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  Case Study of Biopharmaceutical Glycosylation Analysis

20190615_1MtoZ Biolabs, a biotech service expert focusing on proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and biopharmaceutical analysis, developed glycosylation analysis service. Glycosylation is an important post-translational modification of proteins. Glycosylation of proteins can be classified into N-glycosylation and O-glycosylation depending on the manner in which the sugar chain and the peptide chain are linked. ...


  MtoZ Biolabs Developed SILAC-based CoIP-MS Service

MtoZ Biolabs, an international contract research organization (CRO) providing advanced proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and biopharmaceutical analysis services, developed SILAC-based CoIP-MS service to assist researchers study in protein. Co-Immunoprecipitation (CoIP) is a classical method for studying protein interactions based on the principle that antibodies specifically recognize specific antigens.....


  MtoZ Biolabs Released a Series of Glycoprotein Analysis Services

Glycosylation, as a a post-translational modification, has the feature of structural complexity, which increases the difficulty of analysiing glycoproteins. Although it has been predicted that about 50 percent proteins are glycosylated, only 10 percent glycoproteins have been identified so far. To support researchers in glycoprotein related study, MtoZ Biolabs provides LC-MS/MS based glycosylation sites analysis and glycoprotein type analysis services at this site.


  20% Discount on a Series of De Novo Sequencing Services by MtoZ Biolabs

To further support researchers studying in the field of antibody engineering, MtoZ Biolabs now offers a 20% discount on series of de novo sequencing services which include antibody de novo sequencing and protein de novo sequencing. This promotion ends on September 30, 2018....


  Mtoz Biolabs Released Untargeted Metabolomics Analysis Service

MtoZ Biolabs, an up-rising service provider specialized inadvanced proteomics, bioinformatics and biopharmaceutical analysis, released a series of untargeeted metabolomics analysis services to further assist researchers study in this field. These service series are supported by an LC-MS-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and GC-MS-based single ion monitoring (SIM) metabolomics platform.


  MtoZ Biolabs Releases Protein N-terminal Sequencing Technique

MtoZ Biolabs, an international contract research organization (CRO) providing advanced proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and biopharmaceutical analysis services, announce that it has launched an updated platform for protein n-terminal sequencing.This sophisticated N-T sequencing platform consisting of Edman sequencing and protein N-T de novo sequencing with their advantages complementary to each other...