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New UV-Blue Light Converter Screens for Syngene Imaging Systems Offer Safe, Inexpensive Way of Visualising a Wide Range of Fluorescent Gels

publication date: Jul 5, 2016
author/source: Syngene

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is pleased to introduce its UV-Blue Light Converters Screens which can quickly and simply change harmful UV into blue light.

syngeneThese screens offer a safe, affordable way of using the UV transilluminator in Syngene imaging systems to visualise DNA and protein gels labelled with many commercial fluorescent dyes.

The new UV-Blue Light Converter Screens come in two sizes (21cm x 26 cm and 25cm x 30cm) and are made of scratch-resistant plastic. They have handles on two sides making them easy to retrofit onto a UV transilluminator so that instead of purchasing a new imager or blue light box, researchers can inexpensively convert the transilluminator in their Syngene G:BOX, U:Genius3, InGenius3 and NuGenius systems into a blue light powerhouse.

By simply placing the UV-blue Light Converter Screen over their transilluminator, the screen will alter the 302nm UV wavelength to 460-470nm, preventing damage to scientists’ skin and eyes while they are visualising their gels. A wavelength of 460-470nm is optimum for viewing a wide variety of fluorescent colours and gels stained with sensitive dyes including GelRed™, GelGreen™ SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green, SYPRO® Ruby, SYPRO® Orange, and Coomassie Fluor™ Orange can be precisely visualised using the screen.

“Many scientists demand safe, yet accurate methods of staining and viewing DNA on their gels but cannot afford to purchase new imagers or blue light boxes for their labs,” states Dr Lindsey Kirby, Product Manager at Syngene, “by introducing our robust UV-Blue Light Converters Screens researchers using Syngene systems can now access inexpensive technology, which is perfect for helping them image the huge range of safe, sensitive fluorescent dyes available now and in the future.”

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