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Tecan Group Ltd

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All articles from Tecan Group Ltd

  Tecan launches rapid viral and pathogen characterization RNA-Seq library preparation solution for challenging sample types

Tecan has launched the Revelo RNA-Seq kit, offering end-to-end processing of human samples to enable complete viral RNA-Seq library preparation – including library quantification – in a single day. This kit has been developed specifically to address the pathogen detection and characterization challenges currently faced by laboratories around the world, and is ideally suited to NGS library preparation from low input, patient-derived sample types, such as nasal swabs...


  Tecan offers increased sensitivity for qPCR of low input and degraded samples

Tecan has launched the Crescendo cDNA™ Synthesis for qPCR system to provide increased sensitivity for low input applications.Developed specifically to meet the needs of researchers working with scarce, precious or degraded RNA samples – such as nasal swabs –it uses Tecan’s proprietary Single Primer Isothermal Amplification (SPIA®) technology to generate large quantities of cDNA from as little as 500 pg of total RNA....


  Tecan and ProtiFi announce collaborative partnership for integrated proteomics

Tecan and ProtiFi have partnered to create an integrated, highly scalable and easy-to-use proteomics workflow powered by the ProtiFi S-Trap™ sample preparation system and the Tecan Resolvex® A200 automated positive pressure workstation. The combined solution enables researchers to reproducibly prepare samples of all types for mass spectrometry-based proteomics.


  Tecan expands presence in the United States with new distribution agreement for detection instruments and consumables

Tecan is excited to announce an agreement with Thomas Scientific, a distributor of laboratory solutions and equipment, to support the sales of Tecan’s detection instruments and consumables portfolio in the US. This collaboration will allow Tecan to expand its presence for these product lines and reach a wider customer base across the academic and biotech communities....


  Tecan and Labforward join forces to offer digital documentation of plate reader experiments

Labforward introduces Well Plate Templates and the Tecan Connector App* add-ons for their Labfolder electronic lab notebook software that offers connectivity with Tecan microplate readers. Laboratories increasingly require an easy-to-use solution that integrates lab equipment into the larger workflow, with access to key instrument functionality and electronic data capture...


  Tecan launches Rapid EZ to complete DNA-Seq portfolio

Tecan’s new Rapid EZ DNA-Seq library preparation kit is designed to offer PCR-free generation of sequencing-ready libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS). Ideally suited to whole genome sequencing and metagenomics for samples with varied GC content, as well as amplicon sequencing, this automation-friendly kit complements Tecan’s existing Celero™, Rapid and Ovation® Ultralow DNA-Seq library preparation solutions.


  Discover the DreamPrep™ NAP featuring Zymo Research workstation and jump-start your nucleic acid processing

Tecan’s new DreamPrep NAP workstation is designed to simplify your nucleic acid extraction workflows. Tecan has collaborated closely with Zymo Research to offer a ready-to-go processing solution for the ZymoBIOMICS™ 96 MagBead DNA Kit, including walkaway quantification and normalization with an on-board Infinite® 200 PRO reader. The DreamPrep NAP featuring Zymo Research platform provides flexible processing of virtually any magnetic bead-based extraction workflow...


  Tecan Spark® Cyto to empower CORE oncology research

Congratulations to Christophe Deben and the team at the University of Antwerp's Center for Oncological Research (CORE) on winning a fully loaded Tecan Spark® Cyto plate reader with live cell imaging and real-time cytometry. This competition, which ran from April to September 2019, required labs to submit a written proposal explaining how they would use the system to further their research and advance scientific understanding....


  Tecan Spark® Cyto wins 2019 Life Science Industry Award

Tecan is delighted to announce that the recently launched Spark® Cyto plate reader has been recognized at the prestigious 2019 Life Science Industry Awards. This unique system – which combines the flexibility of a high-end multimode plate reader with whole well imaging and comprehensive environmental control for cell-based assays – won the Silver prize in the Most Innovative New Cell Biology Product of 2019 category...


  Tecan launches Cavro® Magni Flex for next generation automated liquid handling development

Tecan has unveiled its new Cavro® Magni Flex OEM robotic liquid handling instrument development platform at this year’s AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. This modular and scalable solution is intended for low to medium throughput workflows, offering the flexibility and functionality to quickly and easily create innovative automation systems for virtually any life sciences application, from immunoassay processing to molecular diagnostics...


  Tecan Synergence™ offers comprehensive approach to OEM system development

Tecan Partnering has consolidated its extensive OEM system development services for life sciences and IVD instruments to create Tecan Synergence™. Bringing together over 40 years of experience in laboratory automation and OEM instrument development, Tecan Synergence provides a rapid, structured and flexible approach to the creation of OEM solutions...


  Tecan Unveils Spark® Cyto Plate Reader - Real-Time Image Cytometry

TecanTecan is launching the innovative Spark® Cyto plate reader at SLAS Europe 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, from the 26th to the 28th of June. The unique system is the first live cell plate reader to offer real-time detection and analysis of biological, chemical and physical events – capturing the maximum amount of data from every well, at the same time and under the same conditions. Building on the success of the original Spark platform, 


  Tecan launches optimized packaging for clear disposable tips

Tecan has introduced a redesigned packaging format for its Tecan Pure Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable clear tips in direct response to customer feedback. This more compact and lightweight packaging option has less dead space between tip racks, making it easier and more economical to transport, as well as reducing waste disposal costs. By optimizing the packaging, the product now contains 45 percent less plastic....


  Tecan launches NGS DreamPrep™ delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy for automated library preparation

Tecan announces the launch of NGS DreamPrep™, a fully-automated approach to next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation for research use. This groundbreaking new approach offers quality controlled, sequencing-ready NGS libraries in just a matter of hours, with minimal manual interaction and no sample loss. NGS DreamPrep™ is a full walkaway solution that combines the Tecan Fluent® liquid handler and Infinite® plate reader, together with Celero™ DNA-Seq and Universal Plus mRNA-Seq library preparation kits...


  Driving real-time productivity insights with connected laboratory automation

Introspect™ softwareTecan is offering its customers unprecedented insight into how their Fluent® and Freedom EVO® liquid handing platforms are being used, thanks to its Introspect™ and Common Notification System (Tecan CNS™) software tools. As laboratories and laboratory equipment become ever more connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), this powerful combination of monitoring solutions can provide valuable data on automated liquid handling platform usage...


  Tecan's Spark® reader aiding research into rare skin disease

Members of the EB House research team (left to right): Verena Wally, Michael Ablinger, Thomas Lettner, Roland Zauner, Monika Wimmer and Melanie BöhmResearchers at the University Hospital of Salzburg's EB House Austria are using a Tecan Spark® multimode reader to investigate epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare inherited disease that causes the skin to become ‘as fragile as a butterfly’s wings’, blistering in response to friction or trauma. Dr Verena Wally, group leader of small molecules research, explained...


  Tecan to launch Fluent Gx Automation Workstation for use in regulated laboratories

Fluent GxTecan’s range of advanced liquid handling solutions will soon be enhanced with the introduction of the new Fluent® Gx Automation Workstation, designed specifically to meet the stringent needs of clinical and regulated laboratories. This latest addition to the Tecan family will offer the flexibility to meet a host of laboratory needs – such as clinical diagnostics, next generation sequencing and nucleic acid purification – and provide the advanced process security features required for regulated applications in clinical, GCP, GLP, GMP and QC facilities....


  Tecan introduces new solution for walkaway LC-MS sample prep

RESOLVEX A200Tecan has unveiled its latest innovation, the automated RESOLVEX™ A200 positive pressure workstation for LC-MS sample prep.

This walkaway system further expands Tecan’s portfolio of MS sample preparation workstations and smart consumables, uniquely allowing the company to provide complete solutions to match any workflow, from manual processing to semi-automated high throughput systems based on a Freedom EVO® or Fluent® platform....


