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AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

184 Milton Park
OX14 4SE
United Kingdom
Tel: 00 44 (0) 1235 828 2

amsbio - AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd is the global supplier of research products and custom services for biological and pharmaceutical research. We offer antibodies, peptides, DNA, RNA, proteins, tissue blocks, arrays, slides, assay kits, cell culture consumables, glycobiology reagents, apoptosis and DNA damage kits, reagents, cell migration, invasion assays, pre-cast gels , zymolyase. AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd your source for life science products and services. We have over 240,000 products in our catalogue.

Tissue Blocks
Assay kits
Cell Culture Consumables
Glycobiology Reagents
Apoptosis and DNA damage kits
Cell Migration
Invasion Assays
Pre-cast gels

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Highest Stability Recombinant Wnt3a for Organoid Culture


Highly Efficient Substrate for Culturing Pluripotent Cells


AMSBIO Introduces Highly Efficient Substrate for Culturing ES/iPS Cells


Cryopreservation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells


AMSBIO Introduce Herpes Virus Entry Mediator Product Range


Highly Efficient Synthetic Custom mRNAs


Cell-line Derived Controls for Diagnostic Assay Development


AMSBIO Launch Mutation Cell-Line Derived Controls


CD47 Protein Products for Cancer & Cardiovascular Research


New Xeno-free Cell Culture Medium for Regenerative Medicine Research


Organoid Culture & Genetic Manipulation


Leading French Lab Uses Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Kit to Study Duchenne Myopathy


ELISA-like Assay for Hyaluronic Acid


AMSBIO Announce DermaChip®


New Purified Cancer Exosome Samples


AMSBIO Introduce High Efficiency Laboratory Sterilizer


IDO Pathway Products for Immunotherapy Drug Research


Reporter Lentivirus for Signaling Pathway Studies


Organoid Banking: Cryopreservation & Thawing of Organoids


High Throughput Myelination Assay Shows Promise in MS Research


Purification Kit for Capture of Circulating Free DNA and Liquid Biospy


Automation-Friendly Kit for Capture of Circulating Free DNA and Liquid Biospy


Proteoglycan and Glycosaminoglycan Research Reagents


High Purity Reagents for Proteoglycan & Glycosaminoglycan Research


Cell Line Models & Media for Difficult to Culture Tumor Types


Tools for Neuroscience Research


Ready-to-Use Adeno-Associated Virus Biosensors


Research Products for Investigating Cellular Metabolism


Fatty Acid Oxidation Kit


AMSBIO 3D Organoid Cultures Used in Groundbreaking Research


High Quality Proteins for Killer Cell Receptor Research


Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells


New Organoid Culture Handbook


New products for Wnt Signaling Pathway Research


Heparan Sulfate Antibodies Applications Guide


Efficient DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue


Organoid Progenitor Cells Suitable for Gene Editing


Zika Virus Recombinant Antigens & Antibodies


New CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits


Cell Lines & Controls for Programmed Cell Death Protein Research


TIGIT Receptor Products for Immunotherapy Research


Cell Lines & Controls for PD-1 Research


AMSBIO Introduces New Exosome Research Products


AMSBIO Launch New Immunotherapy Research Products


High Quality Products for Exosome Research


Real-time Intracellular Oxygen Assay


Novel Reagents for Organoid Growth and Harvesting


New Reagents for Organoid Growth and Harvesting


AMSBIO Launch 96-Well CometChip® System for DNA Damage Measurement


Reducing Non-Specific Binding in Immunoassays


Practical Guide to Immunoassay Blocking Reagents


AMSBIO Launches Primary Human Cancer Cell Range


Primary Human Cancer Cells


AMSBIO Launches New Magnetic Bead Based Products


New Scalable Protocol to Differentiate Skeletal Muscle Cells from Stem Cells


AMSBIO Launch 3D Embedded Invasion Assay


Fc Receptor Protein Collection


New 3D Cell Invasion Assay


Reagents for Autophagy Research


High Efficiency Gene Expression with Pre-packaged Adenovirus


Quick & Easy Selection of shRNA Lentivirus


Optimized CRISPR/CAS9 Delivery for Disease Model Generation


Comprehensive Range of Lentivirus for Gene & shRNA Delivery


Enhanced Glycoselective Bioaffinity Proteins


Antibodies Enable Immunoassays to be Used in Methylation Regulation Research


PD-1 Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit


Easily Automated 3D Cell Culture Growth


Diverse Pharmacological Modulators for Targets, Pathways and Processes


Adeno-Associated Virus Services for Gene Delivery


AMSBIO Launch Cell Pellet Slides for Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridisation


Ultimate Control for Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridisation


Protein Delivery Reagent Assists Neurodegeneration Research


Neurodegeneration Research Benefits from Protein Delivery Reagent


Exosomes for Regenerative Medicine Research


GMP Grade Cell Cryopreservation Media


Predicting Response to Cancer Drugs


Ready-to-Use Tagged cDNA Clones


Organoid Biobank for Predicting Cancer Patient Response to Drugs


Xeno-Free and Endotoxin-Free Human Cytokines


Exclusive Biotinylated Protein Collection


Biotin Labeled Proteins


Guide to Organoid Growth


New Tools and Services for Immunotherapy Discovery


Highly Efficient Targeted mRNA Delivery


High Efficiency mRNA Delivery


New High Throughput PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay


Novel Organoid Matrix Enables Long-Term Culture of Human Hepatocytes


Specificity-Verified Monoclonal Antibodies


Highly Efficient Neural Transfection Reagent


Ebola Antigens and Antibodies for ELISA


A New Magnetic Technology for Bioseparations and Studies of Biomolecular Interactions


