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All articles from introduces Knockout (KO) Validation

Antibodies are widely used in pre-clinical research to study proteins and their functions in biological pathways and diseased states. These tools, with their high specificity and sensitivity, help life science researchers to easily identify proteins of interest at various expression levels. However, a growing number of high-impact studies and publications have shown that not all antibodies are specific; contributing to the increasing amount of irreproducible pre-clinical research. The most accepted method for validating antibody specificity is through knockout validation...


  The University of Manchester Appoints to Boost Research Value

antibodiesLife Science research tools provider,, is to supply The University of Manchester with its large collection of distinct protein research tools at the market’s best prices. Referring to the new agreement, CEO Claire Button said, “We are so thrilled to be supporting The University of Manchester with their life science initiatives.  Being life scientists ourselves, we understand that the key drivers for researchers’ purchasing decisions are quality, price, and range... appoints Dr Claire Button as Chief Executive Officer

Life science research tools one-stop shop,, has appointed Dr Claire Button as its CEO to develop and execute its global growth strategy. CEO appointment marks a step change in growth strategy as aims to become a market-leading global supplier of life science research tools....