  Tecan Introduces New Solution for Walkaway LC-MS Sample Prep

Tecan has unveiled its latest innovation, the automated RESOLVEX™ A200 positive pressure workstation for LC-MS sample prep.

RESOLVEX™ A200This walkaway systemfurther expands Tecan’s portfolio of MS sample preparation workstations and smart consumables, uniquely allowing the company to provide complete solutions to match any workflow, from manual processing to semi-automated high throughput systems based on a Freedom EVO® or Fluent® platform.....


  Tecan Launches New Range of Clear Disposable Tips

Tecan has introduced a selection of clear Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable tips*, creating a one-stop shop for all your disposable tip needs.

Liquid Handling disposable tipsThe new tips are intended for use with Air LiHa™, Air FCA™ and Cavro® ADP pipetting options, providing cost-effective, verified performance for applications that do not require capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD)....


  DiaSorin and Tecan to Collaborate in New Platform Development

DiaSorin and Tecan Group have announced that they have agreed to collaborate in a development under which DiaSorin will make use of Tecan’s Fluent®Laboratory Automation Solution as its nucleic acid extraction platform.

tecanThe new platform will be used in combination with the DiaSorin Liaison® MDX PCR system to provide the customer with a complete sample to result system for molecular diagnostics. The Fluent platform, to be supplied through Tecan Partnering, will be optimized for use with DiaSorin extraction chemistry and automated PCR set up of the Liaison MDX 96-well disc....


  New Entry Level Reader Configurations to Simplify Basic Research

Tecan’s popular Infinite® 200 PRO series of multimode microplate readers has been updated to even better serve the life sciences market, with a number of new options and configurations designed to provide flexible and user-friendly solutions for entry level research applications.

Infinite 200 PROThe proven and trusted Infinite 200 PRO microplate reader has been engineered for excellence, and has so far featured in more than 1,800 peer reviewed articles around the world. Based on further customer feedback, it is now available in six application-focused configurations....


  Enhance your Workflow Efficiency with Rapid Tube Identification

Tecan is helping to reduce waiting times for bulk sample identification with an innovative high speed barcode scanner for its Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution.

Fluent ID scannerThe new Fluent ID* module eliminates the need to watch and wait while your liquid handling platform scans and identifies each individual sample tube, allowing 32 barcoded samples to be loaded and identified in just three seconds. The Fluent ID scanner is fitted with a status indicator light offering a clear pass/fail notification as soon as the tube rack is loaded onto the worktable....


  Tecan Offers Cost-Effective, Walkaway Automation of Live Cell Assays

Tecan’s updated Spark® reader combines the benefits of a multimode microplate reader and a bright field imaging system in a compact package.

multimode microplate readerUnlike other multimode readers, Spark lets you actually see what’s happening to your cells, offering automated cell imaging, confluence measurements, cell counting and viability assessments to simplify cell biology protocols and enable long-term, walkaway experiments. Spark has been developed specifically to address the needs of cell-based workflows...


  Improved Pipetting Performance for Biobanking and Diagnostics

Tecan is simplifying handling of biological fluids with the introduction of a wide bore version of its popular 1,000 μl Liquid Handling Arm™ (LiHa) disposable tip.

1,000 μl Liquid Handling Arm™ (LiHa) disposable tipInitially available for use with the Air LiHa™ air displacement pipetting option on Freedom EVO® workstations, this new filtered tip has been developed to help alleviate some of the issues associated with handling complex liquids for applications such as biobanking and clinical diagnostics....


  Faster Liquid Handling System Development for OEM Applications

Tecan is making it quicker and easier than ever before for manufacturers to develop instruments for advanced liquid handling applications.

Cavro® Omni FlexThe launch of the new Cavro® Omni Flex further extends the flexibility and convenience of the company’s popular Cavro Omni Robot by offering more hardware options to complement its precision pipetting, including frames, worktables, power and input/output management, racks and all the pumps and other options required to perform liquid handling tasks....


  Tecan Increases Application Flexibility for Genomics

Tecan has increased application flexibility and walkaway times for genomics workflows.

redesigned 10 μl tips The launch of a new generation of 10 μl LiHa disposable tips will improve labware access on Fluent® and Freedom EVO® workstations, as well as offering more options for on-deck tip storage. The redesigned, 10 μl tips are 3.6 mm longer and have been developed to improve access to PCR plates and common 384-well microplate formats, helping to minimize dead volumes and waste of precious samples and reagents....


  Simple PCR set-up from Tecan

Tecan is making it easier than ever before to set up and miniaturize qPCR reactions.

D300e Digital DispenserIn direct response to customer requests, the company has launched an updated software package for its D300e Digital Dispenser, offering new functionality and extending this innovative device’s flexibility for genomics workflows. The D300e provides picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of liquids directly into assay plates, and the software now features a PCR Wizard that guides the user through qPCR set-up.....


  Tecan and CellSpring Collaborate to Automate Novel 3D Cell Culture Platform

Tecan and CellSpring, a biotech spin-out from ETH Zurich, have announced a co-marketing agreement to automate the 3D Bloom® platform on a Freedom EVO® workstation.

3D Bloom BiopolymerThis latest collaboration will further extend Tecan’s automated 3D cell culture portfolio, allowing scientists to take advantage of a high throughput technology with an extended cell viability period of at least seven days in the assay matrix. The adaptive 3D Bloom Biopolymer Platform is compatible with all cell types and is ideal for...


  Essential QC Tools for GLP/GMP Environments

Tecan has unveiled a novel solution to help laboratories meet the stringent requirements of regulatory authorities such as the FDA and the EMEA.

TecanThe new MultiCheck™ QC package for Spark® 10M and Spark 20M multimode readers comprises a reusable QC plate and accompanying data analysis software, and is designed to aid laboratories striving to fulfill increasingly strict regulatory demands including GLP, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or Title 21 CFR Part 11. Enabling verification of the correct functionality of all major components and key measurement modes over...


  Automating the development of aptamer-based biological tools with Tecan

The ARNA Laboratory in Bordeaux, France, is using DNA and RNA aptamers to develop novel tools for biological applications.

The ARNA Laboratory’s Freedom EVO platformTo increase throughput, the laboratory has automated its procedures on two Freedom EVO® platforms, as Inserm Research Director Dr Jean-Jacques Toulmé explained: “Our association with Tecan began when we decided to automate our selection protocols to allow us to screen large libraries of oligonucleotides. We generally perform two selections in parallel, consisting of between 8 and 15 runs.


  Freedom to Evolve with Tecan’s Freedom EVO 75

Researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid are using directed evolution techniques to develop new enzymes for a variety of bioprocessing applications.

Researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid Taking advantage of the walkaway liquid handling capabilities of a Freedom EVO® 75 workstation, the university’s Enzyme Biotechnology Group – headed by Dr Isabel de la Mata – has been able to investigate ~4,000 Rhodococcus mutants for penicillin acylase and N-acyl homoserine lactone acylase activity, conducting over 190,000 assays in the primary screen alone. Dr de la Mata explained: “We are interested in enzymes with...


  Automating the Development of Aptamer-Based Biological Tools with Tecan

The ARNA Laboratory in Bordeaux, France, is using DNA and RNA aptamers to develop novel tools for biological applications.

TecanTo increase throughput, the laboratory has automated its procedures on two Freedom EVO® platforms, as Inserm Research Director Dr Jean-Jacques Toulmé explained: “Our association with Tecan began when we decided to automate our selection protocols to allow us to screen large libraries of oligonucleotides. We generally perform two selections in parallel, consisting of between 8 and 15 runs. With each run taking around...


  Tecan Simplifies Large Molecule Bioanalysis

Tecan has launched a fully automated affinity purification solution for the extraction of large biomolecules, such as proteins, antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates.

