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Gilson UK

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All articles from Gilson UK

  Customisable, low-cost automated tube filling system – ideal for VTM

Gilson has developed a compact, low-cost tube filling system that has the flexibility to fill bottles, tubes, vials, or microplates quickly. With the current pandemic, there is an exponential demand for diagnostic testing of patients for COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Viral transport media (VTM) is a critical component of COVID-19 test kits and is used for the collection, transport, and storage of clinical specimens....


  Gilson Releases Two New Pipetman Pipette Models

Gilson has released two new models to the PIPETMAN® L range of pipettes, the most comfortable air-displacement pipettes in the Gilson portfolio. The PIPETMAN L x1200 multichannel pipettes are available in 8- and 12-channel models, helping scientists increase their daily productivity without sacrificing comfort. These new 1200 µL multichannel models are an ideal solution for many protocols that require a working volume from 100 to 1200 μL....


  Maximise Testing Capacity of qPCR Protocols with PIPETMAX qPCR Assistant.

Testing for coronavirus is an essential diagnostic and research tool for monitoring and managing the current pandemic. qPCR and RT-qPCR are proving to be powerful techniques for testing labs worldwide for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. However, each step in the extremely sensitive qPCR procedure can potentially contribute to experimental error and affect the reproducibility of results...


  New PCR brochure available from Gilson - Products specifically for analyzing and testing the COVID-19 virus

Gilson has consolidated tools, technology, services and resources to help scientists ramp up testing capabilities or study the SARS-COV-2 virus. Their new PCR FOCUS Fluid News Brochure highlights their world-renown manual and automated sample prep technologies suitable for COVID-19 diagnostics and research. For such situations when protection, speed of analysis, reliability and traceability are paramount, Gilsons range of lab equipment and instruments can deliver verifiable data and confidence in results.


  Think of a pipette. Whose name do you associate with it?

For decades, Gilson and our legendary PIPETMAN® instruments have been synonymous with pipetting. We believe nobody knows more about liquid handling than we do and, certainly, nobody cares more about our pipettes than us. Regular pipette maintenance, calibration and servicing are essential to ensure reliable performance and verifiable results. By using our Gilson accredited Pipette Service Centres, you can entrust us to service, calibrate and repair your Gilson pipette...


  Free Seminars: Enhance your Manual and Automated Liquid Handling

Gilson, renown experts in liquid handling, are hosting a series of seminars across Europe on “How to Enhance your Manual and Automated Liquid Handling”. Liquid handling is at the heart of most laboratory practices. From manual pipetting, transferring simple solutions, through to complex extractions and purifications, they all present unique challenges that can affect the reproducibility, accuracy and productivity of experiments....


  Gilson's ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold, with its single gas input and small footprint, incorporates easily into laboratory workflows

An ideal choice for SPE clean-up prior to LC-MS for bioanalysis, the ASPEC Manifold incorporates easily into laboratory workflows and provides a fast and simple way to prepare several samples for later analysis. It offers a cost-effective approach to automation for clinical, forensic, and food or beverage testing laboratories....


  New enhancements to the Gilson PIPETMAN range

Gilson, renowned for their legendary PIPETMAN pipettes have enhanced their range by adding new features and updates to their PIPETMAN® Classic and PIPETMAN® G models. Trusted by scientists worldwide as one of the pipetting standards for robustness and performance, this new update reinforces the PIPETMAN Classic as the benchmark in pipetting excellence....


  Gilson announce the release of the extended mass range VERITY® 1910 MS Detector

Mass spectrometry (MS) technology has become an essential tool in the purification field. Once viewed as a complex and expensive process requiring highly specialized technicians to operate, the VERITY 1910 MS Detector makes MS detection simple and affordable for any preparative purification system. The VERITY® 1910 MS Detector is a unique, chip-based mass detector that can be integrated....


  New Gilson Benchtop Instruments, The Perfect Complement to Your Workflow

Gilson has launched a brand new range of benchtop instruments that perfectly complements their pipetting systems and laboratory workflows. The new benchtop instruments feature a variety of advanced technologies for mixing, temperature control, and centrifugation that improve lab productivity and save valuable time. For a limited time, Gilson are offering an introductory 15% discount across the Benchtop range....



  Gilson Release New Application Notes for Pipetting Problem Liquids

Positive displacement pipettes have been used for many years for PCR applications. Gilson, experts in liquid handling have published three new papers which describe the use of positive displacement technology to help solve the issues of pipetting problem liquids.

Gilson app noteGilson’s MICROMAN E positive displacement pipette with its Capillary Pistons helps scientists counter common pipetting problems that may affect accuracy and precision when working with problem liquids. Leaks are known to occur when pipetting volatile solutions such as acetone, hexane and ethanol with an air-displacement pipette.


  NEW from Gilson PLC Series Purification Systems

With the capability to purify compounds by preparative HPLC and FLASH on the same instrument, Gilson's Personal Liquid Chromatography (PLC) systems will simplify and streamline compound purification for your lab - accelerating your research.

These customizable instruments are available in a simple configuration for basic applications, but with a wide range of upgrade options in order to meet the demands of more advanced organic/medicinal chemists and experienced chromatographers. Systems are controlled via an intuitive touch screen interface, making it easy to write and edit methods, or adjust parameters on the fly....


  Download Gilson’s new PCR and ELISA Brochures

Gilson have released two new brochures for PCR and ELISA applications, highlighting the latest technology and products that help researchers enhance throughput.

Gilson CataloguesGilson’s PCR brochure introduces the new qPCR pipetmaX, a simple and complete solution for reproducible qPCR sample preparation workflows for 10’s and 100’s of samples.  Their range of pipettes, Starter Kits and manual 96 channel pipetting systems help streamline PCR protocols for accurate, dependable results. Download the PCR brochure for the latest product information and special offers, including 25% off PlateMaster....


