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All articles from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory Freezers Earn U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Rating


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s New Talos F200i S/TEM 
Delivers Flexible, High-Performance Imaging


New Quattro Field Emission ESEM Emphasizes Versatility and Ease of Use


Thermo Fisher Scientific Advances Cryo-EM Leadership to Drive Structural Biology Discoveries


Industry’s First Dedicated Cryo-DualBeam System Automates 
Preparation of Frozen, Biological Samples


New Lab-Grade Undercounter Refrigerators Use Redundant Cooling Technology to Maintain Optimal Storage Conditions


New Thermo Scientific Samco Leakproof Vials Offer Enhanced Sample and User Safety


New Universal RNase-, DNase- and Human DNA-free Containers Designed for Enhanced Sample Safety and Viability


Thermo Fisher Scientific and SRI International Collaborate to Enhance Small Molecule Research


Horizon Discovery’s RNA Reference Standards Endorsed by Thermo Fisher Scientific’s White Paper for use in Cancer Research Testing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Raises the Bar in Mass Spectrometry at ASMS 2017


Next-Generation Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers Deliver High Precision for Quantitative Workflows


New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Delivers New Levels of Power and Performance for Protein and Small Molecule Characterization


New Software and Cloud-based Solutions Let Scientists Gain More Insight from Their Data


New Mass Spectrometer Platform Offers Greater Quantitative Sensitivity, Speed and Reproducibility


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Biognosys Announce Co-Marketing Agreement to Create Industry-Leading Data-Independent Acquisition Workflows


Thermo Fisher Scientific and BIOCRATES Life Sciences Launch Industry’s First Kit for Comprehensive Metabolome Analysis


Ready-to-Use Mass Spectrometric Kit Simplifies Insulin Bioanalysis Workflows


Thermo Fisher Scientific Broadens Science World in Germany


ATUM Licenses Gene Design Software to Thermo Fisher Scientific


Automating Blood Cell Washing Applications to Boost Laboratory Performance


SpeeDx and Thermo Fisher Scientific announce strategic partnership for FDA clearance of molecular diagnostic test


KAUST and Thermo Fisher Scientific Open Center of Excellence in Electron Microscopy


New Thermo Scientific Refrigerated Incubators Designed for Temperature Applications in the Broad 4 to 60 °C Range


New Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Metals Quality Analyzer Quickly Detects and Diagnoses Production Problems


Van Andel Research Institute Installs World-Class Microscopes to Enable Discovery of the Molecular Basis of Disease


“Cysteine Rose” Wins 2016 Thermo Fisher Scientific Electron Microscopy Image Contest


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces First-Ever Cloud-Based Application for Connectivity to Electronic Pipettes


Thermo Fisher Scientific Earns the First U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Certification on Laboratory Grade Refrigerators


New Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS Combines Power and Simplicity


NovAliX Turns to High-Resolution Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy for Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery Research


New Comprehensive LC-MS Workflow Provides Researchers with Higher Quality Data for Clinical Research Samples


Milestone for the Analysis of Human Proteome


Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovations Designed to Accelerate Research, Productivity and Discovery


New Standard Test Method to Assess Water Safety


Princeton University’s New PRISM Facility Features Suite of Advanced Microscopy & Analysis Solutions


Activate Science Extends its European Programme into the Nordics


New Multi-Scale Imaging System Provides Insight into a Material’s Internal 3D Structure


New FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer Enables Comprehensive Analysis for a Wide Range of Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins R&D 100 Award for Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Hamilton Storage Partner to Simplify Sample Storage


High-Performance Refrigerated Incubators are Free of Refrigerants and Provide Energy Savings


Latest Development Enables Laboratories Conducting Bioanalysis to Deliver Fast, Simple, Highly Reproducible Protein Digestions


Interview with an Expert: Lukasz Rajski from EURL-FV Discusses Pesticide Analysis Utilizing HRAM Orbitrap Technology


Thermo Fisher Scientific Successfully Launches Science World Event in France


Automating the Extraction of DNA, RNA and Proteins


New Cell Culture System with Increased Capacity is Designed to Increase Yield and Efficiency


Now available in two high-capacity, small footprint sizes


Latest Technology Advance Enables Laboratories Analyzing Dioxins to Significantly Increase Sample Throughput


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Science World in France


New Gas Chromatography System Brings Power of Orbitrap GC-MS Technology to Routine Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific and NIBRT Announce Scientific Collaboration for Biopharmaceutical Characterisation


New Cell Culture Plate Eliminates Edge Effect During Extended Incubation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Successfully Brought Science World Back to bcc Berlin Congress Center


New System for Fast and Consistent Results Makes UHPLC Widely Accessible


New Software and Cloud Solutions Provide Users with Advanced Customization


New Technology Enables Comprehensive Biopharmaceutical Characterization Workflow with a Single Platform


Thermo Fisher Scientific Strengthens Life Sciences Leadership with New Instruments Launched at ASMS 2016


Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Technology Collaboration with University of Birmingham, UK


New Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Offer Outstanding Sustainability and Sample Protection


New Recirculating Chillers Combine Noise Reduction and Cooling Performance


New UHPLC Columns and Solvents Offer Users Expanded Application Flexibility


New Instruments and Software Designed to Improve Trace Elemental Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Brings Science World to the Berlin Congress Center


New Portable Infrared Spectrometer Enables Scientists to Analyze Samples in the Field


New Large Capacity Bioprocessing Centrifuge Enhances Productivity and Reliability


New Visible-Range Spectrophotometer for Colorimetric Analysis in Education and QA/QC


New Easy-to-Use Microscopes Bring the Benefits of Raman Spectroscopy to More Analytical Labs


New Air-Bearing Rheometer Provides Enhanced Measurement Capabilities and Greater Flexibility


Activate Science Expands to Reach More Laboratory Personnel Across Europe


New FT-NIR Spectrometer is Lightweight, Compact and Cost-Effective


New UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Make it Easier to Determine Sample Quality and Suitability


New UHPLC-MS Workflows Designed for Biopharmaceutical Characterization


New UHPLC Columns Offer Users Expanded Application Flexibility


New High-Pressure Ion Chromatography (HPIC) System Delivers New Levels of Simplicity and Flexibility