Thermo Scientific MSIAThis set-up takes advantage of the new Thermo Scientific™ MSIA™ Streptavidin EVO microcolumns, which have been specifically designed for use on Tecan’s proven Freedom EVO® platform. In combination with the Freedom EVO workstation, this solution is ideal for high throughput applications in biopharmaceutical development, clinical research and anti-doping laboratories. Housed within a pipette tip, the...


  Empower Your Research with Tecan’s Spark 20M Multimode Reader

Tecan has launched the Spark® 20M multimode microplate reader, offering tailor-made solutions to suit virtually any drug discovery or advanced life science research application.

Spark 20M multimode microplate readerThis freely configurable system gives researchers access to new techniques and features intended to enhance and streamline biochemical and cell-based workflows. At the heart of the instrument are Spark’s unique Fusion Optics and a powerful, high frequency xenon flash lamp, which can be combined with your choice of high performance detection modules to ensure a perfect match for your workflow. Options include an...


  Tecan adds the personal touch to wine microbiology

The Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory at the University of Adelaide has developed a customized solution offering fully automated sampling for yeast fermentations.

The Freedom EVO platform allows straightforward integration of custom hardwareBased on a Freedom EVO® 200 platform, this system frees researchers from the need to manually aliquot samples day and night for up to three weeks. Dr Tommaso Liccioli Watson, a postdoctoral research fellow in the laboratory, explained: “We use approaches such as directed evolution and mutagenesis to develop novel yeast and bacterial strains to improve the winemaking process....


  Tecan Offers Walkaway Batch Processing for the Spark 10M Reader

Tecan’s innovative Spark 10M multimode reader can now be combined with the company’s Connect™ microplate stacker to offer semi-automated batch processing of up to 50 assay plates.

Spark 10M multimodeA newly developed software interface allows seamless operation of the Connect stacker through the reader’s SparkControl™ software, helping to streamline laboratory workflows for greater productivity. The Connect is a versatile microplate stacker designed to offer fast, smooth transfer of plates to and from the host instrument. Already popular with users of Tecan’s Infinite® series microplate readers and HydroSpeed™ plate...


  Phenomenex and Tecan to Co-Market Automated Sample Preparation Solutions

Phenomenex, Inc. and the Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) today announced a collaboration to co-market automated solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation solutions.

Phenomenex Strata and Strata-X SPEThe two companies will jointly market Phenomenex Strata™ and Strata-X SPE sorbents adapted to Tecan’s Freedom EVO® series of robotics workstations. The solution is especially geared to high-throughput customers in pharmaceutical research, clinical and food testing environments using mass spectrometry detection methods. As part of the global agreement, Tecan will provide the instruments and automation support, and Phenomenex will provide the extraction...


  Tecan’s Infinite M1000 PRO reader used to develop portable testing platform for the oil industry

Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 PRO multimode reader has helped liquid analysis specialist Aqsens to develop a portable testing platform for on-site quantitative monitoring of polymeric scale inhibitors in oil field-produced waters.

Infinite M1000 PROJoonas Siivonen, Application Scientist at Aqsens, explained: “Polymeric scale inhibitors are used to prevent scale build-up during oil production, and the residual levels in the oil field-produced waters must be monitored to ensure treatment is effective and the oil platform can be operated safely. Using a patented detection technology combining time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) with chemical modulators, we have developed a portable system – the Aqsens QS platform – to offer a fast, accurate means of monitoring residual scale inhibitors on site.”....


  HP D300 Digital Dispenser now offers aqueous liquid dispensing

The popular HP D300 Digital Dispenser – available from Tecan – now allows customers to titrate low volumes of biomolecules in aqueous solutions, offering greater flexibility for drug discovery workflows.

HP D300 Digital DispenserUsers can choose between dispensing DMSO, for small molecule studies, and aqueous solutions in combination with a surfactant, for the investigation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and nucleic acids. Newly launched T8+ and D4+ Dispenseheads*, combined with updated software, allow both new and existing customers to benefit from this breakthrough, offering straightforward set-up of dose-response curves and synergy studies.....


  “Application guide for Tecan plate washers offers an easy route to optimized results”

Application guide for Tecan plate washers offers an easy route to optimized results 

application guide Tecan’s recently published Application guide for Tecan plate washers puts information at your fingertips, allowing users of its popular HydroSpeed™ and HydroFlex™ instruments to optimize their assays more easily and simply. Whether you are performing ELISAs, vacuum filtration, magnetic bead- or cell-based assays, the guide contains everything you need to know about Tecan washers....


  Simplicity by design with Tecan’s HydroSpeed plate washer

Melbourne-based Genera Biosystems has been testing a HydroSpeed™ plate washer with its Sirocco™ multiplexed diagnostics automation platform, allowing rapid, efficient washing of its proprietary AmpaSand™ beads.

Tecan HydroSpeedKarl Poetter, Chief Scientific Officer, explained: "Following PCR, AmpaSand plates are spun down to remove the supernatant, then washed to remove unbound reagents or PCR products prior to flow cytometry analysis. Manual bead washing is tedious and error-prone, and so we wanted to automate the post-PCR washing steps to provide the accuracy and reliability necessary for diagnostic applications. We needed an automated 96-channel plate washer that offered effective removal of unincorporated primers and reagents without disturbing the pellet, and the HydroSpeed washer from Tecan was the only system that met our specifications....


  Tecan launches Cavro Disposable Tips for OEM customers

Tecan has created a range of Cavro Disposable Tips for use with the Company’s popular Cavro brand OEM components.

Cavro Disposable TipsOffering customers a selection of premium consumables to complement their Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) options, these high quality tips have been developed and validated to ensure optimal performance and reliable operation. All Cavro Disposable Tips are manufactured to the same high quality standards as Tecan’s broad portfolio of consumables for life sciences customers, using state-of-the-art production processes and integrated quality control procedures to ensure consistent pipetting performance and provide complete peace of mind.


  Tecan launches Spark 10M reader at SLAS 2015

This all-new platform is designed to offer greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers. From microbiology research and cell-based assays to rapid DNA quantification, the Spark 10M delivers a combination of advanced capabilities and exceptional ease-of-use to simplify your daily work.

SparkAt the heart of the Spark 10M are Tecan’s unique Fusion Optics which offer users the choice of filter- or monchromator-based measurements – or even a combination of both – at the touch of a button, meaning laboratories no longer have to make a trade-off between flexibility and sensitivity. This cutting-edge system is complemented by patent-pending High Speed Monochromators (HSM) which provide a complete absorbance scan, from 200 to 1,000 nm, in under five seconds....


  Tecan introduces Fluent Laboratory Automation Solution for compound management

Tecan will soon be launching a new Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution designed to offer greater throughput and flexibility for compound management workflows*.

The Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution offers greater throughput and flexibility for compound management workflowsBuilding on the success of the Fluent™ cell-based assay workstation launched in summer 2014, this second application-oriented system introduces a number of new hardware and software options that simplify and improve the productivity of compound management and assay plate generation activities. The  is ideally suited to drug discovery laboratories and centralized compound library facilities, offering a host of features intended to streamline day-to-day activities such as daughter plate generation, plate reformatting and hit picking....


  Easy PCR set-up with Tecan’s TouchTools PCR Wizard

Researchers at the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, ISPRA) in Italy have been testing the TouchTools™ PCR Wizard with the Freedom EVO® PCR workstation to simplify complex genetics workflows.

TouchTools PCR WizardDr Nadia Mucci, a technologist in ISPRA’s Laboratory of Genetics, explained: “We purchased two Freedom EVO platforms in 2010 to automate our pre- and post-PCR sample processing, and chose Tecan instruments because we appreciated the technology, the support from Tecan’s application specialists, and the user-friendly software which offered us the opportunity to develop automated protocols for many more applications.”....


