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Achieve Ultra-High Performance on ANY LC System – New Phases

The Kinetex® core-shell particle was engineered to make the benefits of UHPLC accessible to everyone. Kinetex core-shell particles are not fully porous, giving you sub-2µm efficiencies at backpressures compatible with conventional HPLC systems. 

Multiple parameters, such as mobile phase composition and pH, play an important role in achieving an ideal separation. Changing your column selectivity is the easiest way to optimise your results. Even more than efficiency, selectivity is the most important parameter for obtaining increased resolution. Kinetex columns are available in five different phases, which provide you with a full range of complementary and orthogonal selectivity.

The Kinetex® core-shell particle


    • Triple your productivity;
    • Save money, time, and solvent
    • Easy method transfer between old and new systems;
    • Fully scalable from 1.7µm to 2.6µm 

    Join the thousands who have redefined their chromatography with Kinetex, click here for full details.

    If you have any questions relating to the core-shell technology or the Kinetex phases, please email Phenomenex click here

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