  Gilson UK Announce Distributorship of Lifescience Plastics Range

Gilson, the global leaders in liquid handling and purification are proud to announce distributorship of a selection of tubes and plates frequently used in lifescience analysis routines into the UK market.

Simport PlasticsThe new plasticware range includes microtubes, microplates and reservoirs that are regularly used in-house and recommended for use on both the PipetmaX® and Flexus liquid handling platforms.  Combining the most popular lines from Simport, Heathrow Scientific and Porvair, these strong-pedigree products are offered by Gilson UK to provide a single reliable source of the most respected laboratory vessels available for both manual pipetting or integration with automated liquid handling systems....


  Nanolitre dispensing with the Bionex Nanodrop

The Nanodrop nanolitre dispensing instrument line is a robust laboratory automation and liquid handling solution to life science researchers worldwide. 

Nanodrop robotProduced by Bionex Inc and distributed in the UK through Gilson these low-volume automated pipetting systems offer the highest level of performance in the industry. The Nanodrop allows miniaturization of samples and is the ideal tool for those using 384 and 1536 well plates. Typical applications include MALDI plate spotting, cell/bead dispensing, protein crystallography and high throughput screening....


  Maine Transfer Membranes from Gilson UK

The well respected GE Osmonics transfer membrane and general lab filtration range is now supplied by Maine Manufacturing Inc and distributed in the UK by Gilson UK.

Transfer MembranesRoutinely used in DNA/RNA and protein blotting applications these membranes combine high material purity and strong binding affinity with excellent dimensional stability. Nitrocellulose, nylon and PVDF membrane types are all high binding/low background engineered. Pure nitrocellulose is ideal for single transfers while nylon has a higher binding capacity (approx 350µg-cm²) and binds a greater range of fragment sizes....


  Pipette up to 100ml accurately with MACROMAN

The pipette of choice for problem liquids

Macroman pipettorThe Gilson MACROMAN is a large volume motorised pipette controller designed for dilutions, sampling, media preparation and more. It can be used with graduated pipettes up to 100ml in volume providing a safer, more efficient and consistent method of dosing than manual systems allow....


  The Gilson PLC 2020 Purification System is Simply 'HPLC in a Box' Gilson PLC 2020Gilson UK presents the PLC 2020, a personal liquid chromatography system for reverse and normal-phase HPLC with FLASH purification capabilities. This complete system was developed for chemists, to provide them with an easy-to-use, self-contained instrument specific to their purification needs on a more personal level. The system is ideally suited for low throughput, high and low-pressure purification to support the individual or a group of chemists...


  Gilson Launches Pipetman Lifetime Warranty The Gilson Lifetime Warranty programme Gilson has launched a lifetime warranty for Pipetman® pipettes in the UK, which guarantees its products will continue providing precise pipetting solutions for many years, even for the entire career of the user. This comes after several reports of Gilson Pipetman® pipettes still in service after 40 plus years...


  Gilson PIPETMAN G now available through SLS Gilson PIPETMAN® G  now available through SLSNow available through SLS and a new addition to the PIPETMAN® range is PIPETMAN® G which offers the lowest pipetting forces in the market. Unlike the other manual pipettors in the PIPETMAN® range which utilise a dry-seal piston, Pipetman G incorporates a completely redesigned and lubricated piston system. This has resulted in pipetting forces being reduced by upto 50% vs PIPETMAN® Neo whilst maintaining Gilson's reputation for robustness...


  The Innovadyne NanoDrop – Reduce Running Costs with Miniaturized PCR The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX are market leaders in low volume, non-contact sample handling. These instruments can aspirate and dispense both samples and reagents across a wide range of biological applications. The Nanodrop has a wide dynamic volume range from 50nl to 500µl allowing procedures to utilize both large and small volumes without compromising accuracy or precision...


  Gilson announce Seal of Assurance for UK Customers Gilson UKGilson has today launched a new stamp of approval for its official sales and support centres within the UK by introducing the ‘Gilson Seal of Assurance' scheme. The Gilson Seal of Assurance confirms customers will receive the true Gilson experience, support and commitment that they expect from the leading manual liquid handling manufacturers. All products are guaranteed to be genuine, sourced directly from Gilson and fully supported by the manufacturer's warranty and technical expertise...


  Mass Based Purification Simplified with Gilson LC/MS Purification System Gilson LC/MS Purification SystemPresenting the first practical mass-based purification system from Gilson. Developed for chemists to provide a simple, fast and flexible solution, this unique and usable purification system combines world class MS technology with existing industry leading preparative HPLC solutions...


  Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump Now Available to Purchase Gilson UKGilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump and accessory range is now available to purchase online at Gilson UK's website. All of the listed accessories, pump heads and tubing are easily accessible and are also available to order online. The Gilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump has been specifically designed for laboratories with demanding liquid handling needs...


  Gilson Forms New UK Operation for Full Product Sales & Support Gilson UKFrom the beginning of 2011 Gilson will be closer to you, providing full sales, service and support on all products from a newly formed UK operation. Gilson UK combines existing Automation and HPLC sales and logistics with an experienced Pipette sales and service team. Anachem Instruments have a long history in supporting Gilson products in the UK. From 1st February 2011, Anachem Instruments Ltd became known as Gilson Scientific Ltd, and became part of Gilson's Direct Worldwide sales and support network selling the complete Gilson product range


  Gilson - Closer to you Gilson UKGilson in the UK is now closer to you. Gilson will provide full sales, service and support on all their products from a newly formed UK operation, becoming the only pipette manufacturer operating directly in the UK.





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