Sartorius Named Fisher Scientific European Supplier of the Year


New Chambers Designed to Provide Optimum Uniformity for Stable Environmental Conditions


Next-Generation Large Molecule Affinity Purification Solution Improves Biotherapeutic, Disease Biomarker and Sports Anti-Doping Bioanalysis


High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System Delivers New Levels of Simplicity and Flexibility


New Benchtop Centrifuge Incorporates Hybrid Rotor for Application Flexibility


New Nano LC System with ProFlow Technology Offers Advanced Low-flow Performance


Agilent Technologies Signs Instrument Control Exchange Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Scientific Orion 3106 COD Analyzer Designed for Accurate, Reliable Analyses of Organic Pollutants


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Customer Installation of Q Exactive GC System


Science World Celebrates “Silver Jubilee” at Doncaster Racecourse


New UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Simplifies Sample Quality Decisions


New Nano LC System and Columns for Proteomics Research Launched at HUPO 2015


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Winners of 2016 Winter Conference Awards in Plasma Spectrochemistry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Receives IVDD CE Mark for its Thermo Scientific Prelude MD HPLC, Endura MD Mass Spectrometer and ClinQuan MD Software


Science World to Celebrate “Silver Jubilee” at Doncaster Racecourse


Quality Control of Immunoassay Testing is Now Stable for 5 Years


New Clinical Diagnostic Solutions for Allergy and Autoimmune Testing On Display at AACC


Four-Channel HPLC Increases Clinical Throughput Capabilities with Class I Medical Device Listing


Next-Generation System Redefines Performance for GC-MS Applications


New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer with Improved Sensitivity Redefines the Limits of Protein and Small Molecule Quantitation and Characterization


New High Resolution Mass Spectral Database Offers Essential Tool for Unknown Compound Identification


New Protein Analysis Kit Provides Sensitive, Reproducible and Fast Results


New Column Designed for Increased Sensitivity for Rapid LC/MS Analyses


High Performance UHPLC System Gets More Out of Every Sample


New Thermo Scientific Eutech 150 & 450 Waterproof Handheld Meters are Designed to Provide Benchtop Meter Functionality in a Portable Form


New Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Offers Outstanding Sustainability and Sample Protection


New Pre-validated Fluorinated Fragment Library Boosts Drug Screening Efficiency


BioTek Receives 2014 Supplier of the Year Award from Fisher Scientific


Duran Group Scilabware Wins Fisher Scientific Supplier of the Year Award


Expanded Family of Hydrophobic Interaction Columns Offers New Selectivity Options for Characterizing Monoclonal Antibodies


Transforming triple quadrupole LC-MS with new levels of robustness and usability


Improved Determination of Key Analytes in Fine Particulate Matter


Validation of GC-MS/MS for Detection and Confirmation of Low-Level Dioxins


Options to Determine Uronic Acids in Wood Hydrolysates


Validation of GC-MS/MS for Detection and Confirmation of Low-Level Dioxins


Easy and Cost-Effective Determination of Dicyandiamide in Milk Powder


Improved Method for Protein Quality Control


Simple and Reliable Determination of Acesulfame in Vinegar


Powerful Detection of Low-level Alkylphenols


Advances in 3D Cell Culture


Improved Determination of Benzo(a)pyrene in Meat Products


New Orbitrap-Based Mass Spectrometer Makes High-Resolution Accurate-Mass Analysis Widely Accessible


Troubleshooting Guide Improves Gas Chromatography Performance


Simultaneous Determination of Lithium, Sodium, and Calcium in Lithium Carbonate


Enhance Sample Preconcentration and Reduce Workflow


“Tandem Mass Tag” Team Wins HUPO Science & Technology Award


Quickly Identify Rhodamine B in Cosmetics


Precise and Easy Static Headspace Analysis of Residual Solvents


New GC-MS Runs Both Single and Triple Quadrupole Methods Using Familiar Software


Analysis of p-Toluenesulfonic Acid in Water-Insoluble Drugs


Thermo Fisher Scientific Teams with National Reference Labs on New European Regulation, Allowing GC-MS/MS to Confirm Dioxins in Feed and Food


Impressive Separation of a Fusion Protein


Thermo Fisher Scientific Endowment to Support New Distinguished Analytical Chemistry Seminar Series at NC State University


Simple and Accurate Determination of Total Choline in Infant Formulas and Adult Nutritionals


Fisher Scientific, University of Birmingham Team Up to Study Sources, Pathways of Brominated Flame Retardant Pollution


New Hydrophobic Interaction Column Offers Additional Selectivity for Separating Monoclonal Antibodies or Antibody-drug Conjugates


Reliable Assays for Sugars in Acid-Hydrolyzed Wood


Determination of Thiosulfate and Pyrophosphate in Crayfish Wash Powder


Thermo Fisher Scientific Transforms Chromatography by Reimagining UHPLC


Simultaneous Determination of Amlodipine and Its Counterion Besylate


Rapid Determination of Myo-Inositol in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals


Method Separates Oxidized Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Species


A Toxic-Free Alternative: Rigorous Assay of Chloride and Sulfate in Adenosine


Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Environmental Waters


New Mass Spectral Library Designed to Streamline Environmental, Food Safety, Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology Analyses


New Screening Library Offers Exceptional Chemical Diversity to Increase Hit Probability


New Thermo Scientific High Resolution Accurate Mass LC-MS System Can Scan 50 Percent Faster than Predecessor


Software Automates Deep Characterization of Biotherapeutic Proteins


Next Generation Triple Quadrupole GC-MS Designed to be More Sensitive and Three Times Faster than Predecessor


Thermo Fisher Scientific Registers San Jose Facility with FDA


Thermo Fisher Scientific and BioAnalytix Collaborate To Develop Advanced Biopharmaceutical Analysis Workflows


Easily Detect Trace Amounts of Tigecycline in a Cell Lysate


Sensitive and Robust Assay for Ammonia in Sodium Bicarbonate


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Nuclea Biotechnologies Collaborate to Accelerate Translation of Multiplexed Methods to Quantify Type 2 Diabetes Markers