  Simplifying SPR experiments with the HP D300 from Tecan

The Structure and Biophysics department at AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, Sweden, is reaping the benefits of a recently acquired HP D300 Digital Dispenser for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) studies, saving time, enhancing consistency and using significantly less compound for dose-response experiments.

Stefan Geschwindner with the HP D300          Principal Scientist Stefan Geschwindner explained: “The need for the HP D300 Digital Dispenser was largely driven by a demand for more effective SPR studies and increased flexibility. We already had an acoustic dispenser, but this was not ideal, as there are peaks and troughs in our work, and we needed an economical solution that could accommodate these changing demands. Tecan provided an instrument for us to try, and people immediately saw the benefits, realizing that the HP D300 could really change our way of working, helping to generate data more rapidly and shorten lead times.”


  Tecan and RECIPE announce co-marketing agreement for automation of LC-MSMS IVD kits

With clinical laboratories increasingly turning to high throughput LC-MSMS analysis, laboratory automation specialist Tecan and RECIPE Chemicals and Instruments GmbH, a leading manufacturer of IVD/CE diagnostic products, have announced a co-marketing agreement for automation of LC-MSMS IVD kits.

ClinMass LC-MSMS Complete KitsVisitors to Booth #1 at MSACL 2014 EU in Salzburg, Austria, from the 2nd to the 5th of September, had the opportunity to discover how Tecan’s flexible Freedom EVO® platform offers walkaway automation of the RECIPE ClinMass® LC-MSMS Complete Kits* for the analysis of vitamin D2/D3 and immunosuppressants. The automated process has the advantage of eliminating the potential for manual handling errors and increasing the speed of sample preparation three-fold compared to manual protocols, significantly improving turnaround times while enhancing reproducibility, traceability and sample security....


  Tecan unveils Fluent laboratory automation solutions

Tecan has introduced the Fluent™ laboratory automation solution, the latest addition to its world-class laboratory automation portfolio.


  Tecan Launches New Options for Cavro Omni Robot at AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo

Tecan has extended the flexibility of its popular Cavro® Omni Robot with the introduction of embedded control functions and the option to select single axis configurations.

tecan logoUnveiled with the launch of the Cavro Omni Robot Version 4.0 at the AACC’s 2014 Clinical Lab Expo, these latest updates will make it even easier to configure the Cavro Omni Robot to suit specific applications or instrument designs. The robot’s new Embedded Command Processor Mode allows direct communication for precise control and coordination of axis movements and liquid handling operations. This OS-independent command schema allows...


  Tecan offers Revolutionary Transfer Tool for Automated Nested LiHa Disposable Tip Handling

Tecan has introduced an innovative new consumable device offering increased throughput and capacity for Freedom EVO® workstations.

tecanThe patent pending Disposable Transfer Tool is designed for use with Tecan’s Nested LiHa disposable tips, and offers fully automated handling of empty tip trays without the need for a gripper. Nested LiHa disposable tips offer increased worktable capacity for tip storage, allowing five trays of 350 μl tips to be stacked on a single SLAS-format carrier position. Until now, this solution has only been available for instruments equipped with a...


  Tecan offers Dual Z arm for Cavro Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced a Dual Z arm for the popular Cavro® Omni Robot.

tecanAvailable with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Dual Z option provides instrument designers with even greater flexibility. The Dual Z option offers two independent pipetting channels in a single housing, doubling the robot’s liquid handling capacity without having to...


  HP D300 Offers Speed and Reliability for Drug Titrations at GSK

GlaxoSmithKline’s quest for improved anti-malarial treatments has been revolutionized by the speed and reliability of the HP D300 Digital Dispenser.

tecan scienticsThe system – distributed by Tecan – has enabled scientists working at GSK’s Malaria Discovery Performance Unit (DPU) in Tres Cantos, Spain, to increase throughput for standard drug titrations and to test additional combinations of candidate compounds. Dr Laura Sanz, an investigator in the Malaria DPU’s Biochemistry and Parasitology Department, explained: “We have been working with the HP D300 since autumn 2012, and...


  Tecan’s Smart Automation solutions offer straightforward liquid handling

Tecan has launched a range of turnkey solutions designed to provide fast, simple and cost-effective automation of liquid handling tasks.

Tecan_Smart_AutomationBased on the Freedom EVO® 75 platform, these preconfigured systems are designed to eliminate tedious manual liquid handling tasks without the need for previous automation experience. Each Smart Automation solution is supplied with optimized, ready-to-run protocols, and includes all of the modules and ancillary devices necessary to automate your manual processes. The first Smart Automation solutions to be launched are...


  Advanced liquid level detection with Tecan’s Cavro Omni Robot

Effective liquid level sensing is vital for many applications, helping to avoid erroneous results and reduce the risk of sample carry-over.

Tecan_OEM_ComponentsTecan’s versatile Cavro® Omni Robot now offers increased process security by allowing a combination of capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD) on a single platform. Designed to offer straightforward integration for precision liquid handling, the Cavro Omni Robot features built-in cLLD for up to eight pipetting channels, with programmable detection frequencies to avoid interference between channels....


  Monitoring the Quality of Beer with Tecan’s Infinite M200 PRO

The 2013 Jugend Innovativ competition saw Tecan collaborating with HLFS Ursprung and the Stiegl brewery to optimize the HybriScan™D Beer assay (Sigma-Aldrich) for the quality control of beer on an Infinite® M200 PRO multimode reader.

tecan infiniteBernhard Stehrer, a science teacher at HLFS Ursprung, explained: “Students voluntarily participate in the prestigious Jugend Innovativ competition during their leisure time, and decided to investigate the science behind the quality control of beer. Stiegl provided samples for analysis and showed us the methods used in its laboratory, which involve assessment of cultures under a microscope. It can take a long time to acquire sufficient experience to confidently assess cultures this way, and we felt that molecular methods might be faster and easier to learn.”...


  Boost Throughput and Walkaway times with Tecan’s new Nested LiHa Disposable Tips

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the capacity of their automated systems.

tecan disposable tipsTecan has created Nested LiHa Disposable Tips specifically to meet this need, allowing up to five racks of the new 350 μl tips to be stacked on a single SLAS-format carrier. This space-saving solution allows optimized use of deck space, minimizing the need for manual intervention and increasing walkaway time for Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations....


  Eliminate Tedious Sample Preparation with Laboratory Automation from Tecan

Tecan offers a wide range of laboratory automation solutions for mass spectrometry (MS) sample preparation, ensuring there is a system to meet your workflow and throughput needs.

tecan sampleFrom solid phase extraction and liquid-liquid extraction to protein precipitation and straightforward ‘dilute and shoot’ methods, Tecan provides seamless automation of routine sample preparation applications, helping to alleviate major bottlenecks for many laboratories. Recent advances in MS instrumentation have led to an increasing number of laboratories choosing this technology for a wide range of applications. However, sample preparation techniques have not enjoyed the same rate of development, leading to processing bottlenecks and reducing overall productivity. Automation of routine sample preparation can alleviate these problems, reducing hands­-on time and increasing throughput...


  Tecan’s revolutionary NanoQuant Plate offers exceptional sensitivity

Tecan’s revolutionary NanoQuant Plate™ offers precise, straightforward absorbance and fluorescence-based measurements from sample volumes as low as 2 μl.

NanoQuant PlateThis patented device consists of 16 precision­-manufactured quartz optics in a user-friendly format and, combined with Tecan’s Infinite® series readers – the Infinite 200 PRO, Infinite F500 and Infinite M1000 PRO –provides the ideal solution for DNA or RNA quantification, allowing detection of concentrations down to 1 ng/μl for a wide variety of applications.....


  New TouchTools PCR Wizard aids automated PCR set-up

Tecan has launched the TouchTools™ PCR Wizard, an easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® add-on offering straightforward automation of PCR reaction set­­up on Freedom EVO® platforms.

