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Revolutionary Randox Technology Offers Multiple Cardiac Tests within Minutes

randoxCardiovascular disease is a progressive and complicated condition, covering a spectrum of symptoms and biochemical processes which are different in many patients.  Multiple markers are therefore required to provide an accurate diagnosis but it is essential this is available rapidly in the A&E department. 

The Randox Evidence MultiStat is a revolutionary new desktop analyser which offers up to 8 cardiac results within just 20 minutes.  This innovative new technology ensures the accuracy and precision of a commercial laboratory analyser within the A & E department delivering significant benefits for those patients with chest pains by rapidly identifying risk and enabling accurate clinical decisions.   

With some blood biomarkers only detectable for 6 hours after a heart attack, patients presenting with early symptoms are often missed. The Evidence MultiStat will ultimately save patient lives by giving accurate and timely diagnosis when time is at a premium. 

The Evidence MultiStat is based upon the award winning Biochip technology from Randox and utilises the precision and accuracy of the commercially available lab based Evidence analyser giving the Evidence MultiStat distinct advantages over other lower quality rapid devices currently in the market.  

The Evidence MultiStat also offers an array for drugs of abuse with arrays for stroke, metabolic syndrome, cancer, fertility disorders, thyroid disorders, synthetic steroids and additional drugs of abuse currently in development.  The system is suitable for a variety of point of patient environments including emergency departments, cardiac units, doctor surgeries, forensic units, rehab units and employee drug screening centres. The technology offers fully automated pipetting, incubation, washing, imaging and report generation ensuring that the MultiStat can be used by non technical staff. User friendly touch screen Windows ® based software also ensures little or no training is required.   

Randox have developed a comprehensive test menu that can work with a wide range of sample matrix including urine and serum with plasma and whole blood currently in development. The Cardiac Arrays includes CK-MB, FABP, Myoglobin and Cardiac Troponin with the Drugs of Abuse Array includes multiple analytes such as Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzadiazepine, Cannabinoids and Cocaine. 

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