Efficiently Determine Growth Stimulants in Meat


New Solid Phase Extraction Technology for Bioanalysis is Designed to Provide Robust, Reproducible Extractions at Low Elution Volumes


Joint Effort to Expand Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry Applications Formed


Rapid and Reliable Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Soil


Analysis of Pesticides Present in Ayurvedic Churna by GC-MS/MS


New Peristaltic Pump Delivers Unparalleled Flexibility in Fluid Transfer


New Cryostat Offers High-Quality, Efficient Frozen Sectioning


New Electronic Pipettes Expand ClipTip Technology Portfolio by Speeding Up Sample Transfer Time and Reducing Repetition


New Innovative Sample Sealer Delivers Low-Volume, High-Density Storage for Biobanking


New Cell Culture Surface Designed to Enable Consistent, Repeatable Formation of Spheroids in Suspension


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Chromatography Portfolio Integrated to Waters Empower CDS


Automated Determination of Human Hormones in Drinking Water


Simplified Determination of Inositol Phosphates in Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles


Fast and Accurate Isocratic Method to Determine Ammonia in Adenosine


Sensitive and Simple Determination of Monochloroacetic Acid in Carbocisteine


New Centrifuge Delivers High-Performance, High-Volume Batch Bioprocessing


Technical Note Compendium for Solid-Core HPLC Columns


Gas Chromatography Autosampler for Liquid Samples!


Fast, Robust, Accurate, and Quantitative Carbohydrate Determination of Biomass Samples


2014-15 Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog Now Available


BioTek Receives Extraordinary New Product Line Award from Fisher


Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges for Organic Contaminants


HPLC Controls Beer Fermentation and Stability & Assesses Authenticity


HPLC and UHPLC Column for Analysis of Challenging Glycans and Glycan Isomers


Fast HPAE-PAD Fast Carbohydrate Determination of Biomass Samples


HPLC Determination of Carbendazim in Orange Juice


Fast Ion Chromatographs Monitor Long-Term Global Climate Change


Proteomics Software Now Cloud Based!


New GC Options Designed to Conserve Helium, Boost Flexibility


HPLC Column Separates Wide Variety of Pharmaceutical Counterions


Analysis of Fracking Flowback Water From Marcellus Shale


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Transportable Isotope Ratio Measurement


HPLC Determination of Product Adulteration and Authenticity


Ion Chromatography High-Resolution Separations of Organic Acids in Beer Samples


Enhanced General Purpose Centrifuge Product Line Increases Capacity and Flexibility


Easily Determine Trace Morpholine and More in Linezolid


Targeted Analyses of Secondary Metabolites in Herbs, Spices, and Beverages


Analysis of Dithiocarbamate Pesticides by GC-MS


Microplate Instruments Simplify Performance, Maximize Results for ELISA Applications


Leading EU and UK Pesticide Testing Labs Collaborate with Thermo Fisher Scientific


Ion Chromatography Determines Polyacrylic Acid in Pressurized Water Reactor Secondary Feed Water


Orbitrap Inventor Appointed Professor at Utrech


HPLC Determination of Target Explosive Compounds in Water


Determination of Phthalates in Liquor by GC-MS


Separate Targeted Carbonyl Compounds in Less Than 10 Minutes


Determination of Phthalates in Liquor by GC-MS


Success for Science World 2013


UHPLC Turnkey Kit Facilitates Isohumulone Analysis in Beer Matrix


Ion Chromatography Easily Determines Methylamine in Drug Products


Fast Determination of PCDDFs


Thermo Fisher Scientific Continues to Transform Mass Spectrometry, Adding Intact Protein System, Improved “Quanfirmation” to Newly-Expanded LC-MS Family


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Resell IonSense ID-CUBE Ion Source. ID-CUBE with Orbitrap LC-MS systems simplify food, environmental, pharmaceutical and forensic analyses


Ion Chromatography Method Quantifies Ammonia in Tobacco Smoke


Purify your water with ease with the NEW Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus


Easy Determination of Total and Potential Sulfate and Total Chloride in Gasoline Denatured Ethanol


Proteomics News from Thermo Fisher Scientific and the Technical University of Denmark


Routine Screening Method Separates Target Antibiotics in Distillers Grains within 15 Minutes


High-Fidelity PCR Reagents Continue to Propel DNA Research with Unparalleled Accuracy and Speed


Food and Environmental Testing News from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Scientific launches new automated stainer for high throughput staining


Capillary Ion Chromatography Speeds Separation of Anions and Cations in Carbonated Beverages


New pH Gradient Buffer Solutions Facilitate MAb Charge Variant Analysis


Fast HPLC Determination of Paraquat and Diquat in Environmental Waters


Thermo Scientific launches new water purification system


High Pressure Ion Chromatography Speeds Determination of Cations in Wastewater


High Pressure Ion Chromatography Speeds Determinations of Salton Sea Samples


Analyzing Residual Solvents Using GC Headspace and Valve-and-Loop Sampling


Chromatography Vial Design Achieves Optimal Compression of Septum


HPLC Analysis of Tolterodine Tartrate in Just 13 Minutes


GC-MS Analysis of SVOCs: Migrating from Helium to Hydrogen


Trace Anion Determinations Identify Corrosive Conditions in Nuclear Power Plants


Fast HPLC Separation of 19 Targeted Phthalates in Drinking Water


Thermo Fisher Expands Solid-Phase Extraction Product Line


Protein A Column Designed for Accurate, Fast Monoclonal Antibody Titer Analysis


Register for Science World 2013


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Microplate Mover Swap Out Program


Thermo Scientific Microcentrifuges - A new separation experience


Is it Time for New Labware?