Tecans PCR Wizard offers easy automation of PCR reaction set-up on Freedom EVO workstationsThis new tool simplifies the set-up of applications – including end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR, sequencing, genotyping and gene expression, as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection – helping to reduce training time and costs. The PCR Wizard’s effortless touchscreen operation and step-by-step instructions guide users through the set­­up process, allowing sample information to be entered manually, imported from a file or identified by barcode scanning. Users can quickly and easily optimize 96- and 384-well PCR plate layouts to meet specific workflow needs....


  High throughput nanoliter pipetting with Tecan’s MCA 384

Scientists working at the Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology are benefitting from MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384

Katina Lazarow and Martin Neuenschwander with the FMPs Freedom EVO workstationScientists working at the Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin, Germany, are benefitting from the low volume pipetting capability of a MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384 for siRNA and small molecule screening. Martin Neuenschwander, an automation scientist working in Dr Jens Peter von Kries’ Screening Unit at the FMP, explained: “We have been using laboratory automation for small molecule screens for several years, and have four Freedom EVO® 200 platforms equipped with a variety of liquid handling arms...


  Tecan offers Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor option for Cavro Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced a Cavro® ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor) module for the popular Cavro Omni Robot.

Cavro Omni RobotAvailable with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Cavro ADP option provides even greater flexibility in instrument design. The CavroADP provides an alternative to the existing liquid displacement pipetting for any application using the Cavro Omni Robot. Using pneumatic technology, this compact pipetting module has been integrated and optimized for use with the Cavro Omni Robot’s Universal Z arm, offering a number of additional benefits for OEM liquid handling....


  Tecan offers Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor option for Cavro Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced a Cavro® ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor) module for the popular Cavro Omni Robot.

Tecan offers Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor option for Cavro Omni Robot

Available with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Cavro ADP option provides even greater flexibility in instrument design. The CavroADP provides an alternative to the existing liquid displacement pipetting for any application using the Cavro Omni Robot. Using pneumatic technology, this compact pipetting module has been integrated and optimized for use with the Cavro Omni Robot’s Universal Z arm, offering a number of additional benefits for OEM liquid handling...


  Tecan’s Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor proves ideal for new microbiology application

The ease of integration of Tecan’s Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor

The Cavro ADP enables precision liquid dispensing ranging from microliters to millilitersThe ease of integration of Tecan’s Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) has helped French microbiological instrument manufacturer i2a to develop PRELUD®, anautomated pre-analytical instrument for the inoculation of culture plates and preparation of agar susceptibility tests. Project manager Michel Roch explained: “When we were developing PRELUD, the integration of a liquid handling system for streaking Petri dishes was essential....


  Building a case of precision pipetting with Tecan’s Air LiHa

The DNA Section of the Orange County Crime Laboratory (OCCL) in California, USA, has recently taken delivery of its first Air LiHa equipped Freedom EVO® workstation for DNA quantitation and amplification reaction set-up.

Forensic scientists Jennifer Jarrett Robert Binz and Heather Pevney with one of the DNA Sections Freedom EVO workstationsComplementing the laboratory’s existing liquid displacement Freedom EVO platforms for DNA extraction, this new instrument will help to streamline the workflow and improve pipetting precision. Robert Binz, a Forensic Scientist at OCCL, explained: “We purchased our first Freedom EVO in 2010 to speed up DNA extraction....


  A turnkey solution for forensic identification from Tecan

Genia Geo, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world.

Genia Geo’s forensic identification workflow revolves around the Tecan HID EVOlution system This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walkaway set­up for robust genetic identification. Dr Carlos Azambuja, President of Genia Geo, explained: “Genia Geo was set up to provide government entities, such as Ministries of the Interior or of Justice, with everything necessary to implement a national system for DNA-based forensic identification...


  Tecan's AC Extraction PlateT provides a unique sample preparation tool for LC-MS

Tecan’s newly launched AC Extraction Plate is a revolutionary, automation-friendly solution designed to streamline sample preparation for LC-MS analysis of small molecules.

The AC Extraction Plate offers straightforward sample preparation for LCMS

The plate, which is based on proprietary TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction) technology, reduces the sample preparation process to a convenient ‘pipette and shake’ routine. The AC Extraction Plate is a 96-position, deep-well microplate, with the inner surface of each well coated with a highly controlled layer of TICE material. This coating efficiently extracts low molecular weight analytes – such as vitamin D and testosterone – from aqueous solutions, eliminating the need for the laborious and time-consuming filtration, centrifugation and evaporation steps that are often integral to other methods....


  Developing new molecular tools for the fight against hospital-associated infections with Tecan’s Freedom EVO

A Freedom EVO® workstation with an integrated HydroSpeed™ plate washer and Infinite® F200 PRO multimode reader is helping researchers at Jikei University School of Medicine to perform high throughput compound screening in the battle to combat persistent bacterial infections.

Researchers at Jikei University School of Medicine

Dr Ken-­ichi Okuda, Assistant Professor in the Department of Bacteriology at Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan, explained: “Bacteria within biofilms have a low susceptibility to the immune system and antibiotics, which means that infection is more difficult to eradicate in many cases. Our objective is to find compounds that prevent formation of the biofilms, and then to analyze the detailed composition of the molecular interactions of these compounds with the bacteria.”...


  Creating perfect growth conditions with Tecan’s Infinite M200 PRO

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO microplate reader is helping researchers at the University of Salzburg, Austria, to monitor cell growth of microaerophilic bacteria.

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO team

Univ-Prof Dr Silja Wessler, Professor in Microbiology, explained: “We research a wide range of cellular signal transduction pathways initiated by the interaction of host cells with pathogens like Helicobacter pylori, and were approached to beta test the new Gas Control Module (GCM™) for the Infinite M200 PRO. The instrument’s potential was soon very clear, and we bought a system almost straightaway. We use a variety of techniques for our work, including culturing of microaerophilic organisms, immunofluorescence, cytokine ELISAs, reporter gene assays and cell migration assays and, because the Tecan reader is so flexible, we can use it for virtually all of our experiments...


  Tecan Cavro components key to made-to-measure robotics

German company LCTech GmbH, a supplier of products and methods for sample preparation and analysis, has been using Tecan Cavro® components for many years and has incorporated a Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro XLP Pump into its latest FREESTYLE sample preparation workstation.

Tecan Cavro® components key to made-to-measure robotics

Dr Uwe Aulwurm, a Managing Director of LCTech, explained: “To meet the varied workflow demands of our customers, we wanted a modular solution that combined a general purpose liquid handling system with a range of different processing devices, including options for solid phase extraction, gel permeation chromatography and evaporation. The Cavro Omni Robot was perfectly suited to our needs, providing a very robust instrument which could be easily modified to access individual processing modules...


  Investigating Legionnaires’ Disease with Tecan’s Infinite 200 PRO and GCM

Legionnaires’ Disease has recently been in the headlines due to a number of serious outbreaks around the world.

Infinite 200 PRO series

Researchers at the Ensminger Lab, part of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto, Canada, are using Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO plate reader and Gas Control Module (GCM™) to study host-pathogen interactions for Legionella bacteria. Alex Ensminger discussed the laboratory’s approach to studying this potentially deadly pathogen: “Legionella pneumophila normally grows inside amoebae and protozoa, and we need to understand how these pathogens interact with both their natural hosts and patients’ lungs. A key part of this research is to monitor bacterial growth under stable conditions, which is a very labor‑intensive process when performed manually.”


  A 3D InSight into drug discovery with Tecan’s Infinite M200 PRO

A novel solution for analyzing 3D cell cultures, based on Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO and InSphero’s 3D InSight™ microtissue technology, is helping to reduce the cost of early phase drug development.