3D Triculture Model for Evaluating Breast Cancer Progression


Exquisite ‘Made-to-Measure’ Phospho-Specific Polyclonal Antibodies


Consistent & Efficient Purification of NGS Library Reactions


High Quality In Vitro Cell Models for Cortical Neurophysiology


Compact Ozone Sterilizer Eliminates Contaminants and Germs


Powerful Tool for Genomic Editing


Efficient Delivery of Proteins into Living Cells


AMSBIO Publishes Comprehensive Cell Culture Handbook


New Device for Removal of Dying and Dead Cells


Ultra Low Adhesion Delivers Superior 3D Spheroid Cell Culture 


Animal-Free and Endotoxin-Free Stem Cell Factors


3D Cell-Based Models for Regenerative Medicine & Drug Discovery


Improving Overall Growth & Performance of Primary Neurons


Detecting Single and Double Strand DNA Breaks in Individual Cells


Webinar Discusses DNA Damage in Individual Cells


New Toolkit for Nucleosome & Histone Research


AMSBIO & Sanguine Biosciences Announce Distribution Agreement


AMSBIO Sponsor Poster Prize at Cancer Conference


High Throughput 96 & 384 Well DNA Purification


High Yield RNA Isolation without the Paraffin Removal Step


Comprehensive Tissue Biorepository and Collection Services


Highly Specific Aptamer Protein Precipitation Kits


Effective Cryopreservation of iPS Cells


3D Spheroid Assays for Cancer Drug Screening


Custom designed long and highly modified mRNAs


Short Guide to 3D Cell Culture


New Opportunities in Cancer Research Created By Extracellular Matrix


Fast Acting Arthritogenic Monoclonal Antibody Cocktails


Purified Genomic DNA and cDNA Products Save Research Time


Integrating matrix into 3D spheroid culture enables high throughput measurement of cell invasion


Extracellular Matrix Combinatorial Library Launched


Guaranteed Knockdown for siRNA Gene Silencing


Improved cryopreservation of human hepatocytes


PMBC's offer high survival and recovery rates


On-demand webinar discusses latest advances in 3D Cell Culture technology


Stable Cell Line Generation Using Lentivirus


Informative Guide to Gene Silencing and Delivery


Proliferation Assays Ease Downstream Applications of 3D Cell Culture


3D Culture Cell Harvesting Kit


Extensive Range of Bromodomain Protein Domains & Profiling Kits


Article describes potential of Stem Cells in Neuroscience Research


ELISA kits enable precise analysis of key neurodegenerative-related biomarkers


Unlocking the potential of Stem Cells in Neuroscience Research


Stem cell qualified mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF)


Videos Demonstrate Utility of Unique 3D Cell Culture Technology


Optimised Gene Delivery Solution for Hard-to-Transfect Cells


Chemically Defined Stem Cell Cryopreservation Solution


AMSBIO and Chondrex Cooperate On Arthritis & Inflammation Research


Investigating protein-binding properties of Heparin, Heparan Sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans (GAGS)


AMSBIO moves to support the Glycobiology research community


Potent Reagent for Reliable Stem Cell Differentiation


Reproducible and Quantifiable Directed In Vivo Angiogenesis Assessment Assays


Pluripotent Stem Cell Line Assessment qPCR Kit


Reproducible undifferentiated growth of pluripotent stem cells


Genuine 3D Cell Culture Technology


AMSBIO Announces US Office


A Robust, Quantitative Alternative to the Scratch Assay


Knockdown Cell Lines for DNA Repair Studies


Animal-free Preparation of Human Serum Albumin


Highly Efficient, Reproducible Non-Cytotoxic Transfection Reagent


Extensive Range of Purified Full Length Human Proteins


Ideal controls for PCR, RNA microarray & antibody array studies


Kits for Accurate and Reproducible mRNA Amplification


Kits for improved nucleic acid recovery from FFPE samples


Selection Guide for Apoptosis Assay Kits & Reagents


New Cell Migration Assay Dramatically Reduces Cost Of High Content Screening


High purity reagents for glycobiology and glycoanalysis


Optimised E.coli Strain Expresses Insoluble Proteins In Soluble Form


Standardized Comet Assay System Ensures Reproducible Results


Ready-to-Use Gene Delivery Tools


AMSBIO-New Magnetic Beads Enable Faster Protocols


New Magnetic Beads Enable Faster Protocols


Protein Standards for Mass Spectrometry Analysis


Homogeneous Assay Kits Minimize Assay Complexity


New Kits for Assessing Oxidative Stress


Tools to Study Genomic Instability


Comprehensive Biorepository of Genomic & Proteomic Tissue Products


Highly Reproducible Gene Delivery for Stem Cell Research


Non-Animal Recombinant Proteins for Cell Culture & Tissue Engineering Applications


Easy and Economic Generation of Functional siRNAs


Highly Reproducible Gene Delivery


Sensitive & Specific anti-DDK Antibody for FLAG Epitope Tagging


Assay Kits for Measuring the Complete Range of HDAC Enzymes


Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry


Accelerate Your Cell Migration Research


A Novel HAMA Blocker for Reduction of Immunoassay Interference


Homogeneous Fluorescence-based Assay for Detecting Intracellular Calcium Mobilisation


Custom Tissue Sections & Microarrays


Standardisation of Direct Detection of DNA Damage In Cells.