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases New Small Benchtop Centrifuge


Debunking Myths about Peak Area Response of Glycoprotein Oligosaccharides


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Next Generation Ion Chromatography Suppressor


Thermo Fisher Scientific launches intuitive online tool for automation platform configuration


Purify your water with ease


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire Life Technologies Corporation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Gas Chromatography Headspace Autosampler for Organic Volatiles


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Data System to Unite Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Debuts New Chromatography Consumables at Pittcon 2013


New Carbohydrate Capillary Column for Underderivatized Monosaccharide Analysis


Standard-Compliant Method Determines Phenylurea Compounds in Tap Water


New Anion-Exchange Column for Fast Analysis of Inorganic Anions in Environmental Matrices


Fisher Scientific Announces Supplier Excellence Awards During 2013 European Sales Conference


UHPLC System for Enhanced Biopharmaceutical Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Generation of Innovative AcroSeal Packaging


Vials for Any Application, Any Autosampler


Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces advanced incubation solution for cell-based research


Thermo Scientific Introduces Two Size Exclusion HPLC Chromatography Columns


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases Next Generation Scheduling Software at SLAS 2013


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Intuitive Database Software for Lab Samples


Sanofi-Aventis Puts A New Gas Chromatography Workhorse Through Its Paces


Thermo Scientific Syncronis HPLC Columns Now Available With 3 Micron Particles


Denmark’s National Food Institute Employs Thermo Scientific ICP-MS to Speciate Arsenic and Measure Nanoparticles in Food as Part of EU-sponsored Projects


New Charge detector for ion chromatography, co-developed by UT Arlington and Thermo Fisher Scientific, receives patent


Keep paraffin blocks as cold as ice


Worry-free pipetting is finally here. With the only tip that clips


Discovery thrives in a culture of confidence


Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Femtogram Level Electrochemical Detection Capability to UHPLC


Thermo Fisher Solid Phase Extraction Sample Preparation Products Win G.I.T InnovationsAward 2012


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Kit to Simplify Detection and Analysis of Hormones in Water


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Detector-Agnostic Software for Liquid and Gas Chromatography


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Next Generation High-Speed Centrifuge Series


Delivering pure and ultrapure water with ease


Novel mass analyzer unravels complex biomolecular structures


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces HPLC Column to Simplify and Improve Separations of Herbicides Diquat and Paraquat


Thermo Fisher Scientific Selected by Leading Dutch Biotech Company to Supply Maybridge Fragment Library for Key Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific and METTLER TOLEDO Introduce Integrated Titration/Ion Chromatography System Designed to Streamline Water Analysis Workflow


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Chemical and Reagents Selection Handbook


Pure flexibility: unparalleled performance


Thermo Scientific launches new iPhone®/iPad®, Android™ and Blackberry® apps to help you choose the best automation pipette tip for your liquid handling instrument


Thermo Scientific F1-ClipTip Pipetting System


HPLC Assay of Gentamicin Sulfate Congeners in Just 15 Minutes


Two Ion Chromatography Methods to Determine Sulfate and Total Chloride in Butano


Determination of Trace Sodium in Cranberry Powder


Thermo Fisher Scientific Forms Technology Alliance Partnership with Princeton Scientists


Automated System Suitability Testing for Chromatographic Instruments


Thermo Fisher Scientific Publishes Applied Food Testing Library


Fluorescence Detection Speeds Determination of Sialic Acids


Bisphosphonate Pharmaceuticals and Excipients by Capillary IC-MS


Sectioning of bone as a specialist histology specimen


Thermo Fisher Scientific Sets New Standard in UHPLC Flexibility


Fluorescence Method Development Handbook for HPLC now available


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Bio HPLC Column Portfolio


WIL Research Company Selects Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer


Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Biofuel Sugars by IC


Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Digital – back by popular demand!


Break the Glass Habit


Request a Free Sample of Thermo Scientific Automation Pipette Tips


Determination of Tartrate in Drug Products in Just 10 Minutes


High-Throughput Method for Simultaneous Analysis of Water-Soluble Vitamins


Effective Determination of Dibasic Acids


Novel Inositol Method Using Ion Chromatography


Analysis of Nitrate and Nitrite in Milk


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Next-Generation Benchtop LC-MS System at ASMS 2012


HPLC-CAD Improves Determination of Triterpenes in Gota Kola


Thermo Fisher Scientific Designs One-of-a-Kind Robotic Workflow Solution


Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Ultrapure LC/MS Reagents Range for Highly Stable MS Detection


Determination of Ginsenosides in Panax Ginseng - New method announced by Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Rapid-Flow Filter for Faster Results


Analysis of Organic Acids in Wastewater


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Unique New Solvents for High Sensitivity UHPLC Gradient Grade Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces First Research-Grade FT-IR Spectrometer with One-Touch Operation


Analysis of Carbohydrates in Coffee in 10 mins


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Chiral Resolution Screening and Purification Kits


New Patent for 2-D Ion Chromatography Apparatus!


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Accucore HPLC Column Family with New C8 Phase Solid Core Column


Quality, Choice and Innovation for your applications


Automated dispensing - Less time at the bench, more time for your research


Determination of Steviol Glycoside in Sweeteners


Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhances Sample Preparation with New Syringe Filters


HPLC Analysis of 6 Active Components of Caulis Lonicerae


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Maybridge Line of Chemistry Products Celebrates 50 Years


Simple, Fast Determination of Phytic Acid in Soybeans and Black Sesame Seeds


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab


Practical Guidelines for Capillary Anion-Exchange Chromatography


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Orbital Shakers for Sensitive Culture Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils New Sample Conductivity and pH Measurement Accessory for Ion Chromatography Systems


Thermo Fisher Scientific Creates New iPhone App for Selecting Bottles and Carboys


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches European Seminar Series: “New Frontiers in Water Analysis”


Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins Scientists’ Choice Award for Nano-Flow Liquid Chromatograph


Thermo Fisher Scientific Ensures Quality Tissue Cutting for Human Protein Atlas Project


Chromatographers can now Connect and Solve Chromatography Challenges via Social Media!


