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YMC Europe GmbH

YMC Europe GmbH

Schöttmannshof 19
Tel: +49 (0)2064 427 0

From headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan, YMC has gradually and consistently matured to a level of international recognition, specifically within the pharmaceutical and biotech world, as one of the leading suppliers of analytical and process-scale silica-based stationary phases for High Performance Liquid Chromatography, preparative equipment, custom purification and method development. New: Micro Reactor / Flow Chemistry scalable to production scale! Qualified technical support and backup is available through operations in Japan, the United States (for the "Americas"), India, China and Germany (for Europe, Africa and the Middle East).

Analytical HPLC
Preparative LC
Automated Synthesis
New: Flow Chemistry

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Versatile (U)HPLC-hybrid columns, now also in C8!


The YMC Application Search is now available online


Are you sure your column has been packed the best possible way?


The YMC HG-series: High Quality low price silica material


Easy handling with Kronlab Pilot columns


Preparative Chiral Purifications with YMC*Gel Chiral NEA


Pilot columns made to measure!


YMC-Triart Prep - Application Note: Separation of structurally similar peptides at pH ≥ 7


New brochure "YMC Phases for Biochromatography"


Free Guide to HPLC formulae available from YMC


Regulatory Support File for YMC-BioPro now available


Tricky syntheses in the micro-reactor


Invitation to YMC’s free vendor lunch seminar at SPICA


Connectivity and Compatibility of Kronlab laboratory glass columns


Glass columns – not only for biochromatography


Binary prep. HPLC-system for processing large volumes of ureacontaining protein solutions


NEW: YMC-Triart


YMC Europe GmbH at Analytica 2010 in Munich


New YMC microreactor Systems – Microreaction technology got potential


Binary Prep LC System for isolation of components from human blood serum


Workshop: Preparative liquid chromatography


Scalable and pH stable:


HPLC-Tip: Degassing of the mobile phase


The Bio-Chromatographers’ wish


New: YMC-Triart C18


Ion Exchange Media for High Resolution Purifications of Biomolecules


Preheating of mobile phases - "nice-to-have" or "need-to-have"?


New method development tool for Bio-LC


YMC-BioPro: IEX columns for peptides, proteins and biomolecules


Kronlab ECO glass columns


YMC-Actus for fast semi-preparative, high throughput HPLC separations. New Brochure out now!


Ultra Fast LC for Peptide mapping


New: YMC’s Applicationsbook for Ultra FastLC!


Fast routine analysis of alkaloids


HPLC hint: The advantage of premixed solvents in HPLC


Simultaneous separation of pesticides by LC/MS


Normal Phase Chromatography – hints for an unloved technique


Ion Exchange Material for Capture and Intermediate Purification Applications


Facing the challenge of efficiency in bio-pharmaceutical industry


FastLC Application for Curcumin


YMC Exphere - Takes the Pressure off Preparative LC


Melamine in pet-food