3D Insight into drug discovery with Tecans Infinite M200 PRODr Jens M Kelm, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of InSphero, explained: “Although classical 2D cell culture techniques are still widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry, their limitations are becoming increasingly apparent. The efficacy of a candidate drug depends on a number of factors, including the physical and chemical environments in vivo, drug penetration and clearance rates. 2D cell cultures do not accurately reflect how all of these factors will affect drug behavior in vivo; 3D cell culturing techniques offer greater biological relevance for drug screening...


  Tecan Cavro components help in the battle against infectious diseases

Scientists at F Cubed have developed a novel molecular analyzer which relies on Tecan’s Cavro® Centris Pump and Cavro Smart Valve to offer straightforward identification of pathogens in a matter of minutes.

Tecan Research GroupThe NESDEP IU Molecular Diagnostic System is designed to detect a wide range of pathogens, offering femtomolar specificity from ultra­small sample sizes. F Cubed technical manager Chris Chanelli explained: “The NESDEP analyzer is an integrated unit that enables the user to perform sample preparation and DNA analysis on a biochip. Accurate, precise control of liquid dispensing is required, and this was one of the reasons we chose the Cavro Centris Pump and Cavro Smart Valve.”...


  Keeping a watchful eye on biosecurity with Tecan’s Infinite F500

BioSentinel has selected Tecan’s Infinite® F500 as the reader of choice for its high sensitivity botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) assays.

775-12Dr Ward Tucker, Director of Research and Development at BioSentinel, explained: “Our fluorescence­-based BoTest® and BoCell® assays were developed using a high end, monochromator-based reader; however, we needed a more cost-effective solution that we could recommend to customers who did not already have fluorescence detection capabilities....


  Undergraduate studies enter a whole new world with Tecan’s Infinite M200 PRO

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO multimode microplate readers are helping McMaster University to introduce chemical biology undergraduates to some of the most advanced techniques routinely used in today’s laboratories

Infinite M200 PRO microplate readerJohn Brennan, Canada Research Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry and Biointerfaces, explained: “We wanted to introduce the students to the concept of high throughput bioassays and, as we already had a lot of Tecan equipment – two Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms, a Safire™ and an Ultra Evolution™, as well as a couple of Infinite M1000s – the Infinite M200 PRO was an obvious choice.”...


  Tecan microarray solutions transform functional proteomics workflows at ASU

Researchers at The Virginia G. Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, have invested in an HS 4800™ Pro automated hybridization station and two PowerScanner™ units from Tecan for processing protein microarrays

Arizona State UniversityDr Joshua LaBaer, Director of the Center, explained: “We have adopted a unique approach to functional proteomics which involves printing the gene for the proteins on the slide and adding a cell-free extract that synthesizes the proteins in situ. The proteins are made literally an hour before we test them.” Dr LaBaer continued: “These instruments, our newest pieces of Tecan equipment, are real workhorses. The HS 4800 Pro runs by itself overnight and allows us to produce proteins in situ on the glass, wash them off, and even incubate them with samples, all in a single run, without any manual intervention at all...


  Tecan’s multimode readers offer staying power for biomolecular research

Scientists at the University of Toronto, Canada, have chosen generations of Tecan microplate readers to monitor the effects of environmental or drug perturbation on molecularly barcoded yeasts

Corey Nislow and Guri Giaever with their Freedom EVO liquid handling workstationThe Corey Nislow and Guri Giaever laboratories – which have recently moved to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia – are responsible for monitoring the growth of large pools of barcoded yeast, simultaneously screening 6,000 mutants. Corey explained: “We first developed a workstation for this work in 2000, which consisted of four Tecan GENios™ microplate readers integrated with a multiprobe liquid handler to monitor the growth of cultures....


  Automated buffy coat isolation on Tecan’s Freedom EVO

Tecan and IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) have successfully co-developed an automated platform for buffy coat extraction based on a Freedom EVO® 200workstation, relieving scientific staff from performing this time-consuming task, and significantly increasing the yield of DNA

The IBBL team with the Freedom EVOThe process of manually isolating the buffy coat from whole blood is traditionally slow, tedious and very dependent on the skill and dexterity of the technician separating the layers. This lengthy and variable element of sampling has been eliminated by automating the procedure on a Freedom EVO 200 platform, optimized to maximize the yield and quality of the buffy coat and minimize the risk of cross-­contamination...


  Historic Boston plays host to the fifth Tecan Symposium

Tecan recently hosted the fifth annual Tecan Symposium in the picturesque surroundings of Boston, Massachusetts, visiting the US for the first time

Fifth Tecan Symposium

Held at the beautiful Taj Boston hotel, this year’s symposium explored the topic of ‘Mass spectrometry – the expanding role in life sciences and diagnostics’ and gave delegates an insight into the exciting opportunities and new developments in this fast-moving field. With mass spectrometry (MS) becoming increasingly popular throughout the life sciences sector, from fundamental research to medical diagnostics, the 2012 Tecan Symposium covered a diverse range of MS applications with four main themes: the use of MS in diagnostics and applied markets; the role of MS in basic research; the collection, preparation and storage of samples for MS; and emerging trends and technologies in MS...


  Tecan and Promega offer variable volume DNA isolation

Tecan and Promega have developed a turnkey workstation for fully automated extraction of gDNA from whole blood samples

The Freedom EVO - HSMDesigned to meet the needs of biobanks and high throughput genomic laboratories, the Freedom EVO® ¬ HSM workstation provides reliable walkaway extraction of gDNA from large volume blood samples using Promega’s proven ReliaPrep™ Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System...


  Tecan and Siloam Biosciences co-market new ELISA system

Tecan and Siloam Biosciences Inc. announce their intent to co-market a new automated low volume, high sensitivity microfluidic ELISA

Tecan and Siloam Biosciences Inc. announce their intent to co-market a new automated low volume, high sensitivity microfluidic ELISAThe system is based on Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling technology and the Siloam Biosciences’ OptiMax™ microplate. It offers rapid, sensitive and specific chemifluorescence-based ELISA procedures using exceedingly small sample volumes. The speed, sensitivity and small sample requirements are achieved as a result of the unique microfluidic design of the Optimiser™ technology. All reactions, including analyte capture and detection, occur within an ~5 μl microfluidic reaction chamber...


  Tecan and TAP Biosystems to automate RAFT 3D cell culturing on the Freedom EVO

Tecan and TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative cell culture systems, have announced a co¬-marketing agreement to further expand the automated 3D cell culture capabilities of the Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform

Tecan and TAP Biosystems to automate RAFT  3D cell culturing on the Freedom EVOAutomation of TAP’s collagen-based RAFT™ cell culture system will allow scientists to quickly and conveniently create 3D cell cultures in a 96-well, SBS-¬format. The RAFT 3D cell culture system uses biologically relevant concentrations of collagen matrix to ensure cells grow and proliferate in an environment closely resembling the native tissue...


  Tecan’s new QC Kit for Freedom EVO workstations released

Tecan has launched the QC Kit, a total solution for liquid handling performance verification testing on Freedom EVO® workstations

QC Kit dye solutionCreated in collaboration with Artel - the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance - the QC Kit incorporates Artel's proprietary Ratiometric PhotometryTM technology within the Freedom EVO system. It offers precision and accuracy performance verification which is fully traceable to the International System of Units (SI) -  through reference standards maintained by NIST (in the US) and NPL (in the UK) - allowing direct comparison of verification testing results between different sites and instruments...


  Powerful walkaway qPCR set-up from Tecan The Dittmer Lab at the University of North Carolina is using a Freedom EVO® 150 with an integrated LightCycler®480 Real-Time PCR System to perform research activities and investigate the biology of viral cancers, such as those caused by Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV)

qPCR set-up from TecanThe Group uses qPCR profiling to study various aspects of KSHV, as postdoctoral research associate Pauline Chugh explained: "We use three main strategies to investigate viral tumorigenesis - viral gene expression, microRNA (miRNA) expression and viral load testing of clinical samples - based on 96 primer qPCR arrays. Performing the assays manually would be very labor-intensive, and so we use automation to provide the throughput necessary for these studies."