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Revolutionary Fritless SPE Technology


High Specificity of Thermo Scientific Nunc and Microtiter Plates Makes them Ideal for Diagnostic Screening


Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers Drive Proteomics Breakthroughs Reported in Nature and Nature Methods


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases Newest Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog


Thermo Fisher Scientific Increases Immunoassay Specificity and Accuracy


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Fully Customizable Plate Mover during SLAS 2012 Featuring Quick-Connect Modules


Fisher Scientific Supplier Excellence Awards 2012


Direct HPAE-PAD Analysis of Sialic Acids in Glycoprotein Hydrolyzates


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates with US EPA to Improve Holding Time and MDLs for Chromate in Drinking Water


Thermo Scientific Immunoassay Plate Guide is a Searchable Tool for Diagnostic Applications


Simple, Rugged, and Accurate New Method for the Assay of Risedronate in Drugs


Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies Gas Chromatography Column Selection


Streamline your workflow for reliable ELISA results


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides the Last Line of Defense against Mycoplasma Contamination with Expanded 0.1 Micron PES Filter Line


Thermo Fisher Scientific Couples Chromatography and Mass Spec Systems to Develop Method for Detecting Arsenic in Apple Juice


ISO Releases New Standard for the Determination of Bromate


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Rapid and Efficient Nucleic Acid Purification


New Thermo Scientific Revco UxF Series of Ultra-low Temperature Freezers Maximize Sample Storage Capacity While Minimizing Energy Usage


Thermo Fisher Scientific and PREMIER Biosoft to Co-market SimGlycan Software


New 3000-Molecule Add-on Complements the Industry Leading Maybridge HitFinder Collection of Drug-Like Screening Compounds


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Technical Library on LC-MS Solutions for Endocrine Drug Analysis in Clinical Research


HPLC Method Development Calculator Tools Available on the Thermo Scientific Chromatography Resource Center


Sharpshooting your Chromatography Method Development with Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Advanced Plate Options for Immunoassay Protocols


Thermo Scientific Revco UxF Series Increases Internal Space within a Small Laboratory Footprint


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Technical Library of LC-MS Solutions for Quick and Easy Analysis of PPCPs and Pesticides in Water


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Interactive Laboratory Products Catalog


High Throughput Bioprocessing and Blood Banking Centrifuge for Exceptional Flexibility


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Method for Low Level Detection of Volatile Nitrosamines in Tobacco


Simplified and Reproducible Separation of Ethyl Sulfate Impurity in Indinavir Sulfate


Thermo Fisher Scientific Fluorospectrometer Implemented by the University of California to improve the accuracy and efficiency of GFR Measurements in mice


Thermo Fisher Scientific Names Winner of 2012 Winter Conference Award in Plasma Spectrochemistry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes it Easy to Match the Right Plate to Your Assay


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Custom Coating Development and Manufacture


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands its Sample Storage Product Portfolio


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New µDrop Plate for Low-Volume Measurements


Faster and Enhanced Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Milk


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces System to Double Cryogenic Storage Capacity


Thermo Fisher Scientific Nano-UHPLC System Significantly Increases Productivity During Proteomics Research at the University of Southern Denmark


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Robotic Autosampler for Unmatched Automation in Sample Preparation and Handling


Thermo Fisher Scientific Instruments Optimize H1N1 Screening


Fisher Scientific Opens Pipette Service Laboratory in Loughborough


New Thermo Scientific Heratherm Heating & Drying Ovens and Microbiological Incubators – safe, easy, efficient


Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Independently Validates New Thermo Scientific STP 420ES Tissue Processor


Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies Sample Protection


Thermo Fisher Scientific Screening Library Advances Drug Discovery Research at Temple University’s Moulder Center


Cost-effective Determination of Inorganic Anions and Cations in Municipal Drinking Water


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Automated Aliquoting Liquid Handler


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Method for Precise and Reliable Analysis of Oil


Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Innovations at Biotechnica 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Informatics Solution for Water and Environmental Testing Laboratories


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Analytical Gas Chromatography Column


Chromatography Videos Bring Technology to the Desktop with the Chromatograph Resource Center


Thermo Fisher Scientific Leading Mass Spectrometry Systems Selected by CVUA-MEL to Ensure Food Safety with Rapid and Reliable Contaminant Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Cassette Cuts Tissue Embedding Time in Half


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Total Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyzer for Precise and Accurate Analysis of Petroleum Products Using a Single Introduction Module


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Pipet Filler


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Online Plate Selector Tool


Thermo Fisher Scientific Helps Users Obtain High Nucleic Acid Yields


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Imaging ATR Accessory for Fast and Reliable FT-IR Chemical Imaging Analyses


Fast, stress-free plate filling with Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers


Thermo Scientific Servo and Servo+ SPE Enhance Analytical Workflow for Drugs of Abuse Testing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches iTEVA Precision Software for Rapid Analysis of Precious Metals and High Concentration Elements


Thermo Fisher Scientific Streamlines Microplate Tracking


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Showcase Anatomical Pathology Solutions at IBMS Congress 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Latest Innovation in High-Throughput Tissue Processing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhances Workflow for Biomarker Research and Diagnostics


Thermo Fisher Scientific Recognized as Winner of the 2011 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Awards for Fourth Year in a Row


Thermo Fisher Scientific Preservation Matrix Offers More Efficient and Reliable Sample Storage


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaboration with U.K. Health Protection Agency Yields Significant Development in Understanding Toxicity of the New E. coli Strain


Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins the R&D 100 Award for its Groundbreaking Capillary Ion Chromatography System


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces TraceFinder 1.1 Routine Quantitative LC-MS Software


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New System for Effortless Ultra High Pressure LC-MS Proteomics Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Breakthrough Workflow for Metabolomics Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces ICP-MS Solution to Address Serious Concerns Regarding Chromium VI in Drinking Water


Thermo Fisher Scientific GC/MS and LC/MS Instrumentation Selected by the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) to Ensure Food Safety


Thermo Fisher Scientific Recognized by Computerworld as a 2011 Honors Laureate for Visionary Application of Information Technology


Thermo Fisher Scientific Debuts Fastest, More Sensitive Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New High-Field Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer


Ultimate Core Performance - Maximize your Investment


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Range of Solid Core HPLC Columns at HPLC 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Publishes Comprehensive Sample Preparation Reference Guide


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Nucleic Acid Purification Workflow


