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Greyhound Chromatography launches New ISO Guide 34 Standards

Greyhound Chromatography launches New ISO Guide 34 StandardsWith advancements in technology and the ever greater demands from regulatory bodies to identify new analytes and the lowering of detection limits, Greyhound recognises the importance of supplying Certified Reference Materials with validated and stated uncertainties.  Scientists are under increasing pressure to produce accurate reports using the technologies currently available to them and to minimise random and systematic errors in their procedures. 

European and other accrediting bodies including the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), specify the use of ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials under certain circumstances.  In the absence of ISO Guide 34 Certified Standards, scientists assume the laborious, time consuming task of calculating and documenting the uncertainties associated with the calibration standards they use. 

The ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials offered by Greyhound have their major components of uncertainty identified and documented, including homogeneity, short and long term stabilities and the uncertainty due to analytical characterisation. 

For the past 20 years High Purity Standards Inc. has manufactured NIST traceable, Inorganic Standards for instrument calibration which are today manufactured in accordance with ISO Guide 34:2009.  In addition, the rapidly expanding range of Organic Reference Standards have been developed to answer the call from analysts seeking a reliable source of Organic Standards which are manufactured specifically to meet the requirements of ISO Guide 34:2009.  This exclusive range is detailed in the new ISO Guide 34 Organic Standards catalogue from Greyhound Chromatography. 

Introducing some highlights from the range

FTPH-M17C for testing Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Underground storage tanks (UST) containing fuels and hazardous materials are prone to leaking and contaminate soil and groundwater. Our featured new product FTPH-M17C is a standard/retention-time-window-defining standard designed to test for total petroleum hydrocarbons from possible leakage.  It consists of seventeen even chain alkanes from C8-C40 in n-hexane.   

Other standards in development focus on EPA testing procedures  and popular organic pollutant detection mixtures, such as- PAH-HM16C, containing sixteen Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons named by the EPA as priority pollutants.  PCBs, Pesticides and volatile organics in a range specifically designed to support the environmental forensics chemist's work. Custom organic standards are also available upon request. 

Contact or visit for further details.

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