sets a new standard for frozen or thawed sample tube picking from 96-position racks. The Mohawk has been designed to work out of the box, and needs no set up or calibration. Instrument control is through the new user friendly software which provides an intuitive interface for easy operation...


  New Low-Profile 2D Barcode Scanner for Liquid Handling Systems

The innovative camera-based technology of the DataPaq™ Mirage gives a compact scanner design for easy integration with laboratory automation systems. Ziath showcase its new, cost-effective 2D barcode rack scanner, the DataPaq Mirage, at SLAS2018. This innovative camera-based scanner has a low-profile design enabling it to be easily integrated with...


  Ziath to Offer Free Single Tube Scanners at SLAS2017

Ziath to offer an exclusive single tube scanner promotion and showcase the latest developments of their popular handheld scanner at SLAS2017

ziathZiath, the specialists in sample tracking solutions for academia, biotech and pharma, announced today that they will be handing out special promotional codes for an offer exclusively for delegates attending SLAS2017 (4-8 February 2017, Washington DC). These codes will entitle each lucky customer to a free DataPaqTMSingle Tube Scanner with every rack scanner purchase....


  Ziath Releases Handheld Scanner for Sample Management On-The-Move

HandHeld is a truly portable instrument for manual sample picking and effective use in the field

ziathZiath, the leading expert in sample tracking solutions for use in laboratories and biobanks, has today released the HandHeld. The intelligent device is the first on the market that is truly portable, providing users with the ability to immediately identify tubes and track samples when away from the lab. This includes manual picking from repositories, as well as effective recording when collecting samples in the field. The new Ziath...


  Ziath Launches New Camera-Based Scanner for More Effective Sample Management

DataPaqâ„¢ Cube reader delivers rapid and flexible sample scanning and tracking across both SBS and standard racks using a single device

ZiathZiath, the leading expert in sample tracking solutions for use in laboratories and biobanks, has today released the DataPaqâ„¢ Cube reader. Utilising a dual camera set-up and unique cuboid design, it provides users with a fast and flexible system for scanning 2D barcoded tubes housed in both SBS and cryobox formats, all using a single device. An efficient management system is crucial for maintaining the quality of samples and efficiently...


  Ziath announces new Tube Arrayer Ziath Tube ArrayerZiath is pleased to announce a new product, the Tube Arrayer. The Ziath Tube Arrayer is designed to assist scientists in transferring sets of sealed tubes from one or more source racks into one or more destination racks by guided positional illumination and barcode verification.


  ZIATH LAUNCHES NEW VERSIONS OF THEIR POPULAR RACK AND SINGLE-TUBE SCANNING SOFTWARE Ziath is pleased to announce the launch of a major new version of its ground-breaking 2D barcode scanning software.





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