Thermo Fisher Scientific Debuts High-Performance Benchtop Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer at ASMS 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Transforms and Simplifies POPs Analysis with Pesticide Analyzer Reference Package


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Downloadable Protocol Library


Implementation of Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS at IPRC Enhances the Company’s Information Management, Facilitating Compliance and Improving Efficiencies


New Thermo Fisher Scientific Industrial Gas System: Performance, Speed and Sensitivity for Multi-Component Gas Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Ireland’s First Fragment-Based Screening Programme


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces the Next Generation of Carbon Fiber Centrifuge Rotors


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaboration Delivers Automated Nanoliter Hit-picking Platform


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Upgrade Program for NanoDrop Instruments that Includes Donations to Academic Institutions in Developing Nations


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for Reliable and Dedicated Deuterium Graphite Furnace Analyses


Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Freezers safely deliver ultra-low and uniform temperatures for ultimate sample protection


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Method for Ultra-Fast Inclusion Analysis in Steel


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New GC-MS/MS Instrument for Superior Selectivity and Sensitivity at ASMS 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Implements LIMS Solution for Eastman Chemical Company


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Wireless Sample Monitoring Solution


Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies Water, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance and Transforms Process Efficiencies at Nova Biologicals


Thermo Fisher Scientific Broadens Portfolio of Single-use Laboratory Products


High-speed continuous plate filling with Thermo Scientific Multidrop dispensers


Your Samples, Our Obsession


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Accessories for Improved Production-scale Cell Culture


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces “Off the Shelf” Fragment Library for Time-efficient Drug Discovery Lead Generation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates its FT-IR Instrumentation Gives Increased Confidence in Quality Assurance/Quality Control Testing in New Application Note


Thermo Fisher Scientific FT-IR Spectrometer Named Scientists’ Choice Winner for Best New Spectroscopy Product of 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Develops New Method for High Purity Aluminum Analysis Using Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes Microbiological Benchtop Incubators Available Globally


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds Pilgrim Software to Informatics Global Partner Alliance


Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes Heating and Drying Benchtop Ovens Available Globally


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Highlight New Laboratory Solutions during UK Summer Symposium


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds New Atlas CDS Software Control for Shimadzu Prominence HPLC


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Enhanced iCAP 6200 Optical Emission Spectrometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Software for Exactive Benchtop LC-MS


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces SampleManager 10.0 LIMS


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Global Enterprise Services


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches ARL PERFORM’X XRF for Advanced Materials Characterization


Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens POPs Center of Excellence


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Two New Persistent Organic Pollutant Screening Kits


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Flexible, Adaptable Column for Nanoscale HPLC


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Faster Natural Gas Analyzer at Pittcon 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Syncronis Range of HPLC Columns at Pittcon 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils Breakthrough Research Method for the Detection and Absolute Quantification of Metabolites using GC-MS/MS-MRM Technology


Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Industry’s Most Diverse Handheld Instrument Portfolio


Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Polystyrene Roller Bottle Product Line Assets from BD


Thermo Fisher Scientific Eliminates Time-consuming, Laborious Hand Labeling of Tubes


Thermo Fisher Scientific Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer Selected by Italian Research Institute for Fast and Accurate Analysis of Food Samples


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces iPhone App to Simplify GC Column Selection


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates with Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital in Stroke Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Improved Method for Faster Analysis of Inclusions in Aluminum


Thermo Fisher Scientific Freezing Containers Now Accommodate Larger Tube Sizes


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Present New Mass Spectrometry-based Targeted Protein Quantitation Approach at APA India 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Launch Major New Innovative Informatics Offerings at PITTCON 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New LC/MS Compendium to Share Environmental and Food Safety Testing Knowledge


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Shanghai Production Capacity


Thermo Fisher Scientific Method Uses GC-MS/MS to Significantly Increase the Number of Pesticides Detectable in a Single Injection


Dr Eric Gluck, Swedish Covenant Hospital Professor of Medicine, to Highlight Benefits of Thermo Scientific B.R.A.H.M.S Procalcitonin Assay in Identifying Sepsis in Critically Ill Patients via Scientific Presentation at SCCM 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches YouTube Chromatography Channel


Thermo Fisher Scientific ICP-MS Implemented by University of Oviedo for Reliable and Efficient Sulfur Detection in Proteins


Thermo Fisher Scientific Responds to Dioxin Food Safety Crisis in Germany


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Showcase Unique Ability to Assess Sepsis Risk with Clinical Biomarker B.R.A.H.M.S Procalcitonin at SCCM 2011


Thermo Fisher Scientific Develops Method to Detect Dangerous Carbonyl Compounds


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches the ARL SMS-2500 to Deliver Faster Process Control Speed in the Iron and Steel Industry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires German Provider of Laboratory Water Purification Systems


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates with Leading Researcher to Validate Emerging Technique in Drug Discovery


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New High-performance Batch Bioprocessing Centrifuge System


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Automated Milling Solution for Fast and Reliable Ferrous Metals Sample Preparation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases iPad Accessible Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Thermostatic Laboratory Chillers


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Range of Compact Re-circulating Chillers


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Calibration Validation Carousels (CVCs) to Streamline Performance Verification


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Centrifuge for Large-volume Blood Banking and Bioprocessing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Mass Frontier 7.0: the Chemically Intelligent Small Molecule Structural Elucidation Software for Mass Spectrometry


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Sponsor Winter Conference Award in Plasma Spectrochemistry: Deadline for Submission Extended


Thermo Fisher Scientific Oxoid Salmonella Precis Rapid Culture Method Identifies Salmonella Species in Duck Eggs in Two Days


Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils New Thermo Scientific DXR Raman SERS Analysis Package for Fast, Simple Analysis of Low Concentration Samples


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Guide to Good Washing Practice


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Reliable Method for Rapid and Accurate Analysis of Trace Elements in Honey


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Certified Cell Culture Tube for Total Confidence


New Thermo Scientific K-Alpha Enables Faster Analysis and Improved Chemical Detection for Chemical Surface Characterization


Thermo Fisher Scientific Nominated for Three European Outsourcing Awards


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Interactive Clean Sample Container Product Brochure