  A fresh approach to clean water with Tecan’s Infinite 200 Researchers in the Institute of Applied Microbiology at Giessen University, Germany, have developed a microplate-based assay for online testing of the effects of metal nanoparticles using an Infinite® M200 microplate reader from Tecan.

The Nanobioengineering groupThis technique is being used to look at the potential of engineered metal nanoparticles for treating water, inhibiting the growth of bacteria in drinking water at the point of use, and eradicating pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants from waste water. Michael Bunge, senior scientist in the Nanobioengineering group, explained...


  Read and incubate your cells in parallel with Tecan’s enhanced Gas Control Module (GCM) Tecan has updated the patent pending Gas Control Module (GCMTM) for the Infinite® 200 PRO multimode reader to offer simultaneous control of O2 and CO2 concentrations, providing rigorous environmental control for an even wider range of cell biology applications.

Tecan updated Gas Control ModuleThe original GCM, which was a breakthrough for cell­-based experiments, has now been further enhanced to provide increased measurement accuracy and minimize cross-interference for oxygen measurements. Combined with re-designed, independent gas inlets, this offers precise, independent control of both O2 and CO2 levels within the reader, with automatic compensation for variations in the atmospheric partial pressure of CO2 via a unique altitude correction function...


  A winning combination for nephrology research Tecan's Infinite® 200 series microplate readers have proved to be a valuable asset for the Experimental Nephrology laboratory at the University Hospital of Münster, aiding the development of both cell-based and ex vivo fluorescence techniques for the investigation of cell membrane transport in the proximal tubules of the kidney.

Svenja HolleSvenja Holle, who recently won the 2011 Tecan Award for her work on this innovative optical method, explained: "Organic cation transporters (OCTs) in the basolateral membrane of proximal tubules play an important role in the nephrotoxic effects of many drugs, and so our group has been investigating how these transporters are regulated to develop potential strategies to prevent the harmful side effects of these drugs."...


  Tecan and Reinnervate team up for automation of 3D cell culture Tecan has signed a co-marketing agreement with Reinnervate, a leading company in the 3D cell culture market, to develop a range of automated solutions based on the Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations and Reinnervate's Alvetex®Scaffold 3D cell culturing technology. 

Reinnervate’s Alvetex®ScaffoldAlvetex products are based on a highly porous, polystyrene scaffold structure with a uniform and well­-defined architecture, providing an excellent environment for cells to acquire and maintain their natural three-dimensional shape and organization during incubation that leads to more biologically relevant data...


  Customers celebrate the launch of Tecan Australia Tecan Australia teamTecan recently invited customers from around Australasia to mark the inauguration of Tecan Australia as a fully owned Tecan subsidiary, with a series of launch events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The creation of Tecan Australia reflects Tecan's uniquely strong commitment to the Australasian market, and will provide customers in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding territories with an even better service, thanks to a new facility in Melbourne and local presence in several major cities...


  5th Tecan Symposium to visit Boston in the fall Tecan Symposium logoThe annual Tecan Symposium will be held in the US for the first time this year, from the 23rd to the 25th of October, at the beautiful Taj Hotel in the historical and picturesque surroundings of Boston, Massachusetts. The topic of this year's symposium is ‘Mass spectrometry - the expanding role in life sciences and diagnostics' and, as in previous years, the main scientific program will be complemented by a series of social events to encourage networking between key opinion leaders in mass spectrometry (MS)...


  Unwinding the genetic clock with Tecan’s Infinite M1000 plate reader Tecan Infinite M1000Tecan's Infinite® M1000 plate reader has enabled researchers at the Institute of Entomology (ENTU), Czech Republic, to automate hourly luminescence measurement of transgenic Drosophila for the study of insect circadian clocks. Dr David Doležel, a researcher at ENTU, explained: "The expression of circadian genes is studied using transgenic Drosophila containing luciferase reporter genes controlled by the promoter of the gene under study. This requires a microplate reader that includes a luminescence module equipped with filters to discriminate between red and green luciferases, allowing us to follow multiple genes per well. Automatic plate transfer is also essential in order for measurements to be performed at regular intervals throughout the day and night."...


  Tecan granted patent for revolutionary NanoQuant Plate Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate™ The revolutionary design of Tecan's NanoQuant PlateTM has been recognized with the granting of a new European patent. Launched in 2008, the NanoQuant Plate was the first solution on the market designed for simultaneous measurement of multiple low volume samples. This innovative device consists of 16 precision-manufactured quartz optics in a user-friendly format, offering precise, straightforward absorbance- and fluorescence-based measurements from sample volumes as low as 2 μl...


  Taking special care of dangerous pathogens with Tecan’s Infinite 200 PRO Tecan’s Infinite 200 PROThe P4 Inserm-Jean Mérieux laboratory in Lyon is Europe's largest high security pathogen laboratory, and relies on the flexibility, robustness and reliability of Tecan's Infinite® 200 PRO monochromator­-based microplate reader for use with Risk Group 4 pathogens including the Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, Nipah and Hendra viruses. Stéphane Mely, Biological Technics Engineer in the in vitro experimentation and diagnostic team at P4, explained: "We chose the Infinite 200 PRO specifically for absorbance-, luminescence- and fluorescence-based assays performed in accordance with very special BSL4 conditions... 


  Tecan Award 2011 winner announced Tecan Award Tecan is pleased to announce the results of the Tecan Award 2011. Established in 2010 to celebrate the innovation and ingenuity of Tecan's loyal customers, the 2011 award has been won by Svenja Kristina Holle from the University Hospital of Muenster (UHM), Germany. Using an Infinite® 200 microplate reader, Svenja and the UHM team have developed an ex vivo method for investigating the dynamics of organic cation transport in proximal tubules of the kidney...


  Tecan and Artel partner to produce unique, fully integrated QC Kit for Freedom EVO workstations QC Kit dye solutionTecan has partnered with Artel - the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance - to offer the QC Kit, a fully integrated performance verification solution for its Freedom EVO liquid handling workstations. The QC Kit incorporates Artel's proprietary Ratiometric PhotometryTM technology within the Freedom EVO system, enabling collection of precision and accuracy performance data regarding the volumes delivered by every channel of a liquid handling arm, with results fully traceable to international standards...


  Tecan injects new life into environmental science Picarro system on location in ChinaPicarro, a laboratory instrument manufacturer specializing in isotope analysis for the environmental sector, is using Tecan's Cavro® Centris Pumps as part of an innovative atmospheric water vapor isotope analyzer. Based on Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), the Picarro analyzer provides environmental scientists with important information on the movement and cycling of water around the world...


  Tecan’s Infinite M1000 and a plate of live fish! Tecan Infinite M1000Tecan's Infinite® M1000 multimode microplate reader has enabled scientists in the Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU), USA, to develop a high throughput system for reporter-based drug screening assays in living zebrafish disease models1. Dr Jeff Mumm, Assistant Professor at GHSU, explained: "Quantitative microplate reader systems have revolutionized the pace of drug discovery, enabling the development of reporter­-based in vitro and in silico assays that allow high throughput screening (HTS). However, biological validation...


  Tecan offers complete automation for cell-based screening Tecan Sterile purity disposable tipsTecan has launched Tecan Sterile purity disposable tips for the Freedom EVO® liquid handling (LiHa) arm, helping to meet the increasing demand for automation in life science research. Previously only available in Tecan Standard or Tecan Pure formats, LiHa disposable tips are now offered in Tecan's highest purity level, and are ideally suited to high content, cell-based assays and screens, as well as microbiology applications...


