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Precision Multichannel Pipetting Enables Fast & Economic 3D Microtissue Cultivation

Precision Multichannel Pipetting Enables Fast & Economic 3D Microtissue CultivationINTEGRA, in association with Insphero (Zurich, Switzerland), have released an application note** that describes how a precise pipetting technology enables the efficient use of a hanging drop culture system overcoming many of the drawbacks of conventional cell culture techniques.

Cells cultured in standard suspension or monolayer culture typically lose many features that are characteristic of cells in tissue and limit their use to study certain aspects of cell biology. The major differences to in vivo growth conditions of cells include the absence or limited interaction of cell-cell interaction and cell-matrix interaction, a lack of three-dimensional architectural appearance and changed hormonal, nutritional and physical environment.

The application note describes how Insphero's unique hanging drop cell culture system is used to generate a diverse range of microtissues. This microtissue system is based on the innovative GravityPlus culture platform for which multichannel pipettes have to be used for the efficient liquid media exchange of the culture drops. Through extensive working and testing of the drop culture system the researchers demonstrate how the versatility and precision of INTEGRA VIAFLO electronic pipettes allows fast and economic cultivation of the cells in hanging droplets.

INTEGRA VIAFLO pipettes feature a unique Tri-Lobe tip fitting system (GripTips) which delivers high lateral resistance ensuring that tips snap precisely and securely into place. As a result, GripTips deliver a precise and consistent tip seal ensuring that all tips on a multichannel pipette are precisely in line and at the same height thereby increasing the accuracy and precision of each multichannel dispense and at the same time, never accidentally fall off.

For Insphero the outstanding tip fitting providing precise positioning of the tips was one of the key reasons for using the INTEGRA Viaflo pipettes as it guaranteed precise connection of all tips to the bores on their GravityPlus platform.

This application is an example of the unmatched multichannel dispensing precision achievable using INTEGRA Viaflo pipettes with the GripTip system.

For a copy of this application note please contact INTEGRA Biosciences AG on telephone +41-81-286-9530  In the USA please contact Viaflo Corporation on telephone +1-603-578-5800

INTEGRA ( is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilization and cell cultivation. The company committed to creating innovative solutions which fulfill the needs of our customers in research, diagnostics and quality control within the life science markets and medical industry. The INTEGRA group, comprising INTEGRA Biosciences AG and the Viaflo Corporation, maintains a worldwide network of over 90 independent highly trained distribution partners. INTEGRA Biosciences AG is headquartered in Zizers, Switzerland, Viaflo Corporation is located in Hudson, NH, USA.

Founded in 2009, Insphero ( develops and produces advanced 3-dimensional microtissue models that mimic the behavior and function of living organs much better than conventional cell cultures. InSphero offers ready-to-use microtissues, microtissue assays, and 3D cell-culture solutions, which are compatible with existing laboratory liquid-handling robotics.  These microtissues enable more reliable and relevant screening and validation processes for the development of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. 

** Application note is entitled:  Optimising Methods in Microtissue Cultivation'.

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