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds EM2 Solutions to its Global Partner Alliance, Strengthening Company’s Informatics Offerings for Environmental Laboratories


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Innovative Stem Cell Culture Surface for Direct Cell Attachment at Biotechnica 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Versatile New PCR Thermal Cycler Range


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Reliable Microplate Mover for Award Winning Perifusion System


Thermo Fisher Scientific Ensures Sample Integrity in Cleanroom Environments


Thermo Fisher Scientific Screening Collection Helps Scientists Identify Compound that Holds Promise in Anti-Inflammatory Medicine


BioConference Live Returns Wednesday October 20th and Thursday October 21st with Renowned Presenters


Thermo Fisher Scientific Publishes New Poster Illustrating the Benefits of Integrating Comprehensive Solutions for Biobanks


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Software for Simplified Bioanalytical Workflows


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Proteome Sciences Form Protein Biomarker Collaboration


Thermo Fisher Scientific Facilitates the University of Maryland Dental School to Study “Worm-Like” Cylindrical Structures in Dentinal Tubules Using X-ray Detection


Thermo Fisher Scientific Implements Enterprise-Level LIMS for Northern Ireland Water


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Environmentally Friendly Ultra-low Temperature Freezer at ILMAC 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Suite of Five Software Solutions to Enhance Qualitative and Quantitative Proteomics Workflows at HUPO 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Science/AAAS Host Webinar on the Future of Quantitative PCR and the Importance of Standardization


Thermo Fisher Scientific Sponsors the 15th Desty Memorial Lecture for Innovation in Separation Science


Thermo Fisher Scientific Develops New GC-MS Method to Enable Compliance with Updated Federal Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Larger Volume Vials for Cryopreservation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Syncronis Range of HPLC Columns at ISC 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Sales and Support Office for Microanalysis Business in the UK


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds New Sizes to Biological Safety Cabinet Product Line


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds Vialis AG Paperless Lab Solutions to its Global Partner Alliance


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Nicolet iS5 Spectrometer Provides Performance, Price and Fit for Entry-Level FT-IR


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands ThermoFlex Recirculating Chiller Series


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New UHPLC/MS Method for Sensitive, Precise and Reproducible Trace-Level Analysis of Perfluorinated Compounds in Human Breast Milk


Thermo Fisher Scientific Simplifies UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Streamlining QA/QC Processes with Launch of its Evolution 200 Series


Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins R&D 100 Award for Revolutionary Three-Minute Cold Disinfection Solution


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Simple, Rugged Visible Spectrophotometer with Full Scanning Capabilities for Education and Routine Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Locations and Dates for Laboratory Informatics Symposiums in South Africa


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Integrated OES and X-ray Solution for Rapid and Accurate Metals Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Accelerated Method Development for Food Safety and Environmental Testing Using MS Software


Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Rapid and Accurate Analysis of Selenium in Shampoo


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Incurred Sample Reanalysis Information Kit for Reliable Quality Assessment of Bioanalytical Methods


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Cost-Effective Cell Culture Products


Thermo Fisher Scientific Continues Investment in Global Manufacture of Bioprocessing Products


Thermo Fisher Scientific Develops New Method to Eliminate High Boiling Matrix Contamination in GC and GC/MS Analyses of Pesticides in Food


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Low Evaporation Plates for Cell Culture and High Content Analysis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Advances in Materials Analysis Instrumentation at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific: Supporting Breast Cancer Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Automated Liquid Handling Platform at AACC


Thermo Fisher Scientific Facilitates Fast, Reproducible and Automatic Nitrogen Determination in Soils and Plants


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Two Complete Packages for the Simple, Accurate and Rapid Characterization and Microcharacterization of Carbon Nanomaterials


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Interactive Online Viewing for Premier Screening Compound Collection


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Collaboration to Establish New Tokyo Biomarker Research Center


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Superiority of Data-Dependent Decision Tree Logic


Thermo Fisher Scientific Delivers New Triple Quadrupole GC/MS/MS Method to Facilitate Highly Selective Trace-level Screening of PCDD/Fs and PCBs


Thermo Fisher Scientific Microtome Improves Efficiency for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Webinar Prepares ICP Users for New United States Pharmacopeia Chapters Proposal


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Intrinsic Bioprobes Announce Alliance in Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA) Workflow Development


Thermo Fisher Scientific Mass Spec Certified Vials Presentation Downloadable from New Website


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Mass Spectrometry Technology Selected by Victoria’s New Agricultural Biosciences Research Center


Thermo Fisher Scientific Activates Global Food Safety Response Center


Thermo Fisher Scientific offers intuitive GC column selection tools


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Cost-effective and Ergonomic Handheld Decapping Instrument


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library to Enhance Structure-Based Drug Discovery


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Application Note Demonstrating Capabilities of NanoDrop 3300 for Cancer Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Combines EDS and WDS with New EBSD Option for NORAN System 7 Microanalysis System, Enabling Enhanced Productivity and Ease-of Use


Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils Enhanced Instrumentation for High-Throughput Tissue Processing


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Sponsor Winter Conference Award in Plasma Spectrochemistry


Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins Coveted Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award for Third Consecutive Year


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New HILIC Columns at HPLC 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Method for Simple and Accurate Analysis of Cadmium in Chocolate


Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Linear Ion Trap and Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Trade-In Program


Thermo Fisher Scientific helps Janssen-Cilag Connect Laboratories in Brazil


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Host Two Free Summer Symposia in the UK to Highlight its Latest Innovations in Instrumentation and Application Development


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces EQuan MAX, an Automated High Throughput


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces MetQuest Automated Metabolic Screening Software Allowing a Quantitative/Qualitative Workflow to Revolutionize Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic Studies at ASMS 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Enhancements to Its Quantitative and Qualitative Proteomics Tools at ASMS 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Additions to its Extensive Range of HPLC Columns at ASMS 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Column Oven for Liquid Chromatography at ASMS 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Automatic Dispensing System at ASMS 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New In Vitro Fertilization Products


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New X-ray Spectrometer for Fast, Accurate and Sensitive Cement Analysis at 600W


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Multilingual Microplate Photometer Software