  Tecan's new Infinite M1000 – the future of microplate detection has just arrived Tecan M1000 high-end multimode microplate readerTecan has recently updated its Infinite M1000 high-end multimode microplate reader with new features designed to offer the same top class performance for an even wider range of applications. First launched in 2008, the Infinite M1000 uses Tecan's premium Quad4 MonochromatorsTM technology to offer exceptional speed, sensitivity and flexibility for academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications...


  Tecan microarray solutions aid multiple sclerosis research Tecan microarray solutions aid multiple sclerosis researchDr Francisco Quintana from the Center for Neurologic Diseases at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, is using Tecan microarray solutions as part of a systems biology approach to studying the immune response in multiple sclerosis...


  New trough from Tecan to reduce reagent costs Tecan’s range of sample and reagent containersTecan has launched a new 25 ml trough designed to reduce waste of valuable reagents in automated liquid handling applications. These troughs have a conical base design to minimize the liquid volume inaccessible to the liquid handling (LiHa) arm, reducing dead volume for conductive liquid level detection (cLLD) by a minimum of a third in comparison to Tecan's standard shaped troughs, and down to at least 500 μl for manual adjustment of tip positioning.


  Tecan Appoints Global Head of Human Resources tecanThe Board of Directors of Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) has appointed Markus Schmid as Head of Corporate Human Resources & Internal Communications and a member of the Management Board. He will assume the position at Tecan by September 1, 2011 at the latest. Schmid has been in charge of corporate human resources on an ad interim basis as an external consultant since October 2010..


  Tecan launches innovative HydroSpeed plate washer Tecan HydroSpeed™ plate washerTecan has developed the HydroSpeed plate washer, an advanced system for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well formats. It offers full control over critical wash parameters via an intuitive touchscreen interface, with extra gentle drop-wise dispensing and tunable aspiration settings to help avoid loss of material and maximize assay efficiency.


  Tecan announces OEM agreement with DiaSorin tecanThe Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) today announced an OEM agreement with DiaSorin for the supply of a fully automated clinical ELISA platform and certain detection instruments to be used in conjunction with DiaSorin's MUREX product line for the diagnosis of HIV, HCV and HBV infections. The OEM agreement covers all countries of the world, excluding the United States of America


  Seeing is believing – 3D scanning with Tecan’s Infinite M1000 Tecan Infinite M1000Scientists at the Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM), based at Ludwig­Maximilians University Munich (LMU), Germany, have taken advantage of the 3D scanning capabilities of the premium Quad4 MonochromatorsTM-based Infinite M1000 microplate reader to investigate nanobodies.


  Tecan Group and Attana AB sign distribution agreement in North America Tecan Group The Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) and Attana AB today announced that they have signed an exclusive distributor agreement under which Tecan will distribute Attana's biosensor instruments and assay technology in North America. The agreement covers the Attana 100, 200 and Cell 200 instruments along with biosensors and accompanying assay reagents as well as service and support.


  Tecan and Enigma Diagnostics sign licence and collaboration agreement tecanThe Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN), a leading global provider of laboratory instruments and solutions, and Enigma Diagnostics Limited, the decentralised and point-of-care molecular diagnostics company, announced today the signing of a licence and collaboration agreement. The licence provides Tecan with access to specific Enigma intellectual property that is used in Enigma's fully automated, molecular diagnostic system, the Enigma® ML.


  Tecan Infinite 200 PRO offers environmental control for cell-based applications Tecan Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate readerTecan has launched a Gas Control Module (GCM) for its Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate reader, creating one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market for cell-based assays. Variations in environmental conditions can lead to inconsistent and unreliable data for cell-based optical studies, due changes in the pH and color of the media during incubation.


  Tecan’s HydroFlex improves plate washing for ELISpot assays Tecan’s HydroFlex™ improves plate washing for ELISpot assaysTecan's HydroFlex microplate washer has allowed hematologists at the Department of Oncology and Hematology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, to introduce automated washing for Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISpot) assays.


  Tecan announces major OEM agreement with global diagnostics company for development and supply of a dedicated diagnostics instrument tecan logoThe Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) today announced a major OEM agreement with a global diagnostics company for the development and supply of a dedicated diagnostics instrument. Under the global agreement, Tecan will develop and supply a fully automated instrument and a corresponding plastic consumable. The agreement is building on an established partnership between both companies


  Tecan and Covaris co-market Freedom EVO with Adaptive Focused Acoustics Tecan and Covaris co-market Freedom EVO® with Adaptive Focused AcousticsTecan is collaborating with Covaris, Inc., a rapidly growing company providing advanced sample preparation solutions for life and analytical science, to co­promote the Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform with integrated Adaptive Focused AcousticsTM (AFA). This co-marketing agreement will allow customers to benefit from both the advanced capabilities of Tecan's Freedom EVO systems and Covaris' controlled non-contact acoustic sample preparation technology.


  Strengthening of the Tecan Group Executive Committee: Heads appointed for the two new business segments TecanThe Board of Directors of the Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) has confirmed the appointments of the heads of the two new business segments Life Sciences Business and Partnering Business. The new organization will come into effect on January 1, 2011.


  Tecan Group and Luminex Corporation Partner to Develop Automated Newborn Screening New solution combines multiplexing and automation technologies to create novel system that provides faster results and saves valuable time and resources in newborn screening laboratories


  From macro to micro with the Tecan Cavro Mini Sample Processor Tecan Cavro Mini Sample ProcessorIntegenX, Inc., California, USA, has used Tecan's Cavro® Mini Sample Processor (MSP) 9250 as the basis for an automated Sanger sequencing sample preparation platform. The Apollo 100 Sanger Sequencing Automation system uses the Cavro MSP 9250 to automate bulk liquid transfers, interfacing directly with IntergenX's patented MOVeTM microfluidic technology to enable users to work with small volumes, from 10 nanoliters to 100 microliters.


  Tecan’s Freedom EVO automates tropical disease research The Clinical Pharmacology Department in the Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), Bangkok, ThailandThe Clinical Pharmacology Department in the Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), Bangkok, Thailand, has chosen Tecan's Freedom EVO® platform to automate research into the pharmacology of anti-malarial and anti-influenza drugs.


  Tecan to present at UBS Global Life Sciences Conference The Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) today announced that it will present at the UBS Global Life Sciences Conference on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 in New York City.


  Tecan concludes the sale of the Sample Management activities to NEXUS Biosystems The Tecan Group (SIX Swiss Exchange: TECN) today announced that the sale of REMP AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tecan, as well as other related assets, to NEXUS Biosystems has been completed as planned. From September 1, 2010, the Sample Management business segment will no longer be consolidated within the Tecan Group.


  Tecan is first choice for quality and reliability The Regional Molecular Genetics Service (RMGS) at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, is using a Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation in combination with chemagen's proven nucleic isolation technology to perform fully automated DNA extraction.


  Tecan introduces new Te-Care Service Contracts for detection instruments With 30 years of experience in service support, Tecan knows that the same solution is not right for everyone. To offer greater flexibility to its customers, the Company has recently expanded its range of Te-Care Service Contracts with two new options - Te­Care Check and Te­Care Depot Repair - designed specifically for users of Tecan detection instruments


  Tecan automation streamlines veterinary diagnostic processes The Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg (LLBB) in Frankfurt, Germany, is dedicated to the protection of human and animal safety, health and welfare, and has chosen Tecan's liquid handling workstations to help monitor diseases in cattle, including an extensive testing program for the eradication of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1).


  Automated cell biology workflows with Tecan and Miltenyi Biotec Tecan is working with Miltenyi Biotec, a leading provider of cell biology solutions, to develop a range of automated solutions for cell biology, based on the powerful MACS® Magnetic bead technology.


  Tecan and PhyNexus collaborate to automate protein purification Tecan and PhyNexus have developed standard processes for automating protein purification using PhyTip® columns integrated onto a Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform. The Freedom EVO is equipped with a liquid handling arm and a MultiChannel ArmTM, and controlled using specially adapted scripts of standard Freedom EVOware® operating software




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