Thermo Fisher Scientific Webinar Addresses Future Trace Elemental Analysis Requirements Using AA, ICP and ICP-MS


Green Water Designs from Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific Video Article Demonstrates Innovative Method for Protein Quantitation with NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Xylene-Free Tissue Processing Solution Selected by Swedish Histopathology Laboratory for Maximum Staff Safety and Productivity


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases GRAMS Suite - Version 9.0


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces 2010 Food Safety Seminars in Europe


Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Pure Water for a Wide Range of Applications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Range of Laboratory Cold Storage Solutions for Critical Samples


Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates on Clinical Biomarker Research with Leading Proteomics Researcher in Luxembourg


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Two-Day Laboratory Informatics Symposium in Bahrain from May 17-18, 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Ensures Patient Safety with Solution to Label and Track Tissue Samples in Pathology Laboratories


Thermo Scientific FT-IR Solutions Effectively Characterize Algae Biomolecules for Biofuels Programs


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Advanced Laboratory Data Management Functionality for the Mining Industry at EXPOMIN 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Updates Coverslipper with Enhanced Tissue Positioning Capabilities for Greater Consistency and Ease-of-use


Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Cold Storage Solutions at Analytica 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Easy-to-Use Strip Washers


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Microplate Spectrophotometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Global Partner Alliance by Partnering with up to data professional services


Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Fully-Automated Multi-compound and Multi-element


Thermo Fisher Scientific Equips the Scottish Metabolomics Facility with Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance the Field of Metabolomics


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Water Quality Specifications


Thermo Fisher Scientific Maybridge Fragments Selected by Nordlund Centre for Biomedical Structural Biology


Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Custom Cleaning Services


Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Faster, More Accurate LC/MS Sample Screening


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches First On-Demand LIMS at Pittcon 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New UV-Vis Spectrophotometer to Increase Laboratory Throughput


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Ultra-low Bleed GC Columns


Thermo Fisher Scientific Adds The Winvale Group to Global Partner Alliance to Provide Informatics Solutions under GSA Schedule 70 Contract Procurement Process


Thermo Fisher Scientific and BrainMet Centre Collaborate on Dementia Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Improves Cancer Diagnostics for West of Scotland Regional Cytogenetics Service


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Research- Grade Fluorescence Spectrometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Range of Water Purification Systems


Thermo Fisher Scientific Excelsior ES Selected by Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Histopathology Laboratory to Accelerate Processing Times


Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens New UK Research and Manufacturing Facility for Cancer Diagnostics and Chromatography Products


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Chromatography Pipette Tips


Thermo Fisher Scientific Ships 2000th iCAP 6000 Series ICP Emission Spectrometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Exhibit New Informatics Offerings at Analytica 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New High-quality IVF Consumables


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Unique Automated Microplate Mover at LabAutomation 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Rapid System for High-throughput Sample Processing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Platform for Benchtop Automation


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Industries First Pre-cleaned Chromatography Vials


Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases New Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Small Capacity Incubators


Thermo Fisher Scientific Updates UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Web Tool to Feature the Newest Technological Developments


Thermo Fisher Scientific Hybrid Mass Spectrometer Selected by New Brazilian Petroleomics Laboratory to Rapidly Characterize Petroleum Samples


Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Comprehensive Solutions for Biobanks at the Biobanking 2010 Conference


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces High Content 2.0 at Cambridge Healthtech Meeting


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Gas Chromatography Flow-rate Probe


Thermo Scientific CONNECTS at GPSG Brazil Delivers Enterprise-Level Productivity Linking Laboratories to ERP


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Unveil Major New LIMS at PITTCON 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cerilliant Corporation to Offer Certified Solution Standards for Forensic and Clinical Research Laboratories


Thermo Fisher Scientific to Showcase Superior Connectivity Solutions at 2010 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Mass Spectrometry Technology Helps Children’s Hospital Boston Isolate Biomarker for Acute Pediatric Appendicitis


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Economy Bottles for Laboratory Use


Thermo Fisher Scientific Accelerates the Analysis of Antioxidants in Red Wine with Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and LTQ Orbitrap XL Mass Spectrometer


Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Technology Selected by the Medical Research Council for Groundbreaking Metabolomics and Lipidomics Research


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Escalab 250Xi


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New High Resolution UV-Visible Spectrophotometer


Thermo Fisher Scientific ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer Offers Simple and Effective Toy Analysis for Consumer Safety


Thermo Fisher Scientific UHPLC/MS Identifies Cannabinoids in Baked Goods with Minimal Sample Preparation


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Exactive LC/MS Wins Best New Product Award at the 2009 Gulf Coast Conference


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Feature-Rich UV-Vis Spectrophotometers


Thermo Fisher Scientific LIMS Solution Selected by Leading Argentinean Water Processing Company for Improved Quality Control


Thermo Fisher Scientific Reaches 50th-Issue Milestone of Mass Spectrometry e-Newsletter


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Magnetic Particle Processor Software


Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces More Comfortable, Easier to Use Pipette


Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Millipore has Selected and Implemented Watson LIMS for its Preclinical and Clinical Development Services Group (Bioanalytics Laboratories)


Thermo Fisher Scientific Accelerates Multi-residue Analysis of Pesticides in Rice


Stay on Top of the Latest Developments with the Proteome Digest


Introducing the Thermo Scientific Aspire Proteomic Chromatography Pipette Tips


Thermo Fisher Scientific Focuses on Accelerating Cell Discovery at Biotechnica 2009


New Online Fast-track Set-up Available for Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC


Thermo Fisher Scientific Establishes RNAi Discovery Grant Program to Advance Gene Research


Detecting Anabolic Androgenic Steroids in Horse Biological Fluids


Thermo Fisher Scientific Partners with Symyx Technologies, Inc. to Offer Enterprise Level Electronic Laboratory Notebook


New General Purpose 3L Centrifuges Launched


New Hardware/Software Workflow Helps Food and Environmental Laboratories Meet Tough Monitoring Requirements


Thermo Fisher Scientific Strengthens Anatomical Pathology Portfolio with Acquisition of Raymond A. Lamb